Three Carpet Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Carpet Vacuuming Is the Key to Clean Carpets

Carpeting can be costly, so it's important to implement correct cleaning and care techniques to maintain your carpet's ascetic appearance and longevity. By doing so, you can decrease the wear and tear that emerges from daily activities. Clean them properly to minimize dust, dirt, debris, and above normal air pollutants in the house.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to maintaining your carpet, purchase a high-quality vacuum such as a SEBO, Miele, or Dyson. Here's a list of important tips you need to know.

Assess Your Cleaning Products Before Use

Assess Your Carpet Cleaning Products

The products used on carpets are extremely important, so don't just pick them up randomly while you're at the grocery store. Many household and professional-grade products are available that break down the grime and dirt that typically accumulate in your carpet's fibers.

We recommend you read the cleaning guidelines that came with the carpets. Once you understand them, purchase the appropriate products by reading the labels. You must make sure they are safe for your carpets and those who live in the home. Labels and product specifications will let you know the product's dilution levels, proper applications, and formulations. When choosing a cleaning product for your carpet, consider these factors:

    • The manufacturer

      Once you've located a product with the ideal cleaning ingredients, look at the name of the manufacturer. You want to make sure you're buying the product from a trustworthy company. It's also important to research their products online to see if they are safe and effective for your brand and type of carpet material.

    • Not every chemical is created equal

      Many consumers mistakenly believe that all cleaning chemicals have similar performance, which isn't the case. In fact, some will cause more damage when you don't remove them completely. Remember, some chemical remains in your carpet most of the time, so it's imperative you identify the chemicals you're using on your carpet.

    • More chemical isn't synonymous with enhanced clean

      It's our human nature to use "more" rather than less. However, more isn't always better. In fact, if you use too much of the wrong chemical, you can damage the carpet, particularly if it has a high acid or alkaline.

    • Untested chemicals could generate undesirable results

      The newest trend of cleaning carpets involves the use of crystallizing chemistry. Crystallizing chemicals contain embrittling agents that permit the chemical to dry into a dry form. The chemistry that remains in the carpet dries hard after which you can remove it through normal vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner. The challenge is that excessive chemicals have entered the market without appropriate testing.

Therefore, you'll find that most are very tacky or dry too hard. Beware that crystallizing chemicals that dry very hard can bond to your carpet's fiber aggressively, making it difficult to eliminate. While you don't have to become a professional on carpet-cleaning chemicals, it's certainly good practice to make an inquiry and ensure you're using the appropriate products.

“Carpeting can be costly, so it's important to implement correct cleaning and care techniques to maintain your carpet's ascetic appearance and longevity.”

Vacuum Regularly with Tried and True Techniques

A Vacuum is one of the Best Carpet Remedies

Vacuuming regularly is another way of keeping your carpet looking fresh and extending its life since it eradicates dirt in the carpet's fibers. Remember, when you walk on a carpet with dust and dirt, it could cause fiber damage and alter how the fibers reflect light, making your carpet appear dull or dingy and lay flat.

TIP: Place high-quality doormats inside and outside of all entrance doors and clean your shoes or boots on them.

Consider these smart tips when vacuuming:

  • Dust all surfaces first and let the air-born particles settle for 15 to 20 minutes in each room. Unless you do this first, you’ll have dusty carpets if you vacuum first.
  • The next step is to use the hose and tool to go along the edges of baseboards and where carpeting meets wood floors or doors.
  • Avoid vacuuming only in one direction or you won’t get the full effect of cleaning. Vacuum in one direction and then go back over the floors at 90-degree angles.
  • Vacuuming in two different directions helps to lift the carpet fibers and keep them healthy looking longer.
  • Although it’s a common temptation, avoid vacuuming too fast. Slow down or start a little earlier and you will do a much better job.
  • Empty the bag or collection chamber when one-half to two-thirds full on upright, canister, and backpack models. Central vacuums can go 2 to 3 months before emptying them depending on how often you clean and the size of your house. See these great tips on how to vacuum your home properly.

Before each vacuuming session, check for clogs in the roller brush, hose, and attachments. Empty the bag if it is too full and clean the filter to get maximum suction from your vacuum cleaner. Occasionally, clean the surface of the vacuum housing, tools, attachments, and hose. When you need tools, attachments, accessories, parts, or supplies, order them online at for a great selection and prices.

Adopt Appropriate Stain Removal Practices

Use the Right Cleaning Products to Remove Tough Stains

Learning how to deal with carpet stains plays a vital role in carpet maintenance. Treating stains doesn't need to be overly complex and two important things to bear in mind are the best cleaning products and appropriate cleaning techniques.

You must tackle stains immediately when possible. Keep in mind that successful stain removal depends just as much on elbow grease and patience as it using the perfect product.

A simple way to start is by using only water and a rag. You’ll be surprised how much ‘stuff’ comes off the carpet by rubbing it with H2O and a clean rag in different directions.

On more stubborn stains like fruit juices, colored soda pop, candy, acidy foods, wine, coffee, or tea, you must apply the cleaner slowly and gradually. If you apply too much and scrub in a large area, you can end up with carpets with two colors, especially when using a soapy cleanser.

Start by removing the excess spill on the surface with a knife or paper towel. Next, apply the carpet stain remover product, and last, blot the stain away. Read this informative article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to remove common household stains.

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A vacuum Cleaner is one of the Best Carpet Remedies