What Are the Benefits of Vacuum Filters?

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Although sweeping and mopping are necessary at times, doing so stirs up dust and allergens. Use a vacuum cleaner with a high-quality filter to replace sweeping and mopping as much as possible to achieve a cleaner house. If you currently have a leading brand of vacuum cleaner or plan to purchase one, buy the best filters you can afford to take advantage of its cleaning potential for floors and your home’s air quality.

High-quality filters can be one of the most vital parts of any home or commercial vacuuming equipment. We will look at their benefits, how to use them, how to choose them, and where to purchase them.

Review the Benefits of Good Vacuum Filters

You Can’t Go Wrong
with Quality Filters

Imagine using a vacuum cleaner without a filter. You would suck up dust, dirt, and other debris, but some of it would leak out the vacuum housing or an attachment back into the room’s air. The primary reasons to use high-quality filters include:

  • To trap dust, dirt, allergens, dust mites, hair, and other debris
  • To prevent dust from recirculating back into the room’s air
  • To help household members experience better health
  • To keep the inside of your vacuum’s working parts free of debris
  • To prolong the life of your cleaning machine

Dust, dirt and other microscopic pollutants are the top causes of issues like asthma, respiratory problems, bronchial infections, and allergies. The average home has a high amount of these particles in the air, making it less than good for your health. While your vacuum unit picks up these particles, without a proper filter, all of the dust and dirt can’t be trapped inside the unit. The result is that some of the debris you vacuum gets right back into your home and air system.

The use of a solid filter that incorporates tightly woven material traps these particles in place and stops them from getting back into your air. Since most of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors, it benefits everyone to keep the air as clean as possible. The built-in wall dustpans that come with central vacuums also make it easy to sweep the dust away between major cleaning sessions.

If you vacuum your home often but still find the floors and other surfaces aren’t as clean as you want, add a better quality filter and see what happens. Most likely, you will achieve more efficient results with it in less time. When more dust is sucked up and trapped in the vacuum, it leaves less to get circulated in the air and end up on your floors and other horizontal surfaces. This cuts down on your cleaning time and can even make your vacuum system last longer. Here’s some super information on how vacuum cleaners, filters, and bags work.

How to Use Air Filters Properly

Change or Clean Filters
As Often As Necessary

Once you have purchased a quality air filter, you should check it frequently for cleaning or replacing. Better filters last longer because they are made of more durable materials than cheaper ones. Buying cheap bargain-basement filters and bags is not economical because you will buy more of them in the long-run.

Each time you begin your vacuuming session, check the filter. If it is dirty or clogged up, remove it and clean it outside the house. If it is a washable filter and is dirty, clean and dry it before inserting it back into your vacuum. If it is a dirty disposable filter, replace it before cleaning the house. Dirty filters put stress on your vacuum cleaner, reduce its efficiency, and can harm the motor or other working parts.

“If you vacuum your home often but still find the floors and other surfaces aren’t as clean as you want, add a better quality filter and see what happens.”

How to Choose a Good Quality Vacuum Filter

When choosing a vacuum filter, look for one that fits snugly into your vacuum unit to ensure the best result. Some vacuum filters are HEPA certified, which means they have been proven to trap germs and harmful particles and remove them from the home. While these can cost more, they are well worth the price if you struggle with allergies or have pets that shed lots of hair.

Look for these qualities in a good vacuum filter:

  • Its Rating compared to other brands
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Price – Buy the best you can afford
  • Overall effectiveness

You will never be sorry by using high-quality filters for home or commercial use: TIP: Keep several filters on hand to prevent too-frequent ordering. If your vacuum uses bags, the same advice applies to them. Use the best bags available because cheap ones can rip or burst and make a mess.

Where to Order One for Your Model

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