Why You Should Consider Buying A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Commercial Vacuums for the Price and Cost

Think Vacuums features the best commercial vacuum cleaners for all businesses and industries. In fact, our extensive gallery showcases all the latest top-name brands and accessories. Located in Coral Springs, Florida, we have grown to become the nation’s leading supplier of commercial and residential vacuum cleaning systems. This includes traditional upright brands, along with central vacuums and so much more. With weekly sales and promotional discounts, we make it easy for you to get the vacuum you need at cost-affordable prices. In fact, it’s as simple as visiting our website and reviewing the many fine vacuums from leading brands and manufacturers.
Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners on Sale

At ThinkVacuums, we feature highly-trained technical and customer service representatives. They are able to answer all your product-related questions and concerns while connecting you to the right cleaners and accessories to meet all your needs. Whether for new businesses or established brands, we offer a huge range of commercial vacuum cleaners on sale. This includes four major types of commercial vacuums in our huge store and warehouse:
  • Backpack Vacuums
  • Canister Vacuums
  • Floor Sweepers
  • Upright Vacuums
From cleaning staircases and carpeting to hardwood flooring and sofas, commercial vacuums are highly dependable, reliable, and cost and energy-efficient. They are also designed to pick up and remove dust, dirt, debris and hidden elements deep within flooring crevices and carpet fibers and shags. Here are some more reasons why to purchase a commercial vacuum cleaner for your office or business today.

Commercial Backpack Vacuums

Backpack models are great for tight spots where traditional uprights won’t fit. From corners to sides, backpack models offer the following benefits for commercial properties:
  • These units are cost-effective, durable and easy to use.
  • Backpacks offer better mobility than standard, traditional upright vacuums.
  • Backpacks also capture and remove more dirt, hair, small insects and allergens.
  • These units are ergonomically-designed to meet all your cleaning needs across the board.
  • Here are some of the highly-efficient commercial backpack models we offer: ProTeam, Bissell, Sainatire, DustCare and much more.

Uprights and Canister Vacuums

Traditional upright vacuum cleaners are still popular with home and business owners. This is due to their user-friendly features, along with motors and suction heads that are built into the same units. From Sanitaire and Bissel to Eureak, ProTeam, and Twin Turbo, we offer the best traditional uprights for all your commercial cleaning needs.
Similarly, canister models are equipped with a wand at the end of the hose. This is normally longer than the hose on an upright and can reach farther as well. Canisters also have engines, dust bags and filters within the units as well. These two are great for commercial applications and are cost and energy-efficient as well.

Floor Sweepers for Businesses

Floor sweepers are great for homes and businesses with large square feet. In fact, these units make cleaning easier and efficiently pick up anything from floors and carpeting. They also come in a variety of widths – with top brands including Sanitaire and Bissell.

Think Vacuums Difference

At Think Vacuums, we are committed to excellence in helping you find the right vacuum cleaner. Whether looking for replacement parts or accessories, we carry a wide assortment for all your cleaning needs. Similarly, we feature the best central vacuum brands, along with commercial cleaners, backpacks and more for all new and existing customers.
As your premier commercial vacuums depot in Florida, our online store is easy to access and browse. With detailed vacuum cleaning brand reviews and product information, we help you make a worthwhile and informed purchasing decision. As always, we are here to answer all your questions and concerns. Whether for the home, business or warehouse, we stand by all our brands and ensure a smooth, hassle-free and memorable buying experience for all customers.