Wessel Werk EBK360 Package

The Wessel-Werk Electric EBK 360 comes equipped with a revolving brush roller and 14-inch dirt and dust cleaner. Wessel Werk EBK360 is created, produced, and manufactured by Wessel-Werk, Germany. Thanks to its 180-degree swivel neck shape, this powerhead is exceptionally maneuverable and travels through furniture and other barriers.

Cleaning under tables is made simple by incorporating a 90-degree pivot neck configuration that helps the wand lie flat. Soft rubber wheels on the back and front of this powerhead allow optimum performance in various carpet materials while also trying to transition from hard floor to carpet easily.

The introduction of a rubber sponge to the base of the Wessel-Werk EBK 360 increases the overall suction on hard floor floors and low pile carpeting. At the same time, side-channel air ducts optimize edge cleaning near floorboards. Ultra-bright LED headlights to illuminate dim places. Since they do not use a filament like the traditional incandescent light bulb, you would not encounter a burning bulb issue.

The crush-proof and lightweight 30-foot hose flip on your vacuum make it easy to control the head with the button press. The hose is fitted with a 360-degree swivel handle to safeguard ease of use. The hose holder makes it convenient to cut the hose, roll up the hose and store it on the hanger.

Supplied Accessories Include

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 14" Direct Connect Powerhead

• 12′′ broad brush on the floor.

• Dusting brush, upholstery tool, and extra-long crevice tool.

• Dual voltage 3-way turn hose

Dual voltage 3-way turn hose Wessel Werk EBK360

• Two telescopic metal wands.

• Caddy tool.

• Hanger of the hose

• Offered in 30 and 35 FT hose lengths;

• 1-year components and work warranty.

EBK 360 Electro Brushes

Electric Powerhead with Features Of Residential and Commercial Use

Loaded with a cleaning diameter of 360 mm (14"), the EBK 360 is the most prominent digital brush in the current Wessel-Werk product line. With the power of a powerful engine, the EBK 360 is still running well, independently of the vacuum cleaner's airflow. The EBK 360 reaches outstanding cleaning results for carpets, whether in a residential or commercial environment. 

The EBK 360 boasts ergonomics at the top of the line with the double swivel collar, pedal-operated height adjustment, pedal release stick, four soft wheels, and powerful LED lights.

  • LED headlights- Very reliable, long-lasting LED headlights that don't malfunction like traditional incandescent lamps. High production LEDs maintain superior lighting.

  • "Dry" squeegee- Controls the flow of air through the nozzle on the floor to ensure efficient cleaning on all floors and hard surfaces 

  • Circuit Protection and Safety- Avoid wasteful misuse of power, belt, light, and electrical links. Protects the nozzle as well as any object that collected accidentally.

  • Swivel neck/Pivot assembly- Excellent maneuverability for cleaning everywhere, particularly hard-to-reach places. Special, thoroughly articulated operation.

  • Height adjustment- The special height change pedal provides five height settings for the carpet. The height change will handle nearly all rug thicknesses.

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean Powerhead

  • Big orifice intake- Intensely minimize the risk of clogging and improve airflow to maximize performance.

  • Sculpted chevron brush roll- Directs debris into the intake orifice; ensures regular and smooth brush contact to the floor; decreases fatigue and prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, engine, etc.

  • The four soft wheels- Guarantees high-performance and quiet handling.

  • Easily detach the neck- EBK 360 makes it easy to use when unplugging powerheads to use other gadgets. No bending is needed to remove the wand, and it allows washing of the floor directly above the floor.

  • Side-channel- Allows outstanding edge cleaning efficiency.

  • Cogged Belt - Eliminates belt slippage and improves belt reliability, allowing long-term maintenance-free service.

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