Your Janitors Will Thank You for Buying Backpack Vacuums

As a business manager or owner, you have enough to do without burdening yourself with cleaning issues. Make life simpler by using backpack vacuums instead of heavy, awkward upright or canister models. Your janitors will appreciate the change, and you will save money in the long run.

Backpacks Offer More Than Most of Us Know

Too many managers make purchases without consulting the final users of the products. Those who actually perform the cleaning and vacuuming work know it can be like tackling an obstacle course at times. Moving around furniture, cleaning around equipment, and vacuuming tight places can make the cleaning process more difficult than necessary. Also, don’t forget the noise some machines make that annoys the janitor and other employees. Here are some benefits of backpack vacuums:

  • Many new backpack models are designed to keep noise to a minimum. It’s distracting to have to go to another area to hear a client or vendor. Reducing the noise level allows employees to understand phone and personal conversations better.
  • Employees can clean entire areas much faster with backpack vacuums, thus saving time, money, and energy. Additionally, their motors tend to be more powerful than uprights and canisters. Users find them much more comfortable to use,and less tiring on the body.
  • Backpack cleaners are ideal for businesses with a lot of steps, shelves, and awkward places to clean. Users can easily change onboard attachments with minimal effort. And, since the unit is strapped to the user’s back, there’s no need to find a space for it on the floor.
  • These vacuums make good investments because you need fewer of them to get the work done. They are durable, longer lasting, and low maintenance.

Many janitors have revealed they are happier when their employers purchase backpacks as they experience less soreness, fatigue, and frustration. These vacuums produce less strain on the neck, back, arms, and shoulders, a fact that many workers welcome after a long day of cleaning. Keeping morale high at work increases productivity, comradery, and a positive atmosphere and giving employees the tools they need to be happy and support company goals is an excellent way to achieve these ideals. If your business is not currently benefiting from backpack vacuum cleaners, isn’t it time you made the switch?

The Ideal Model for Your Commercial Applications

The ProTeam brand has been a leader in backpack vacuums since 1987 and is a favorite for light to medium commercial use. One model that brings the company’s professionalism and vision of the vacuuming industry to the forefront is the model pictured here. This model’s features are ideal for virtually any business, including:

  • 744 Watts, 6.2 Amps, 124 CFM, 75in lift
  • Four Level HEPA Filtration
  • Whisper Quiet Operation 64 dB
  • 50ft Power Cord for Greater Cleaning Radius
  • 10qt Dust Capacity
  • Integrated Tool Belt
  • Lightweight Comfortable Design: 13 lbs

This is the ideal model when your company needs the cleanest air available, such as in hospitals and computer labs. The generous 50’ extension cord is convenient for covering large areas, and this model is also available with a 15’ hard-wired power cord for cart models. When it comes to quality and affordability, you won’t find a better backpack vacuum than the LineVacer.

Employees Love the Accessories, Tools, and Attachments That Make Cleaning a Business a Breeze

In addition to exception vacuum units, ProTeam also offers accessories and tools for their backpack models that make cleaning a breeze including:

  • Stair & Upholstery Tools
  • Blind & Shutter Tools
  • Crevice, Fan & Dusting Tools
  • Pet Brushes & Tools
  • Filters, Bags & Brushes
  • Wands & Powerheads

Give your employees a break by stocking all the accessories and tools they will ever need. Save money by purchasing a complete package deal and avoid multiple orders for single items down the road.

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