Which Is Best for Your Home or Office: A SEBO Canister or Upright Vacuum?

SEBO is one of the world’s leading brands of vacuum cleaners known for innovation, style, durability, and features. More than four million units have been sold in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe since the company began. Stay with us as we take a closer look at SEBO’s benefits, which explain why so many people use their products.


You Will Love What SEBO Vacuums Will Do for Your Home or Office

SEBO Vacuum is the largest maker of high-quality vacuums in the world. They feature:

  • Powerful and consistent cleaning effectiveness
  • Ease-of-use for any user – both canister and upright models
  • Reliability, durability, and a long-term warranty
  • High HEPA filtration for cleaner air in all your rooms
  • Convenient bag full indicators that are easy to see
  • Motor safety shut-off and automatic cord rewind

These features make using SEBO vacuums a less daunting task and help you get your home or office cleaner than ever before. With the latest technology, state-of-the-art design and ergonomics, and consistent customer focus, there is an affordably priced SEBO model for any size home or office. As the industry’s innovator, SEBO engineers were the first to incorporate creative features that other brands are still trying to copy today. The integrated suction hose on upright vacuums creates more efficiency. Their dust bags fill from the top, followed by an electrostatic microfilter, and motor that makes an effective system. A bumper on canister models protects furniture, baseboards, and walls from damage. All residential and commercial users welcome the electronically-controlled automatic height adjustment.

Although upright models are the leading sellers, SEBO canister vacuums are becoming more popular because they have easy-to-use features in a small package. They offer:

  • Superb maneuverability for quick vacuuming
  • No heavy floor model to push or pull
  • More convenience in cleaning on top and under furniture
  • Full-size filters and bags
  • Onboard attachments
  • Smooth rubber-coated wheels and an ergonomic handle
  • A durable power cord that does not kink
  • Efficiency on hard floors, carpeting, and area rugs
  • Superior pet hair removal

SEBO makes vacuums that are light, compact, powerful, and durable for home and office use. You will enjoy the quieter operation, terrific cleaning power, excellent filtering system, and adaptability. Additionally, it’s easier to change canister vacuum tools on the fly compared to upright vacuums, and their large dust and dirt capacities don’t require emptying as often as other types of cleaning machines. On top of all that, canister vacuums have stronger motors that can drive air through larger and more robust filters. This feature, combined with SEBO’s canisters, which have sealed bodies that allow less dust to escape back into rooms makes for cleaner surfaces and air in your home. Lastly, fewer moving parts results in less downtime and repairs. Less maintenance translates to saving money compared to uprights that get used a lot.


How SEBO’s Upright Models Became a Household Standard

Everyone is familiar with upright vacuums, and you likely grew up with one in your parents’ home. One of the significant features of SEBO upright vacuums is their three-step S-class hospital-grade filtration system. This filtration effectively captures dust, mildew, mold, and other particles as small as 0.3 microns, leaving your indoor air free from allergens and pathogens of all types. The Automatic X4, Automatic XR, and the G Series uprights are innovative with their 5.5-inch profiles that lay flat to the floor, allowing you to easily reach under furniture and give your floors the ultimate clean. They also contain automatic height adjustments and an automatic safety shut-off in case of a full bag or clogged brush roller. All models are easy to use and maintain while providing reliability for many years. Or you may prefer the Felix Series with features that make them a pleasure to own, including:

  • The ability to switch power heads easily
  • A 6-inch low profile to effortlessly clean under furniture
  • All the flexibility of a canister sweeper but in an upright vacuum
  • A “flex” neck with a 180° steering ability you will love
  • An ultra-modern filtration system that effectively cleans the air
  • A detachable suction unit that also serves as a hand-held vacuum
  • Strong suction power from the instant-use suction hose

If you’re not sure which model to order, talk to one of our customer service staff for assistance.

Two Outstanding Models That Outperform Other Brands SEBO Airbelt K3 9687AM Red Canister Vacuum

The K3 is designed for home and office users with a need for an anti-allergy vacuum. It’s an all-around model that cleans all floor surfaces well. It’s highly effective in picking up pet dander better than most other brands. This premium canister vacuum is available with a complete line of tools, attachments, and accessories for all your cleaning needs.

SEBO Automatic X5 9587AM Blue Upright Vacuum

The Blue X5 is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in all of Europe and is now available in the U.S. This German manufactured marvel is recommended a “Best BUY” by a leading consumer report magazine in Europe. Its extra-wide 15” cleaning path and 40-foot cord make cleaning faster and easier. You will find it a joy to use with its on-board tools and safety shut-off. We hope this information about canister and upright vacuums has been helpful. Talk to one of our vacuum specialists at 800-322-2965 for answers to your questions and advice on choosing the right model cleaner for your needs.