When to Change Filter on Central Vacuum

When to Change Filter on Central Vacuum

Can you wash a central vacuum filter A high-quality filter system plays a vital role in your central vacuum. The filter helps secure everyone living in your home by making sure clean task and a high level of air quality.

But how frequently do you need to replace these filters?

Here’s some information regarding central vacuum maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL, to keep you informed about what you require to do to uphold a high level of air quality in your home.

General Rules

There are a few regular rules to keep in mind regarding filters. If you have a commercial facility, it’s suggested you examine the commercial vacuum system as a whole every six months, including checking at the filters. These filters are utilized every day in business spaces, and because it’s likely to be a bigger space, they could very well get grimier more quickly. The filter should be replaced at least once a year, but you should check the filters every time you have the system inspected.

The rules are a bit dissimilar for residential homes. Homeowners are not going to see their filters gather as much dust in a year as builds up in commercial filters. Residential filters are developed to be replaced every three years or so, but it’s still an excellent idea to check the system and the filter at least once a year, to be on the safe side.

Signs a Replacement Is Necessary.

Beyond the physical examination of the central vacuum system, there are other ways you can tell that your filter potentially requires to be replaced.

How do I know if my central vacuum is clogged Here are just a few examples of some of those signs indicating that a replacement is needed:

  • Smells: If you start to smell foul odors or musty or this could be a sign that there’s a problem with the filter, whether it’s that the filter is full of dust or somewhat operating improperly. Changing your filter should be the first step you take before trying any other corrections on the central vacuum system itself.
  • Soiled:If you examine the filter and see that it is very heavily soiled, you should change it instantly, as it’s no longer giving you the protection you need against contaminants in the air. Even if it hasn’t been three years (or six months) since you last replaced the filter, you should do so as soon as possible if needed.
  • Damage to the housing:If the vacuum cleaner gets damaged or cracked or during use or the filter gets scratched in some way when you’re cleaning your property, you should replace it instantly before continuing to use the vacuum system.

If you need more information about when to replace your vacuum filter or what other steps you should be taking to keep your central vacuum in condition, feel free to contact us directly.

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