Ultimate Guide To Purchasing A Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Packages Guide We all need a good vacuum cleaner for our homes. They are no longer a luxury but a must, especially for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory health issues. They pick up many types of unwanted things on the floor and steps. For homes with children, pets, and those that like to work outdoors they are a gift from Heaven. This guide begins by outlining vacuum basics and then moves on the central vacuums.

Types of Floors You Can Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are not just for carpets. They work well on many types of floors. Just make the right height adjustments and away you go. These are the types of floor surfaces you can vacuum.

  • Carpets
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Bamboo and Cork
  • Marble and Concrete

That just about covers it. Remember that some surfaces are slicker than others and the vacuum cleaner may roll faster than you think it will. Going over most surfaces one time is usually not enough. Go over stubborn areas several times to get them clean.

What Vacuums Pick Up

We see a lot of TV commercials advertising vacuum cleaners that whiz across the floors and pick up all the “easy stuff.” Much of what we clean off floors at home takes a little more work to get it all up. There is an endless amount of things that can end up on floors. Common things:

  • Food scraps
  • Pet Dander
  • Lint and fuzz
  • Dirt and tiny rocks
  • Stuff from hobbies

How much of these things you want to be sucked out of carpets depends on the height adjustment and how strong is your vacuum cleaner. Better models pick up more. If you compare by using a cheap vac and go over the same area with a strong model, you will see how much more the better vac pulls out of carpets. Remember – Vacuums are not stained removers. Adequately clean up spills right away and let dry before vacuuming.

Prepping For Vacuuming

Make out a schedule for vacuuming, so the floors don’t get so dirty. If once a week is enough to choose the day and stick with it. If twice each week is better, choose Friday and Tuesday, for example. Things will go faster if you will first move small furniture and other items that are hard to get around out of the room. Pick up anything you don’t want to get into the vacuum system, or it may stop it up or damage the cleaner. Upright vacuums may be easy to unstop, but central vacs are more challenging.

Decide on who is going to vacuum. Should you children or elderly parents be trusted with the job? Experience will help you decide. Some people are more careless than others and end up damaging your nice furniture legs and the baseboards.

Avoid These Vacuuming Mistakes

None of us are born with a vacuum cleaner manual in our heads. There are few things we tend to take for granted but should not do. Are you guilty of any of these?

  • You vacuum in only one direction (Go in both directions in the same area)
  • You wait until the carpet looks dingy or dirty
  • You vacuum too quickly and don’t use the crevice tool
  • You don’t adjust the height to fit the floor surface
  • You don’t dust beforehand; you dust after vacuuming

Don’t do these things and you will have a much better vacuuming experience and a cleaner home.

What Is a Central Vacuum System?

What is a central vacuum systemA central vacuum system consists of hoses installed in the walls that lead to a central power unit typically located in a basement, storage room, or garage. Each room of the house has a hookup in the wall to which the hoses are attached. Turn on the switch and begin vacuuming. What you pick up goes through the hoses to the collection container. Clean the canister and filter when needed. It’s that easy

A central vacuum system not only improves the air quality in your home, but it’s also more efficient, quieter, and easier to use than a conventional vacuum. What’s more, it’s easy to install and can be adapted to virtually any new or existing home. Say goodbye to portable vacuums that are heavy, inefficient, and hard to manipulate. A central vacuum system will improve the quality of your life and everyone else living in the home.

The Working Parts

Most central vacuum power units consist of five main components:

  • A central vacuum motor
  • Canister housing
  • Central vacuum bag
  • Central Vacuum filter
  • An exhaust muffler

The dirt canister traps debris sucked up by the vacuum motor and is made from a high-grade plastic ABS resin, brushed aluminum or steel. Power units can be installed in a new or existing home. A series of PVC pipes are plumbed throughout the house connected to wall units where the vacuum hose attaches.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system eliminates hauling your heavy vac around the house to each room. This is just one of the many benefits this system provides a traditional upright vacuum:

  • You will experience better air quality
  • The central system has more suction power
  • Its deep cleaning is better if you have pets
  • It has more thorough filtration
  • The system adds a lot of value to your home

Sound great! It is a modern wonder for any size home from small to large.

