The use of backpack vacuum cleaners for residential and commercial use is a growing trend. Most of us are not familiar with this style because upright and canister vacuums take the spotlight in advertising. They are also advertised less than central vacuum cleaners. However, once you use this type of vacuum, you may never go back to an upright or canister model.

We all want to find easier and faster ways to keep our homes clean for our families and guests. Using an effective and efficient vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

Keep reading, and we will discuss the use of backpack cleaners at home and work, which brand to buy, and where to find them on sale.

Homeowners Find Them Convenient

Floor model vacuums just don’t fit in many tight spots making their use cumbersome, but backpack models do a fantastic job where uprights and canisters can’t go. Their benefits for home use include:

  • They pick up more dirt, dust, debris, pet dander, and allergens than other floor models
  • Backpacks are less stressful to use because they are ergonomic.
  • Better mobility makes them more productive.
  • Backpacks are more cost effective to use.
  • They are among the most durable vacuums available.

Both men and women alike can appreciate a lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum.  Backpack vacuums are carried on your back, are well balanced, and convenient to use with no worries about pushing or pulling a heavy floor model or bumping into furniture and woodwork. Using a backpack vacuum is downhill cleaning all the way. It is much easier to get into tight spots and reach high places with a powerful backpack vacuum.

Commercial Users Find Them to Be Labor and Cost Saving

Manufacturers of commercial backpack vacuums design and engineer them to be powerful and withstand heavy use. Business managers that have purchased these professional versions have discovered they have distinct advantages including:

  • Decreasing physical stress and increasing morale for users.
  • Users find them to be faster and more productive.
  • Saving money as fewer vacuums are needed.
  • Backpacks are more mobile for cleaning floors, under furniture, and ALL surfaces.
  • There is less chance of tripping on electric cords.

The bottom line is the annual time, and money savings are substantial.

When you first introduce backpacks models to your staff, some people may fear the unknown and think that the cleaning tasks will be more difficult, when in reality they are less tiresome. Most of the weight of this ergonomic cleaner is on the hips and evenly distributed between both legs. This arrangement creates maximum user mobility, comfort, and agility in cleaning. Once employees are properly fitted with a backpack model and taught correct vacuuming techniques, they will realize their benefits and never want to go back to upright or canister vacuums.

Which Backpack Should I Purchase?

There are two premium brands on the market that we recommend to residential and commercial users: Sanitaire and ProTeam.  You can purchase a Sanitaire TRANSPORT Model SC412 for as little as $249.00 from our inventory. This lightweight model is perfect for quick cleaning and vacuuming hard-to-reach places. Its ergonomic housing and harness are easy for anyone to use. It comes with basic cleaning tools, and its wand is adjustable to reach tight corners. This model offers additional features you will like such as:

  • Powerful motor and HEPA filtration
  • Set of tools and attachments
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 12-foot cleaning path
  • 50-foot removable cord
  • 6-quart dirt capacity
  • Additional accessories are available.

For heavy-duty applications, you can order a ProTeam ProVac FS6 Model for as little as $346.00. Look at what it provides for effective and efficient cleaning:

  • Powerful motor and quiet operation
  • Four-level HEPA filtration system
  • 50-foot extension cord for greater reach
  • Choice of restaurant tool kit or commercial tool kit
  • Ideal for use in food service or hospitality industries

This model is the basic workhorse for commercial use for any organization, and your employees will never tire of using it.

Additionally, we stock many other models of backpack cleaners from these two manufacturers. Shop our website to find the one or ones that fit your residential or commercial needs. All have high-quality construction and the latest technology to provide the most efficient cleaning possible.

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