What is the Best Central Vacuum Powerhead?

Suitable Central Vacuum Powerhead Kits

A good central vacuum should have the best powerhead kits for optimum performance.

You may have the most suitable vacuum for your home, but if it doesn’t have a suitable powerhead, then you cannot expect the device to work as expected. Remember, it is the powerhead that removes dust, debris, and pet hair from your home. A  central vacuum system already has a powerhead upon purchase, but you may have to replace it later or sooner.

When looking for the most proper powerhead to go with your newly acquired central vacuum, you’ll have plenty of options. While it’s perpetually a good idea to choose something that can give you the most value for your money, there are various other factors that you require to take into consideration.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the greatest powerheads in the market that can work great for your central vacuum system. Whether you are thinking of improving your existing one or repairing your old and worn out powerhead, we will show you some of the most excellent options to consider.

Best Electric Powerhead

One of the most famous examples of powerheads is the electric powerheads, so it’s not surprising to come across them when looking for the best powerhead to buy. They are recognized for their nonrestrictive airflow, which leads to much better suction and is a more effective way of removing dirt, dust, and debris.

Here are some of the best electric powerheads.

NuTone CT700 Deluxe Central Vacuum Electric Power Brush Tool

The NuTone CT700 powerhead is one of the best-rated electric powerheads that you’ll discover in the market. If you need to keep your house clean and dust-free, this is the most suitable powerhead to buy. You can also rely on this device for deep cleaning your carpet and increasing its life.

This electric powerhead is an upgraded version of the NuTone CT600 and CT650. Thus, the NuTone CT700 has new and enhanced features. For starters, its height can be effortlessly adjusted with a touch of your toe. Moreover, it’s equipped with a reset button, which restricts it from burning the motor if it jams. This powerhead also comes with a broader LED light, which makes cleaning dark and hard-to-reach areas more convenient.

H4: Pros

  • Equipped with a convenient height adjustment feature

  • Maximum maneuverability

  • Superior LED lighting

  • Improved traction

H4: Cons

  • Some clients have complained that the machine gets broken easily

ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead with Metal Roller

The ZVac EX Powerhead is recognized for its powerful electric motor capable of deep cleaning any carpet, despite its thickness. Moreover, it comes equipped with a bright headlight to help you easily clean dark areas. An extra great feature of this powerhead is the protective bumper. With this specialty, you will not smudge your baseboards or walls when vacuuming. This also assures you that it’s going to last longer.

While the merchandise doesn’t come with a wand or other accessories, its standard neck is compatible with any 1-¼-inch button wand. What’s more, the tool weighs only 5.3 pounds so it’s very lightweight and you won’t need to put a lot of effort during cleaning.

H4: Pros

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight

  • Unmatched quality

  • Made from high-grade materials

H4: Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a wand

  • The power cord for plugging the powerhead is a bit short