Why You Should Own a Wet-Dry Vacuum

For commercial carpet cleaning, a standard vacuum cleaner is not up to the task. Commercial vacuum cleaners are more powerful, they are designed for regular and sustained use, and they can be operated in the most demanding environments.

For stain removal, household cleaning services, and cleaning on commercial properties, a wet-dry commercial vacuum cleaner can provide significant advantages. If you operate a cleaning business or if you simply want to have quality commercial vacuum cleaners available for staff use on your premises, these are the benefits that you will enjoy from a wet-dry system.

Drainvac Wet/Dry Central VacuumLess Exposure to Dirt and Allergens

Commercial vacuum cleaners that use a wet-dry system will release fewer particles back into the air and will eliminate exposure to dirt and dust.

A commercial wet-dry system functions in a similar way to a regular cleaner, so there’s no extensive training or any significant learning curve. The intake port takes dirt dust and even spilled liquids. The key difference is that solid particles are dissolved in the process. Emptying the vacuum cleaner won’t release dust back into the air, because you will instead dispose of the water.

Wet-Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Can Clean Liquid Spills

Commercial environments are more likely to have liquid spills, and a standard vacuum cleaner would be of no use in this situation. With a wet-dry system, you can directly remove spills without needing to use a mop. This saves time and makes the process much easier for your staff or cleaners. Modern wet-dry systems are simple to operate and maintain, and we’re long past the point of the older systems that used large tanks to collect spills.

More Power from a Wet-Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Whether performing dry or wet cleaning, a commercial vacuum cleaner can provide more suction power than a standard vacuum. This makes cleaning faster and easier, and there will be fewer passes required to clean even the largest floor area. The additional power comes from the fact that these vacuums are designed to carry liquids as well as standard dust and debris particles. The stronger motors in commercial systems can last longer and are a better investment overall.

If you have found that a standard vacuum cleaner is no longer meeting your needs, then upgrading to one of our commercial vacuum cleaners for sale will be a huge benefit to your business.

More Versatility When You Use Wet-Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

There was once a time when a different cleaner was needed for different jobs. If you had spilled, you would need to use a specialized wet vacuum cleaner. For cleaning mattresses and furniture upholstery (such as in the hotel industry), then you would need powerful upholstery vacuum cleaners.

A wet-dry system combines the best elements of both cleaning styles. You can power-clean commercial mattresses to remove contaminants and prevent the development of mildew or even bed bugs. Commercial upholstery can be cleaned, providing effective dust and stain removal. Commercial vacuum cleaners with a wet-dry system can even be used for interior car detailing.

If you are looking for the most versatile cleaning solution, then the powerful wet-dry commercial vacuum cleaners from Think Vacuums will offer excellent functionality for the best possible prices.

Explore the Range Today and Upgrade Your Commercial Cleaning Capabilities

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