A central vacuum system does not stir up allergens and dust particles that can be inhaled by your family as a traditional vac can. An EPA study reveals that the use of a central vacuum can help reduce the growing number of people who have one form of dust allergy or another.

These systems have larger and more powerful motors than upright cleaners that offers more powerful cleaning actions. The cleaning quality is higher because it deep cleans better. It can even remove the tiniest dust particles in the air near the end of the hose. They remove pet dander more effectively. They use the same 120V as your portable vacuum cleaner.

A central vacuum system adds value to your home because it is a prized possession lacking in most homes. It is very convenient to use and is a wise long-term investment. For a relatively low cost, you can add real value to your home whether you plan to sell it or stay in it.

Top Central Vacuums

A central vacuum system is an ideal way to keep your house clean and improve its air quality. If you are in the market for one you should be aware of the top vacuums that meet home needs:

  • DrainVac
  • DuoVac
  • PurVac

All of these brands are made to the highest standards of quality and performance. You can depend on all of them to do the job of vacuuming your home in the most efficient manner. The amount of power they use is approximately the same as a conventional upright vac. The bonus is they have up to 5 times the power of a portable vacuum cleaner at no extra energy cost.

Drain VacDrainVac was chosen the Central Vacuum of the year on the TLC Network for these reasons:

  • Advanced vortex motors and improved air watts
  • Improved water lift and filtration
  • A longer warranty
  • It is easier to clean
  • The best value for your dollar

DrainVac power units now feature studio-quality acoustic sound suppressing foam inside the canister to reduce the decibel level while the vacuum is running. The canister is constructed of a polyethylene ABS material which also reduces noise when compared to metal canister central vacuums which rattle and vibrate when in use. Some models are as quiet as 56 decibels, making DrainVac power units some of the quietest central vacuums systems in the industry!

DuoVac is another great choice for your home. It has been the winner of the prestigious Consumers Choice Award for the past 18 years. It has served its customers as the standard of excellence in central vacuum systems for more than 50 years. It has superior performance, superior design, and superior air quality.

DuoVac’s advanced filtration system is composed of a filtration cage and a machine washable filer protected with SILPURE next-generation silver-based antimicrobial and odor treatment. DuoVac products have the best warranty in the industry. Every vacuum is handmade and individually tested for Quality Assurance before it leaves the factory.

PurVac is one of the world’s top vacuum manufacturing companies. Their units provide:

  • High suction power
  • Easy to use/install
  • Activate 3™ filter muffler
  • HEPA filtration system

Superior suction is made possible by using water lifts of up to 170”. This suction power can even unclog a sink. PurVac systems can be installed in existing homes as well as new homes with ease. The filter muffler is great for eliminating odors and removing fine dust particles that might otherwise have escaped from lesser quality units. Being enabled with a HEPA filtration system makes PurVac a highly sought after central vacuum cleaner.

All of these top central vacuum systems are available from Think Vacuums in Coral Springs, Florida. We have expanded to a huge 4,000 square foot showroom and warehouse. We partner with the nation’s leading distributors and manufacturers all over the United States. We get an array of quality products to our customers faster and pass the best prices on to you.

How Central Vacuums Work

Central vacuums are a pleasure to use. There is no pushing an upright vacuum or pulling a canister around the house.  Simply attach the hose to the outlet in the wall, add attachments to the wand, and vacuum. Their light weight is attractive to women and anyone with back issues.

An Overview of How They Work

Central Vacuums are installed as a semi-permanent or permanent vacuum cleaner in the walls and under the floors of homes and business buildings. Ducts run from outlets in the walls to a central collection container in a remote area such as a basement or utility space. The person vacuuming attaches the hose to the outlet and tools or attachments to the other end of the hose. As you vacuum the dirt, debris, pet dander, and the general mess are picked up by the attachment and pulled through the ductwork to the central container. Once finished with the first room you detach the hose and move to the next room to repeat the process.

The Power Unit

This vacuuming process is simple to understand, but the working parts need more explanation. Let’s start with the power unit that pulls the dirt into the collection container. It is solidly attached to the wall or a mounting stand in the collection area. It uses a specially adapted electric motor to create the pulling action. Several models are available that meet needs:

  • How powerful you want it to be
  • How quiet you want it to be
  • The price range you can afford
  • The brand you select and its features

A little research online and with a leading vacuum dealer will narrow down your selection.

