Why You Should Invest in a Built-in Vacuum Cleaner


Are you tired of lugging your vacuum up the stairs to get the bedrooms clean? Does it seem like you need to buy a new vacuum every year or two? These are certainly annoying situations, but it’s not like there is another option. Actually, there is! Central vacuums offer even better cleaning power than most portable units, yet feature little of the annoying problems that go along with them. Here is a look at just a few reasons they make a wise investment:

1. You’ll Use it More Often

 Some people simply decide it is more convenient and easier on their back than carrying a portable unit around, which are both good reasons. Central vacuums are also quieter, meaning they can be run while someone is watching television or sleeping. All of these will mean you can you it more often and using your vacuum regularly will mean you live in a cleaner home, period.

2. Rooms can be Cleaned Differently

 Your bedroom, bathroom, and living room need to be cleaned differently. You already do this, but your vacuum doesn’t! Your new central vacuum will simply be an extension of what you already know. There are a large selection of accessories to make sure that you give every room the kind of cleaning it needs. HEPA air filtration, anti-stick technology and internal sound suppression are just the beginning. There are also unique hoses and carpet brushes for each space.

3. You Will Save Money in the Long Run

While a portable unit is definitely cheaper than a central vacuuming system on the day you buy it, they also need to be replaced much more often. In fact, you may have to buy ten or more portable vacuums in the lifespan of a single central vacuum. A central vacuum unit can easily last 20 years!

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