Which Central Vacuum is the Best?

Choosing the best central vacuum

Ensure you check the vacuum rating
while buying a new vacuum cleaner

Which is the best central vacuum? This is the single most asked question by most central vacuum buyers and for a good reason. If you browse the web, you will probably find dozens of products that claim to be the best. You will also find many nonsensical central vacuum ratings that claim to offer an easy answer. The ideal question is not, which is the best central vacuum, but what makes a central vacuum “the best”?

If you are installing a new vacuum system or replacing an old unit, you have a clear advantage over most central vacuum users. That is because you have the power to choose your own vacuum equipment. Most systems are selected and pre-installed by the builder, who may have chosen the lowest cost expensive bid.

Why are there so many Central Vacuum Brands and Models?

Families and their homes may have different desires and can have diverse needs in a cleaning system. Therefore, manufacturers like Aspria Systems and others make many models with various features and performance specifications to better fit the individual specifications. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide to find the right power unit for your home. Always remember in your selection process that at its core a central vacuum power unit is merely an assembly of various components.

Collection and Filtration Systems

This is top of the selection list, the first criteria you should use to the models or brands you find interesting. There is not a good/better/best in collection systems. However, it is most essential to understand how they work and why you might want one style over other styles. All vacuum collection and filtration systems work well, and none is suggestively better than any other. Most manufacturers offer various filtration styles because no one style is the best for every application or owner.

Here are pointers of Which Central Vacuum Is Best

Power unit for best central vacuums

You can obtain a hybrid collection system
to get the best out of your central vacuum

  1. The best central vacuums are made from good quality parts.
  2. Confirm your personal choice of bagless, bagged or hybrid collection system
  3. A central vacuum with a real central vacuum motor (Bypass, not Thru-flow!
  4. A QUALITY motor is a STRONG motor, don’t be afraid to ask them to show it.
  5. Larger motors are more powerful than smaller ones, and one motor is usually better than two.
  6. Do not let a salesperson bully you with Air Watts, IWL, or CFM.
  7. Do not buy plastic vacuums. Plastic is for toys.

Ensure that you get the best central vacuum to get the best results for an extended period.

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