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Frequently Asked Questions About Electrolux Bagless Vacuums

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If you have recently purchased a home or business with an Electrolux Central Vacuum System installed, you may have some questions about using it or ordering parts and accessories. Many homeowners have an upright bagless Electrolux vacuum that needs parts or servicing. You may find it a surprise to learn this brand of vacuums is no longer in production and new central vacuum systems are no longer being installed in homes and businesses. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the system for many years and easily fix any issues that arise with compatible parts. You can still maintain your current system with compatible tools, attachments, accessories, and  parts from The following provides information about these outstanding vacuums, how they work, and what components and repair parts are available.

What Is the History of Electrolux Vacuums?

Electrolux Upright Vacuum

Gustaf Sahlin, a Swedish businessman, emigrated to the U.S. in 1924 and founded Electrolux Corporation USA. His tank vacuum quickly became a success with homeowners and business users and was popular for many years. In 1968 Consolidated Foods Corporation acquired Electrolux and in 1989 Electrolux Corp. USA created Purelux to manufacture residential under-the-sink water purification systems. In 2000 the North American rights to the Electrolux brand were sold to the Electrolux Group of Sweden. Over the years Electrolux has made central vacuums, uprights, canisters, stick vacuums, and hand-held vacuums. You can still find accessories and parts for most vacuums by ordering from our vast network and inventory.

What Are the Essential Benefits of Electrolux Bagless Vacuums?

The top advantages of using a bagless vacuum cleaner include more consistent suction power, eco-friendly operation, ease of operation and waste disposal with upright and canister models.

  • More Consistent Suction Power - Vacuums that use bags can lose suction as they continue to work. Once the bag begins to fill, the suction power of the unit gets less powerful and it does less cleaning. You may have experienced this with one of these units when cleaning your home. At first, it works perfectly well, but as you continue cleaning it picks up less debris and dust and becomes less effective.
  • Bagless Electrolux vacuums only have a dust collection cup or canister, which is typically made of clear plastic material built into the vacuum. It is easy to see when the cup fills and even as it gets closer to being full, it does not stop the suction power from working.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation - If you are concerned with doing your part to save the environment, buying a bagless is one way you can make a small contribution to Mother Earth. Vacuums that use bags contribute to our waste problem because of the constant need to replace the bag that ends up in a landfill. Not only is this wasteful, but it also creates an extra expense for you because you buy many bags over time.

It can be very annoying to realize your vacuum needs a new bag and you are out of them. Now you must wait until you make it to the store or have one delivered. With a bagless model, the cup that collects dust, dirt, and debris is reusable so you simply empty it and keep on working.

“Although they are well made, parts and accessories can break or malfunction like any other home appliance and need attention.”

Electrolux Stick Vacuum

  • Ease of Operation And Waste Disposal -  It’s very easy to empty a bagless vacuum once it gets full, and since there is no bag to replace, you do not have to go shopping for anything. Simply empty the dust cup or canister into a garbage bag, clean it, and load it back on to the main unit, and you are ready to go.

Clear see-through collection canisters allow you to see objects that might be vacuumed up by mistake. You can’t do this with a bag and you must empty the bag and watch the contents as they come out, which is a messy job. Once you empty the canister, clean the filter and reinsert them both. This is much simpler than fussing with vacuum bags, exposing yourself to allergens and dirtying your hands.

What Components and Accessories Compatible with AirVac Central Vacuum Systems Are Available?

With years of use, parts of Electrolux vacuums wear out and need replacement. Although they are well made, parts and accessories can break or malfunction like any other home appliance and need attention. There are many tools, attachments, accessories, and parts made by other reputable companies that work in Electrolux vacuums. Common items that need replacing are:

Learn which tools you need for a thorough job and how to use them for the best overall results.

Where Can I Find Replacement Accessories and Parts? is the place for replacement accessories and parts for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner. We recommend you check out our complete attachment kits for your central vacuum system. An amazing upgrade you might want to add to your central vacuum is an automatic dustpan. We are standing by to help you find the accessories and parts for your Electrolux vacuum.

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