Tips for Keeping your Vacuum Clog-Free

steps for unclogging a vacuum system

A Clogged Central Vacuum Inlet can be
Unclogged With a Few Simple Steps.

Almost everyone at one time or another gets a clogged central vacuum and must clean it out thoroughly to restore its proper functioning. Someone in the household sucked up one or more items that should not have been vacuumed. Here are the common reasons for clogging:

  • Small toys that are large enough to get stuck in the piping
  • A washcloth, doll’s clothes, handkerchief, or socks
  • An accumulation of items sticky enough to cling to the piping
  • Food and liquids that stick to the piping and catch other items
  • Hair, string, or rug fringes that clog up the tool or attachment
  • In general, just careless or hurried cleaning can mean trouble

For whatever the reason your vacuum is clogged, you should take the following steps to clean it out and restore 100% suctioning power.

Keeping Your Central Vacuum Clog-Free

Like traditional vacuum cleaners, central vac units can get clogged on occasion. This can prevent normal functionality and performance for daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning. Whether in the pipes, vacuum head or hose, there are a few easy ways to unclog central vacuum pipes. Here are the steps we recommend:

Locate The Clog

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You can easily find the location of the clog by first checking the tool or attachment. If that’s the problem, clean it out. If the tool or attachment is not the issue, next try the hose by shaking it out or running a sizeable long wire through it. That should loosen up the mess so you can shake or blow it out or suck it out with a portable vacuum. If the tool or attachment is OK, next identify the low performing inlet. Start with the one closest to the power unit and try each one in order going away from the power unit. Once you find the section of piping that is clogged, try sucking it out with an upright or canister vacuum.

An Alternative for Removing The Clog

Insert the hose into the inlet valve and place your hand over the other end. Next, let the pressure build up for a few seconds and quickly release. Repeat this process for 10 minutes at least or until the clog is released.

Central vacuum systems can clean any room in your home or business including the garage. There are many benefits of investing in a home central vacuum system.”

Reverse Suction for Piping

Ways to Unclog a Central Vacuum

Clogs Can Come from Any Part of the House.
Keep your Vacuum Clog-Free for Optimal

You can also use the power of reverse suction by inserting a portable vacuum or hose into the inlet valve(s). Again, let the pressure build then quickly release and repeat for clog removal.

Cleearing The Blockage

You can use a free-flow maintenance sheet for the clogged inlet valve(s). This too helps build up pressure around the clog, while helping the powerful central vacuum motor to pull harder and release the obstacle(s).

Plumber Snake Tool

For hard to release clogs, you can use a flexible plumber’s snake to try to hook out the clog. Most times, these clogs are usually hair, dirt, grime and dust built up within the unit’s components and pipes. However, even a small paper clip or staple can result in malfunctioning components in the central motor or vacuum base. Make sure to check all components to effectively find and remove the clogs. This video is very helpful for unclogging your vacuum.

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems can clean any room in your home or business including the garage. There are many benefits to investing in a home central vacuum system. For one, you no longer have to deal with bulky, traditional units that are heavy and hard to move around. Central systems connect to wall mounts and ports in any room for maximum convenience. They can even be modified to include attachments such as brushes, power hoses, and floor dustpans. Whether for cleaning hardwood flooring, carpets, rugs, or even upholstery, central vacuums are lightweight, mobile and efficient across the board. Here are some outstanding features:

  • Central vacuums improve the air quality in homes and businesses.
  • They are the most powerful vacuums available
  • Central vacuums are quieter than upright or canister models.
  • These high-rated units have user-friendly tools and features. They are also easier to control than traditional, bulkier systems.
  • Central vac systems are not complicated to install and function through a system of connected wall mounts, ports, and attachments – leading back to a central unit.
  • These units remove the need for using portable or several vacuums at home or work.
  • Improves the quality of life for loved ones, customers and pets. Attachments can easily clean upholstery, sofa cushions, hardwood flooring, rugs, carpets and more.
  • Central vacuum systems can be installed in any room you need.
  • All units come with cost-affordable accessories for faster connections and essential cleaning guaranteed. is your source for the best in central vacuum tools, attachments, parts, and accessories. Whether for the home or office, you can find the latest top-name brands and components on our website. From portable to built-in vacuums, we stand by all our products and feature detailed brand listings and prices. As always, you can take advantage of our many product sales and promotions, along with informative articles and blog posts covering the latest industry news and developments. Simply visit our site and review our central vacuum system reviews to make a worthwhile and informed purchasing decision. We hope these recommendations to unclog your central vac systems and restore optimal function and performance are helpful.

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