How to choose the best central vacuum powerhead

It’s great to know what to consider when shopping for the best central vacuum powerhead for your central vacuum system. Below are the essential factors to consider when selecting the best central vacuum powerhead kit:

Air Turbine vs. Electric Powerheads

This is a vital essential thing to acknowledge. Air Turbine powerheads depend on the air flowing into the central vacuum for suction. On the other hand, Electric turbines generate suction using their motors. If you are lucky, there are accessible controls on your hose. These allow you to turn the engine on or off, depending on where you’re cleaning.

the best central vacuum powerhead preference

Choosing the best central vacuum powerhead depends on your preference and the size of your home.

Air Turbine powerheads, hence, are ideal for bare floors, low-pile carpets, and area rugs. In addition to these, Electric turbines are appropriately suited for deep cleaning and high-pile carpets. Air Turbine powerheads are also known as Air-Driven powerheads.


Compatibility is also a vital thing to check. Most aftermarket or replacement powerheads are compatible with a wide range of central vacuums. The products in this review, particularly our top pick, are compatible with so many central vacs.

Some of the most common central vacuums involve Aggressor, AirVac, Beam, BLACK+DECKER, Broan, Dirt Devil, Cana-Vac, CV, Electrolux, Eureka, Hayden, Honeywell, Hoover, Kenmore, MD, Imperium, NuTone, Vacuflo, and VacuMaid. To connect the SEBO powerheads (which are the best in the market), you need to buy an adapter, and you’re good to go.

Flooring Type

Does your home have bare floors or carpets? Does it have a blend of both? How thick are your carpets? Do you love area rugs? These are crucial questions that you require to answer before going all out on the best central vacuum powerhead for your floor. As shown above, if you don't have soft or thick carpets, you can buy an Air Turbine powerhead. Otherwise, an Electric powerhead is the best pick.

An extra thing you need to check is height adjustment. This is crucial if you have a blend of carpets and hard floors. Height adjustment enables you to transition from bare floors to carpets to rugs with ease. Height adjustment can be manual or automatic – ensure it’s there.


A special powerhead must be easy to carry from one room to the other. So, ensure that you know how heavy it is. Except if you live alone, you may want to buy one that can be easily carried by any other occupant that participates in the cleaning duties.

This is even more essential if you have stairs. The heavier it is, the tougher it will be to carry up and down the stairs as you clean.

Cleaning Path

There are two methods to look at this. First, the wider the powerhead, the faster it takes to finish vacuuming the house/room. Although, if the cleaning path is extensive, you may struggle to clean tight spaces. Hence, you require to pick wisely as per your home’s arrangement.

the width of the central vacuum powerhead kit

The width of the central vacuum powerhead determines the span and effectiveness of its cleaning.

Roller brush

The essence of the roller brush is directly equivalent to how well it will clean the floor and how long it lasts. We advise that you seek the ones made of high-quality material like steel. If you can replace the brush instead of purchasing the whole powerhead, go for it!


Functionally, belts are very critical in the best central vacuum powerhead kits. The three types of straps that can be found on powerheads are:

  • Cogged/Geared belt

  • Poly-V belt

  • Flat belt

While they serve the same goal, the lifespan of each belt type is different. Geared belts are the most enduring, followed by Poly-V belts, then flat belts.

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