Why Central Vacuums are the Best Investment for your Home

Why Central Vacuums are the Best Investment for your Home

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity for any home. No matter how neat the occupants and how excellent the filtration systems, dust, dirt, and debris still make it into any home and need to be cleaned up. Portable vacuums lose suction and need to be replaced every couple of years. And lugging them up and down stairs and from room to room is taxing and tedious. A central vacuum system in your home can save you much of the hassle that comes along with a portable vacuum cleaner and keeps your home exponentially more dust and allergen free as well!

What exactly is a Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is installed into your home as a permanent fixture. A powerful motor provides suction which is connected through a series of pipes into each room of your home. You plug in your attachments and hoses into an outlet in each room. Each outlet closes when not in use and generally has the power button for each room either on the plate itself or the vacuum automatically switches on when an accessory hose is attached. All of the dirt, dust, and debris from each room is sucked into a receptacle located with the motor in the basement, garage, or other convenient storage areas of your home. There is a multitude of attachment options for a central vacuum system that varies per cleaning task you need to accomplish, you can dust your sheer drapes, your ceilings, your ceiling fans, they can all be cleaned with your single central vacuuming system. All that is required for indoor storage are hooks to hang your accessories and lightweight hoses.

What Are the Benefits Of Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system can provide exponentially more powerful suction than any portable vacuum unit on the market. This keeps your home cleaner and more free of allergens than any conventional system is capable of doing. With central vacuum systems that exhaust completely out of the home, no dust or allergens can be recirculated through the interior air, as is the case with a traditional vacuum.The portability of a central vacuuming system is undeniable. You do not have to lug heavy machines and implements from room to room, being mindful of long cords, you simply plug the attachment into the outlet in the room you wish to clean.

This also reduces wear and tear on furniture and walls that are often hit by traditional vacuum cleaners. And because the motor is in an out of the way area, the noise of a central vacuum system is minimal. Central vacuum units avoid the damage caused by accidental damage to portable equipment by dropping or colliding with fixed objects in your home. Another keen advantage of a central vacuuming system is how infrequently you have to empty your receptacle. Most units can accumulate 22 pounds of dust and debris before they need to be emptied. That’s 22 pounds of detritus removed permanently from your home and the air you breathe.

Is a Central Vacuum Worth the Extra Cost for Me

Adding a central vacuum system to your home is making a valuable upgrade to the overall worth of your home. This is an appliance that would stay at your home if you sold it and would be a key point of appeal for potential buyers. A good quality central vacuum system can last indefinitely, the components used are heavy duty, you might need to replace your motor brushes once per decade. There is relatively no consumables cost for this type of system; no more replacing belts, bags, and the entire vacuum as you would with a traditional portable vacuum cleaner. A central vacuum system is not just the replacement of an inefficient and constantly money sucking system of cleaning your home, it is an investment into an appliance that raises the value of your home overall.

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