There are two main types of central vacuums: Cyclonic and Filtered Systems. Each separates the dirt and dust from the incoming air stream in a different way. The cyclonic cleaners suck the air and debris into a collection container at high speed where heavy material falls into the bottom of the collection bin. The lighter debris is vented to the outside. Turn the system off and empty the bin into the trash. Occasional cleaning of the collection bin is needed to help keep it operating efficiently. A high-quality unit does not lose suction power as it fills up until it is almost full.

The other type uses bags or filters in the collection bin that must be cleaned out or disposed of when full. The filters are made from a variety of materials. Each has a different level of efficiency and cost. Replacing bags and filters can become expensive over time depending on the frequency of their use. If a filter bag fails to work properly, you may not notice it while the bin fills up with the debris. If the suction sound changes or the unit freezes up, you will know it’s time to change bags. Turn the unit off immediately before any damage occurs. Bag cleaners are more hygienic than the other types.

Hoses, Tools, and Attachments

A typical central vacuum system is equipped with a long hose and standard cleaning tools that look like those for a portable cleaner. Most power hoses have a convenient power switch on the handle. If you can work it into your budget, you can have a set of hoses and tools on each floor. Brushes, wands, handles, crevice tools and other attachments of your choice round out the list. Hoses are typically long enough to reach across most rooms and are made of sturdy materials. Check with your dealer for any special tools you might need.


Central Vacuum System Installation

Central Vacuum PackagesA central vacuum system can be installed in a new home or an existing one. Many homeowners have found from experience it’s better to have a professional install the system to avoid problems. This section will take you through the usual steps for installation if you do it yourself. Just how easy it is to do yourself depends partly on how easy it is to access the areas to run the piping. For those of you that are amateur carpenters and have the access, you may be able to do it without hiring a contractor. Another option is to as much as you can and hire the rest done.                    


Making Plans for General Installation

To save time, money and mistakes plan adequately for the layout of your home based on its square footage and style. The following is an overview of how to install a central vacuum.


Step One – Choose a place to locate the power unit such as the basement or utility room.


Step Two – Buy power unit/collection bin, piping, receptacles, wiring and other supplies. Buy more piping than you plan for in case something goes wrong. Read the manual carefully.


Step Three – Install the power unit in a dry place on a flat, level surface. Put it near or on an exterior wall so the exhaust/vent piping to the outside will be minimized. Some vacuums don’t need to be vented, and others do. This unit requires adequate ventilation, so don’t box it up.


Step Four – Install the inlet valves/receptacles on walls or floors. Most people place them on the walls. Choose one per room in a strategic location. Typical hose lengths run between 25’ and 30’. Make sure you can reach all parts of the room from the outlet. Really large rooms need two outlets. Mark and cut holes in the drywall. Install the receptacles on studs and run the wiring for the switches to the power unit. Make sure you buy the right size wiring.


To save money on piping, you should install the outlet receptacles as low on the wall as it is convenient for you to reach. Some people put them on the floors and place a cover on them. They should be mounted out of the way to prevent stepping on them.


Step Five – Connect and run the plastic piping (PVC) from each wall receptacle to the power unit. Connect the piping with glue or another method recommended in the manual. Run the electrical wiring at the same time. Use hangers and elbows were needed to support pipes.


Step Six – Read the manual again and check all connections.


Step Seven – Plug the cord in try it out. Listen for vibrations, unusual noises or air leaks.


There you have it. If you do the work yourself, it might be a good idea to have a contractor check things over just to make sure you did it right. Next, we will discuss the power and efficiency needed for the ideal central vacuum cleaner. 

Making Choices About Power and Efficiency

Central Vacuum Packages

Central vacuums are more powerful than conventional upright vacuum cleaners. Their motors are larger and can get more dirt, debris, and dander out of your carpets and floors. They also offer more long-term performance than portable vacuums because they are built stronger. They are also more efficient because they suck up the dirt and send it directly to the collection bin. No dirt or debris is spilled on the floor or stuck in the vacuum unit.

Many people have dust and pollen related allergies. A central vacuum is a blessing to them. Because central vacuums are more efficient and powerful, they remove more junk from each room and make the air cleaner to breathe. Studies show that central vacuum systems can reduce nasal and eye allergy-related symptoms by as much as 50%-60%.

