Clean up the Biggest Messes with the Best Vacuum Cleaners

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Use the Right Tool for the Job

Vacuum cleaners provide a necessary service for helping people keep their homes clean and free of dust and debris. The technology for vacuum cleaners has evolved over the years from being hulking machines to being efficient and more compact in the intervening years. Along with this new rise in vacuum technology has come with it the expectation of good service and quality for the vacuum cleaner to perform at optimum levels.

Whether you live along or have a family, dust, dirt, debris, and messes happen. When they do you need a high-quality vacuum cleaner for the job. You can opt for an upright, canister, central vacuum, or backpack model available from several leading manufacturers.

Here are some leading brands to consider for 4 different types of vacuums:

Many options of tools, attachments, and accessories are available for all of these brands for cleaning all types of surfaces. Replacement filters and bags made of the finest materials are also available from

What Should You Look For In A Vacuum Cleaner?

 Best Stick Vacuum Best Canister Vacuum Best Upright Vacuum
SEBO Felix Stick Vacuum Miele Blizzard CX1 Canister Dyson Multifloor 2 Upright

When it comes to household vacuum cleaner parts and repair, keep in mind the type of vacuum used in the household. There are different vacuums designed for cleaning different surfaces like hardwood, laminate, tile floors, and carpeting. The stick and hand-held variety of vacuums are ideal for lighter tasks around the house that need attention the moment a mess is made.

The canister vacuums are built for cleaning bare floors, drapes, stairs, and upholstery when necessary. They’re excellent for cleaning multiple surfaces, including carpets with ease. They’re an ideal choice for households with multiple surfaces that have to be cleaned regularly and owners want a device that can do it all. The only issue with the canister vacuums is they tend to be bulkier than a stick which can make it difficult to put them away in a closet when not in use.

If you want a vacuum that does an excellent job on carpets with medium to high pile fibers, opt for an upright model with a wider cleaning path. The best carpet cleaners are central vacs with powerheads attached because they have the most powerful motors. When you decide on the type of cleaning machine you want, talk to one of our specialists to determine the most effective tools and attachments for your household or business needs.

“Vacuum cleaners are a focal point of any home cleaning routine and should be kept in good repair.”

Is Regular Maintenance Necessary For A Vacuum Cleaner?

The short answer to the question is “yes.” The recommended maintenances steps include:

  • Each time you vacuum check for clogs in the roller brush, tools, and attachments.
  • If you have a bagged model, empty the bag when it’s two-thirds full.
  • Change the bags when they show sufficient wear.
  • If you use a bagless model, empty the canister when two-thirds full.
  • Clean the inside of any model as much as possible.
  • Clean the filter(s) as often as needed. If yours is a washable filter, wash and dry it monthly. If your model uses non-washable filters, replace them several times each year.

One of the decisions people have to make with purchasing a vacuum cleaner is whether or not they want to go with a bag or bagless kind. Each has its own benefits you should consider before purchasing one.

Bagged vacuums are the most common and require less maintenance than the bagless variety. Dust and debris go directly into the bag which can be taken out and replaced with a new one, so the owner’s hands never touch the grime. These are the best types for people that suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues.

Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, mean not having to buy bags ever again which can save the owner’s money. The downside is the maintenance can increase since the filter of the vacuum cleaner has to be cleaned out thoroughly after each use and there is a chance of dust and dirt getting out when pouring out the contents of the bagless vacuum.

How Do People Keep Their Vacuum Cleaner In Good Repair?

Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush Inspection Keeping Vacuum Filters Clean
Check the Roller Brush Before Vacuuming Keep the Filters Clean

Household vacuum cleaner repair can be a necessity for people who have a good vacuum cleaner they want to continue using. Repairs can range from having to replace a part or motor to deal with a frayed cord or a broken wheel after long years of use. While nothing lasts forever, and there are ways to extend the life of any vacuum cleaner.

Checking the vacuum cleaner every before every use to make sure it’s not gummed up and has nothing caught in its bristles is a good place to start. Never use the vacuum cleaner to clean up wet messes, anything metal, broken glass, or dirt from flower pots.

The usability of a vacuum cleaner can also be extended with the proper attachments and accessories that will allow it to clean hard-to-reach places. This can help immensely since such an investment can make cleaning out certain areas of the home less of a hassle and ensure a more thorough cleaning. Why work harder when people can work smarter? Learn more about how to clean your vacuum from this informative article.

Vacuum cleaners are a focal point of any home cleaning routine and should be kept in good repair. If yours starts to make noises or foul odors, turn it off immediately. This indicates something is stuck inside or a part is burning out. When either issue arises, check for a clog or broken part. If you can’t order the part online, take your vacuum to the repair shop. These machines are built to clean efficiently and thoroughly, so keeping a good one in good repair will ensure years’ worth of cleaning.

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