5 Reasons Why Cleaning Companies Choose Sanitaire Vacuums First!

Sanitaire Makes Upright, Canister, and Backpacks

The commercial cleaning industry is growing at a rapid pace with new businesses openings across America. Each one must be well cleaned and maintained for employees, customers, vendors, and visitors. Savvy managers choose cleaning companies with the skills and equipment to do the best job, and one of the favorite vacuum brands is Sanitaire who carries upright, canister, and backpack models that are all powerful, filter the air well and come with a wide assortment of accessories. Let’s take a look at five specific reasons why professional cleaning companies choose Sanitaire.

Reason #1 – They Are High-Quality Favorites

All Models Are High-Quality Favorites

Recently, the Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in quality, value, and ease of maintenance by commercial cleaning businesses. All Sanitaire products undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance programs to ensure they are well-engineered and built to hold up under heavy use. This brand is lightweight compared to others, has HEPA filtration, and bags that are easy to change. These are all pluses for users who want easy-to-use and ergonomic vacuums. Many cleaning companies specialize in vacuuming large organizations and need heavy-duty equipment that will last for years. They seek optimal performance from their bagged and bagless models with impressive features. Sanitaire vacuums are ideal for professional cleaning in the most extreme situations because they have powerful suction and durable components. Everyone enjoys the industrial quality cleaning in the toughest conditions with a Sanitaire vacuum. Their powerful motors typically provide 5, 7, or 10 amps of power to suction up the worst of dust, dirt, and debris. Users love the wider cleaning paths, advanced technology, and hygienic filters that provide a deeper, faster, and healthier experience than many of Sanitaire’s competitors. Learn more about upright models and their benefits in this informative reading. All models offer convenient and hassle-free cleaning with their swivel steering, one-touch operation, washable filters, and lightweight design. These vacuums are designed and built for hard service for many years of use. You can expect to get at least 2,500 hours of powerful vacuuming from the best models. Many customers get more hours without any major problems whether for home or commercial use. Others say using a Sanitaire makes cleaning a breeze. Check out these canister models for your home or business, or you may prefer a backpack model.

Reason #2 – This Company Is an Innovator

Innovative companies tend to stay at the top of the market because they continually offer products consumers request. Sanitaire is a long-term innovator that has added the following features: 1976 -Sanitaire introduced a chrome steel round brush roll.
1979 -Sanitaire developed a dirt cup to replace filter bags.
1982 -Sanitaire introduced a Quick-Kleen Fan Chamber
1986 -Sanitaire introduced Micron Filtration on upright models.
2000 -Sanitaire introduced Sealed True HEPA filtration on upright models.
2003 -The Sanitaire line expands beyond vacuums to include floor machines, and air movers         
2006 -Sanitaire introduced a line of CRI Green Label approved vacuums.
2007 - Sanitaire is backed by Electrolux
Continuous development and rigorous testing are huge parts of what they do. Since 2007, the manufacturer has made many small improvements in parts, accessories, tools, and attachments that make them more efficient cleaning machines. When you buy a Sanitaire you know you’re getting one of the very best cleaning machines available. Click here to see how to easily assemble and use an upright model.

Reason #3 – Nationwide Service Centers

Nationwide Warranty Service Centers Are Available

A network of more than 1,500 service centers across the United States backs every Sanitaire vacuum. These centers #are easily accessible for repair or replacement of parts to get your vacuum back in top operating condition. Every center uses skilled technicians to work on all models and get them back to you quickly. Additionally, they guarantee all their work and offer fair pricing.

Be sure to register the warranty soon after purchase of any Sanitaire model. This will ensure you get the best possible service from your product warranty. These warranties are among the best in the industry and provide peace of mind for years to come.

Recently, the Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in quality, value, and ease of maintenance by commercial cleaning businesses

Reason #4 – Wide Selection of Accessories

Amazing Tool and Attachments for Superior Cleaning

All Sanitaire models are available with a wide selection of features, accessories, tools, attachments, and parts to meet any commercial cleaning application. They designed these features to simplify maintenance, lower operating costs, and reduce downtime for users.

  • Heavy-duty stain extractors work remarkably well on floors.
  • The new DuraLux dual-motors provide exceptional suction.
  • Quick Kleen models incorporate removable chambers for quick access to impeller fans which makes it easy to change or service the fan without removing the motor.
  • Many models have earned the CRI Green Label of Approval by passing stringent tests.
  • Exclusive ARM & HAMMER filter bag systems eliminate heavy odors while capturing small particles of dust, dirt, and allergens.

An impressive collection of tools and attachments are available for cleaning jobs that range from floors, liquid spills, deep-carpet cleaning, stairways, tight corners, blinds, ceiling fans, and much more. All of this, plus cleaner air are favorite features of Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners.

Reason #5 – They Are Affordable

Amid other competing cleaning machine companies, Sanitaire has dominated the vacuum cleaner market for nearly 30 years with outstanding products and affordable prices. The following ranges of prices for the four types of commercial cleaners tell the story:

Uprights - $135 to $499
Canisters - $131 to$189
Backpacks - $249 to $350
Carpet Extractors - $599.99 to $$2,399.99
It’s easy to see that Sanitaire commercial vacuums fit the budget of any enterprise that wants the best cleaning machines possible.

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