Motor Power

Central vacuums have up to five times the power of portable and upright cleaners because of the size of the electric motor. They can pick up the smallest particles from your carpets and floors. You don’t have to double and triple vac the same areas to get them clean. 

Since motors come in several power ratings, it’s important to select the right size for your home. They are rated by the square footage of your home. A universal rule of thumb is to “double your home’s square footage to make sure you get maximum suction power or Air Watts.” The suction power of models on the market ranges from 560 to 1,350 Air Watts.

Choose Air Watt power to match the size of your home. Here are standard recommendations:

  • Small Homes Medium Homes Large Homes Very Large Homes
  • Up to 1,200 Sq. Ft. Up to 2,500 Sq. Ft. Up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. Up to 10,00 Sq. Ft.
  • 600 Air Watts 725 Air Watts 80-900 Air Watts 1,200 and up Air Watts
  • Check with your HVAC professional installer for variations for your type and size home.

Vacuum Efficiency

Central Vacuum Packages EfficiencyWe have touched on the efficiency of central vacuums versus conventional portable cleaners. If your home tends to collect dust more than normal you need a central vacuum. The same goes if you and other people living in your home have dust, pet, and pollen related allergies. A central vacuum can make a world of difference in your home.

The more powerful the motor, the more efficient the central vac. Strong ones can pick up the smallest particles and greatly improve the air quality in your home. Portable vacuums only do a minimal amount of air cleaning because they leave particles in the carpets. There are different kinds of filtration technologies on the market. Your dealer will help you select the right model.

Top Brands of Central Vacuums

A central vacuum is a welcome addition to any home. Install a leading brand, and you will experience reliable service for many years. Consider one of these brands:
  • DrainVac
  • DuoVac
  • PurVac

You can’t go wrong with any one of them because they provide powerful and consistent cleaning on any floor or wall surface.

DrainVac has been a top choice for more than 35 years with homeowners, professional installers, and builders. With its advanced technology and innovation, its performance and dependability cannot be matched. All DrainVac models are made in the United States.

Top Brands of Central Vacuums

DuoVac is another leading brand that has defied competition for more than 50 years. It has stood as the standard of excellence and has been the winner of the prestigious Consumers Choice Award for the last 17 years. It has superior design, air quality, and performance.

PurVac central vacuum cleaners are renowned for their performance and durability. The company’s heavy investment in research and development has paid off over the years. Homeowners applaud the brand’s cleaning service.

Commercial Vacuum Choices

Businesses need to be cleaned just like our homes. A commercial vacuum is a must because all of the foot traffic gets them dirty on a regular basis. These three types are standards in the industry – Backpack, Canister, and Upright.

Backpack models work well for tight spots in corners and where floor models won’t fit. They are cost-effective, extremely mobile, and ergonomic for the user. Leading brands include ProTeam, Bissell, Sanitaire, and DustCare. All of these brands are extremely efficient.

Canister units are another leading choice for business and industry. They have a wand at the end of a long hose that makes that allows the uses to reach farther without moving the vac. The engine, dust bags, and filter are all contained in the canister. Leading brands include Sanitaire, Eureka/Electrolux, and Quick Clean Commercial.

Upright models have the traditional design and appearance of home vacuum cleaners. They are simple to use. The motor and suction head are in the unit that moves across the floor. Sanitaire, Bissell, Eureka, ProTeam, and Twin Turbo HEPA are leading brand choices.

Household Vacuums That Are Winners 

Sebo Household vaccuumWe are all familiar with upright and canister vacuums. They have been around forever and are still the leading types of household use. Uprights clean well, are easy to store, work great for carpets and are less expensive than canister vacuums.

Canister vacs clean all types of floors well. They are powerful and easily get under furniture and difficult corners. They are quieter than upright models, and you only need to move the powerhead and hose without moving the entire machine. 

SeboSebo brand vacuums are known for their quality and durability. They are one of the most highly renowned brands around the world. You simply can’t go wrong with Sebo.

Miele – Miele vacuums offer the best in filtration, power, and ease of use. They are put through the most rigorous endurance tests in the industry and come out on top. This is another outstanding choice for your home. 

