Wessel-Werk EBK360 Central Vacuum Powerhead

Wessel werk parts The German nature and production of the EBK360 ensure that you can be confident that you get a deep cleaning powerhead of a high standard. You get comfort plus flexibility with an amazing 5-position carpet height switch, fast neck release, and brush release. The vivid Lead headlight saves electricity and can last longer than standard headlights. With a rubber strap and soft rubber wheels, the Wessel-Werk EBK360 makes it suitable for use not just on carpeting, but also on bare floors. The efficiency of the brush roller agitation is maximized with a chevron-designed roller brush, which implies maximized brushing.

Features and Benefits of Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerhead

  • 5-Step height modification for usage on a large range of types of carpets

  • The Strengthened Cogged Belt is long-lasting

  • With fewer energy consumption, LED headlights can flame brighter and longer.

  • The engine is secured by a solid-state circuit breaker

  • 4 Soft wheels of rubber are not going to damage bare floors

Wessel-werk floor tool

  • Cleaning channels for broad edges to scrub near to edges and baseboards

  • Locking neck with escape pedal allowing wands to be easily released

  • Enclosed side-mounted belt to shield the belt from debris that you are accumulating

  • Extra-wide orifice of ingestion ensures little or no obstruction

  • The configuration of Chevron bristle maximizes the efficacy of brush rollers

  • Squeegee for Air-flow management for rough surface use

  • The cord management telescopic wand saves time by connecting the hose to the wands

  • For convenient on/off operation, locking neck assembly

We are sometimes questioned about the right vacuum heads and accessories for different floor surfaces, so we are looking at the numerous forms of vacuum accessories in this report, and what the best choices are for different floor surfaces in your house.

To fit all ducted vacuums and most compact models, all of these heads and accessories are universal 32mm size.

Combination vacuum heads are commonly provided for most vacuum cleaners (produced and portable) as the standard attachment since they do a good job on a number of various floor surfaces. A retractable brush uses the usual hybrid vacuum head configuration such that you can vacuum various flooring without having to adjust the attachment mid-way through vacuuming.

Here is a peek at some of the favorites we have.

'Gulper' Multi-Surface Vacuum Head


The Gulper has the simplest profile of any vacuum head, rendering it the perfect choice under furniture or other barriers for thorough vacuuming.

The Gulper is unbeatable when vacuuming areas with a range of floor coverings and is especially successful in cleaning commercial tapestries and carpet tiles, equipped with an all-plastic base and four rollers.

Universal Carpet Head


One of the most commonly produced vacuum heads in the entire world is the Universal Carpet Head. It is supplied with several brands of ducted and compact vacuum as the standard problem vacuum head and works efficiently on most carpets and hard floors.

This vacuum head is not recommended for use on very dense or deep pile carpets, and it's ideal for large hard flooring areas - but it is difficult to beat, and its great value for money for broad use. 

Deluxe Universal Carpet Head


Wessel-werk ebk 340 If you are searching for vacuum heads specifically for soft furnishings and narrower hard floor regions, this is a perfect choice - or if you do have a hard floor brush and only need a vacuum head for carpets.

This vacuum head allows light work of the strongest, fanciest pile carpets with a wide rear roller and special dual-pivot neck structure. In order to guarantee that the vacuum strength remains continuous when vacuuming the carpet, it provides an expanded air channel in the steel base plate and a retractable brush for use on all hard floor surfaces.

Universal Carpet & Hard Floor Head

This head Wessel-Werk-universal-carpet-hard-floor-vacuum-headed has the biggest retractable brush we have used, making it suitable for homes with broad tile or wooden floor areas, and overall it is 30 mm broader than other hybrid heads, meaning you might get only a little faster through the cleaning!

All it takes is a flip of the lever to move between carpet/rug and hard floor modes, and when vacuuming, it is simple to adjust. The base plate has a reasonably deep air channel to clean most carpet models and has a cut-away pattern for the hard floor bristles to ensure that dust and dirt are not only moved around the floor.

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