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 Central vacuums pros and consTraditional Portable vacuums are the most commonly used cleaners. Vacuuming your around the house from one room to the other, up and down the stairs with the portable vacuum is a hefty task. Some of these vacuums are even worse because they produce so much noise, with other emitting odors. For many homeowners, vacuuming the house is not something they look forward to.

If you feel you have had enough, switch to the central vacuum system. The dust canister of the central vacuum system is positioned at a remote place in the home, where the suctioned dirt is directed. The system is efficient in deep cleaning while quiet and suctions the larger debris as well as dust, pollen, and other allergens.

In this article, we mention a few of the best-rated central vacuum systems.

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

For allergy sufferers, the Imperium CV300 is the ideal central vacuum. You can also use it to clean your pet without harming it. It eliminates odors, cleans pet hair, pollen and dust, and does not blow them back into your interior’s atmosphere.

Installing the Imperium CV300 is so easy you do not have to be an expert to do it. The props on which to mount the vacuum come with the package. Installing the device in your garage or basement is also not complicated. This vacuum system combines efficiency and durability.

The 10-year motor warranty assures you of a decade-long service with a few free replacements and repairs. 

Honeywell 4B-H803 Quiet Pro Central Vacuum System Power Unit

The Honeywell 4B-H803 gives you a quiet vacuuming experience. The inbuilt sound-reduction system makes vacuum cleaning sessions almost noiseless. It offers a quiet and peaceful environment, which is ideal for the elderly, babies, and pets. The powerful motor can run effortlessly for a long cleaning session of about 12,000 square feet without burning out.

Its body is made of steel, making it strong and durable without regular repairs or replacements. It comes with a dual-motor system that enhances strong suction power. The filters are self-cleaning, and the dust canister is big enough to allow you more cleaning sessions before emptying.

All Steel Canadian Made Central Vacuum Unit

The All Steel Canadian Made Ultra Clean Power is a powerful vacuum unit that lives up to its name. It is eco-friendly with powerful suction. Its dual-stage fan system ensures that no dust is retained in the motor. The motor can run without burning out for 7,500 square feet.

The filtration system is versatile and allows you to use a metal receptacle or filtration bag. This vacuum cleaner comes with a free exhaust muffler. It is ideal for all floorings and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. However, compared to other central vacuum units, this vacuum is noisier.

Drainvac DV1R15-FL Wet/Dry 10-Gallon System

Central vacuum comparison chartUnlike most central systems, Drainvac DV1R15-FL comes with a powerful motor that offers airflow and water lift power to clean dry and wet surfaces. With this central vacuum system, dander, sand, dust, pollen, and liquid substances are well taken care of.

The motor can generate a water lift of 160 and airflow of up to 106 CFM. The engine can also run for longer to allow you to clean surfaces of up to 12,000 square feet. Its large dirt canister has a float that shows the liquid status and notifies you when water reaches the maximum level. The Drainvac DV1R15-FL also comes with accessories such as an outdoor exhaust and external muffler.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Do you need a vacuum unit that runs for extended periods without burning out? The Prolux CV12000 has a quiet and powerful motor that can run over 1200 square meters flawlessly. The 2-speed motor offers 150 CFM of airflow.

Moreover, the coated steel body makes this unit highly durable to give you years of reliable service. The system is suitable for all home sizes and floor types, and its washable filters are easy to clean. Considering its incredible features, this vacuum is quite affordable. It can be mounted on to any wall type and comes with a 10-year motor and 25-year body warranty.

There are many other central vacuum units available in the market. Make purchases or find more information on our Think Vacuums website. You can also call us for attachment purchases or repairs.

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