Accessories Available for DrainVac Home Central Vacuum System

To ensure the best level of cleaning for your home, your DrainVac central vacuum system needs a proper hose, wand, power head and accessories. You can add a complete set of accessories or purchase those you need separately. Let’s take a look at the combinations available to DrainVac users.

Attachment & Combo Kits

Electric attachment kits work well for all types of floor surfaces.

  • Turbo kits are designed mainly for light carpets and tile.
  • Bare floor kits are normally designed for flat floor surfaces – wood or tile.

If all of your floors are covered with the same material, the choice is simple. If you are like most people, you will have two or more different floors. In this case, you will need additional parts to cover the entire home.

Attachment sets or combo kits range in price from $200 to $900 depending on their purpose and power ability. Some kits are specially designed to clean deeper and others to pick up fine pet hair. Tip: Be sure to search the dealer’s models for a kit to fit all of your cleaning needs.

Hoses & Hose Accessories

Hoses play a central part in a high-performance central vacuum. Always buy a durable and shock resistant hose for long life and safety. Why? They have pulled around, stretched, stepped on, caught on furniture and bent many times over their lives. Some models come with a power switch on the hose to increase suction power.

Tip: When you buy a replacement hose make sure it’s long enough. Measure the longest distance from the wall outlet to the corner of the room. If most of your rooms are smaller sizes, get a hose long enough to reach two of them and perhaps a hall. Common lengths are 20’ to 50’. Keep your hose tangle free by putting it inside a hose sock available from your dealer.

PowerHeads & Brushes

Powerheads for vacuumThe electric powerhead is second in importance to the Central Vacuum unit itself. It determines the performance of your system. Some models are higher in performance, clean deeper, are easier to use and need fewer repairs compared to others. Our best tip is to buy the best you can afford. If you are budget conscious, you can still get a quality unit to clean your floors.

Another type of powerhead is the air drive carpet nozzle. It is also called a turbine powered carpet attachment. They do not work with electricity to clean the floors. They harness the suction power of your central vacuum to do the work. They are easy to use and clean deeply without a motorized brush. They are as powerful as your central vacuum motor. This type of powerhead is great for low to medium pile carpeting, area rugs and throw rugs. Tip: Match the type of powerhead with the type of flooring you have.

Tools & Attachments

You may have special needs in your home that call for additional tools and attachments. They will make your cleaning much easier because they clean other areas besides floors. Examples:

  • Stair cleaning tools
  • Upholstery tools
  • Blind & Shutter attachments

You can find extra long or flexible wands, specialty brushes, mini turbo brushes, and kits.

These tools and accessories are what you need to vacuum those hard to reach areas in corners, under and behind furniture and ceilings. Tip: Before you buy your central vacuum take an inventory of your total cleaning needs. Add additional tools and accessories to the original purchase, and you can do any cleaning project. Click here to read more about vacuum attachments and how to use them properly.


We tend to think that wands are wands – they are all alike. There are different models such as:

  • Telescoping Wands
  • Flexible wands
  • Special duty models
  • Button lock
  • Friction fit
  • Chrome wands
  • Heavy duty plastic

Wands provide the gripping or holding power for your hands. They are the way we control the floor brush and hose. Some people prefer the standard length wands while others want an extra length wand. Both the chrome and heavy-duty plastic models are very durable and can take a lot of use and abuse. Take your pick from the types listed above and vacuum away.

Bags, Filters & Maintenance

Central Vacuum BagsCentral vacuum cleaner bags fill up, and filters get dirty. You want to make this part of the job as easy as possible. There is a large selection of DrainVac bags available to work best with your system. They come in 4 to 9-gallon size cloth bags. Tip: Change your bags every 3 to 4 months for maximum performance.

Filters must be changed when dirty to keep the vacuum from overworking and to keep your home’s air clean. You may need a motor filter and an exhaust filter. Check your owner’s manual or your dealer. The types available:

  • Exhaust HEPA filter
  • Foam filter
  • Exhaust filter with charcoal
  • Old style cloth filter
  • New style cloth filter
Tip: Change your filter every 2 to 3 years for the proper operation.

Regular maintenance is a must. The basics include emptying the bag as needed and replacing the filter as needed. Clean inside the housing and motor unit with a brush or small vacuum. Be careful not to disturb any wiring or electronics. Call an expert when a problem arises. Clean the hose and all attachments each time you vacuum.

