Central Vacuum Systems, Accessories, Parts and Repair

Central Vacuum Systems, Accessories, Parts and Repair

Central Vacuum Attachments Find almost everything for nearly all central vacuum systems. If you require attachment kits, hoses, accessories tools, inlets, or a new central vacuum power unit, go through our list of all central vacuum parts and accessories. A Central Vacuum System can be fitted in a new building or existing homes. Think Vacuums offers an extensive collection of central vacuum cleaners, central vacuum systems, bags, attachment sets, bags, motors, parts, filters installation kits and pipe, and fittings. All homes are not built equal, and it is vital to get the proper system for your home or new construction. If you are planning on installing a central vacuum system in your new construction or home, we will help you every step of the way. Here are some of the central vacuum parts and accessories.

Central Vacuum Power Units

You can browse central vacuum power units by price house size, type, or brand. Look at the power units we offer for the various brands. You can select any of the central vacuum parts online for your convenience.

Central Vacuum Attachment Sets and Tool Kits

Browse central vacuum attachments for your central vacuum system from central vacuum brands such as Beam, NuTone, Vacuflo, Imperium Vacu-Maid, and many more.  These attachments are produced to suit most brands of Central Vacuum Systems.

Central Vacuum Hose Systems

Best central vacuum brands, Having a folding hose for your central vacuum system makes vacuuming even more straightforward. Hide-A-Hose keeps your central vacuum hose inside your wall, and once through vacuuming, you retract the hose right back inside your wall. The suction of your vacuum is what's used to make the hose retract back into your wall. There are no moving central vacuum parts to worry about and no tube left on the floor while tucked away. The Vacuflo Spot is almost identical to the hide-a-hose and is excellent for smaller areas. We also provide the HolsterVac and Vacuflo Vroom that can be fitted just about anywhere you need a cleanup.

Central Vacuum Hoses

You’ll be surprised by the hoses variety offered by Think Vacuums. Being aware of what type of inlet your central vacuum system uses is crucial while purchasing a hose. Once you have the information, locating what you want and need should be straightforward. You'll have choices like the type of handle you need, the kind of material it's made of, the color, the length, an on/off switch, a hose sock, and other types.  We offer original hoses produced by the Central Vacuum units like Beam and Nutone, but you can buy one that will suit your system even if it's not made by the manufacturer of the system you have at home.

Central Vacuum Installation Components

Browse for Central Vacuum parts and accessories, including with kits, vacuum pipe, or with adaptors to use plumbing pipe. Find components such as flex tube, Inlets, Fittings Pipe, steel tubing, and wire.

Central Vacuum Parts

Buy Central Vacuum Parts Online We focus on central vacuum parts for most central vacuum systems brands.  Find central vacuum motors by brand, by motor carbon brushes by motor number, or just if that's all you need to change. We also carry fittings & pipe, inlets, bags & filters, hoses, attachment sets, wands, powerheads, and other accessories.

Central Vacuum Accessories

With so many cleaning tasks and everyone's home being distinct, we put together a vast array to pick from. Enjoy shopping for central vacuum systems parts, and rest assured that all of these accessories will work with your system.

Central Vacuum Commercial Systems

Regardless of your use, whether small, medium or large, Think Vacuums has the expertise and experience to assist you in the choosing, designing, and installing a central vacuum system. You can pick one that suits your commercial needs perfectly. When you are shopping for central vacuum parts and accessories or central vacuum system replacements parts, you can trust Think Vacuum to deliver from various central vacuum systems brands.

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