Why You Should Make the Transition from a Regular Vacuum to a Central Vacuum

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current house, you should consider the benefits of transitioning from an upright vacuum to a central vacuum cleaner. In most instances, it’s easy to install a central vacuum and use it to powerfully clean your entire house. After using the system a few times, you will appreciate both its effectiveness and practicality.

Issues with Upright Models

Upright vacuum cleaners are the type most of us know and use at home and in the office. However, these vacuums have a few problems that have led thousands of people to switch to a central vacuum cleaner including:

  • They can be expensive over time because most people replace them after a few years of use.
  • Upright models can be awkward for the elderly or those with physical issues.
  • They are much louder than central vacuums.
  • Attachments must be changed more often during use.

You will notice the difference right away the first time you use your new central vacuum.


Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Now, let’s move on to the positives of owning and using a leading brand of central vacuum cleaners. While some of the following will be more important to you than others, we encourage you to review the entire list:

  • They are more convenient to use than traditional cleaners.
  • Central vacuum systems add value to any home.
  • They are more powerful and quieter than uprights or canisters.
  • Their HEPA filtration systems clean the air better.
  • Central vacuum systems are very cost-effective over time.
  • They are lightweight with no long power cords to trip over.

You will experience cleaner floors, upholstery, and air the very first time you use one of these home cleaning marvels. In fact, most people are so exuberant after cleaning with a central vacuum for the first time that they suggest buying one to friends and family.

Install the Piping, Inlets, and Power Unit

To get started, make plans for ordering and installing your new central vacuum system. Browse our website for a wide assortment of brands, models, and complete packages. Homeowners with a medium level of do-it-yourself knowledge or an experienced local install company can easily install any central vacuum system.


The first thing to do is install the power unit (with the collection canister) in a convenient place such as the garage, basement, or a storage room. Mount it securely to the wall or on a solid stand that will not vibrate.  Piping is connected to the unit and run under the floors to each room or area that contains an inlet for a hose and other attachments. Glue straight pipes and elbows together and hold them in place with brackets or straps — drill holes through the bottom of walls at a convenient height to connect the pipes to the inlets. Once completely installed, plug the system and turn it on for a trial run.


How to Use the System Effectively

Using a central vacuum system is easy and convenient because you only handle a lightweight hose and attachment. There is no bending over to pull out the power cord or adjust the height of the vacuum from the floor. Begin by attaching the appropriate tool for the cleaning job at hand, plug the hose into the outlet, and go to work.

You can even use the same tool or attachment for floors to clean the stairways and save time and effort. The hose wand is lightweight and long enough to use without bending down or straining your back. Once you see how easy it is to clean your home effectively, you will wish you purchased a central vacuum system years earlier.


Pair your vacuum with the right parts and accessories, and you will get the best results imaginable. We have all the accessories needed to:

  • Efficiently clean floors, stairs, blinds, upholstery, shutters, under furniture, and more.
  • Clean up pet hair and dander to relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Do a powerful deep clean every time you vacuum.
  • Save time and effort every time you use the system.

Maintenance of a Central Vacuum Cleaner Is Minimal

Maintaining a central vacuum system is as simple as emptying the collection canister or bag every few months. The canisters and bags are large enough to hold several gallons of dirt, dust, and other debris. Since the power unit/collection canister is not inside the house, there will be no dust flying into the air when emptying it.

Find the Best Selection of Central Vacuums Online

Find the central vacuum cleaner system you need by visiting our website and talking to one of our vacuum experts at 800-322-2965 today! Our knowledgeable staff understands the value of each model of vacuum cleaner we sell and can match the perfect one to your cleaning needs.