Motors, Relays & Parts 

Motors get old and wear out. We advise you to replace the unit instead of the motor when necessary. It won’t cost much more, you get a new warranty and it will be more powerful and quieter. You will have more peace of mind. The unit comes with relays and parts that will last a long time.

Installation Materials

DrainVac Central VacuumCentral vacuum installation and pipe kits are available for you or a professional installer to do the job. Decide on how many room wall inlets you will need. The kits come ready for 1 to 15 wall inlets. They work for installing a new system or retrofitting an existing system.

The kits contain all the materials you will need. (Tools are not included) Parts include:

  • Wall inlets
  • PVC pipe
  • Fittings
  • Glue
  • Wiring

The dealer will help you decide whether to use high-voltage or low-voltage inlets. Tip: Never use plumbing PVC pipe.

Understanding your DrainVac central vacuum cleaner will give you more peace of mind and confidence when using and maintaining it. When properly installed and used it will last many years. The generous warranty is your insurance this brand is quality made and durable.

DuoVac Has Great Accessories for Your Home Central Vacuum System 

There’s nothing like a DuoVac Central Vacuum system to thoroughly clean your floors and stairs. DuoVac has won the Consumers Choice award for the last 17 years and has set the standard for Central Vacuum Systems for more than 50 years. Here’s why:

  • Superior Performance
  • Superior Design
  • Superior Air Quality

To take advantage of this super powerful vacuum’s potential you need to use its attachments and accessories. They can be purchased at the time or your original equipment or bought separately as you see a need for them. The complete line will be discussed here.

Duovac is a great central vacuum choice

Attachment & Combo Kits

To clean your home well you need the correct size hose, wand, power head and/or accessories. There are several electric and turbo attachment kits from which to choose. Electric kits work great on all types of floors and stairs. Turbo kits are made for light carpet areas and tile. Flat floors like wood or tile need a bare floor kit. 

Most people have two or more types of floor coverings in their homes. Think about this when you order attachments and combination kits. Attachment sets and combo kits cost between $40 and $690, depending on your individual needs. As an example, deep cleaning kits are extremely efficient and other kits pick up pet dander better than other brands

Hoses & Hose Accessories

duovac hosePurchase the right type, size, and length of hose and you are on your way to the convenient cleaning of floors, stairs, and furniture. DuoVac hoses are sturdy and hold up to the toughest use while you pull, stretch, bend or step on them. They are shock resistant and made from the highest quality material available. They come with a two-year warranty and are very cost effective investments for your home.

If you are ordering a hose separately, be sure to buy the right one. You will need either a direct connect or a pigtail connection. Some models come with a power switch on the hose to increase suction power. Measure the longest distance from the wall outlet to the corner of the room or rooms. This is the length you need. They range in length from 20’ to 50’. You can keep the hose tangle free by placing it in a hose sack. Your dealer has them

Power Heads & Brushes 

Apowerheadd and the central vacuum unit are the two most important parts of your DuoVac System. You have the choice of an electric or turbine powerhead. Sebo brand is the best powerhead for deep cleaning and ease of use. It is known industry-wide for need few repairs. It works well on deep, medium and low carpet pile. Just flip a switch and change to cleaning bare floors. There is a range of prices to fit any home budget.

Air driven carpet nozzles, also know as turbine powered heads operate without electricity. They work by using the suction power of you DuoVac central Vacuum. They are easy to use and do not need a motorized brush attachment. They are quieter and more powerful than ever before. This head is appropriate for throw and area rugs and low to medium carpet piling.

Don’t forget brushes for specialty uses. They are the extras that make a complete job for:

Powerheads for duovac vacuum
  • Stairs
  • Upholstery
  • Blinds
  • Shutters

Combine them with your central vacuum system and you will have everything you need.

Tools and Accessories

You can purchase tools and accessories for your DuoVac central vacuum system that will make cleaning your home much easier. They are designed for those hard to get to places like:

  • Steps and stairways
  • Furniture cushions and backs
  • Mini blinds – wood or metal
  • Shutters for windows
  • Window sills

Extra long or flexible wands, specialty brushes, mini turbo brushes and kits are available.


There are different models of wands for specific cleaning jobs. Telescoping, flexible, button lock, friction lock, chrome and heavy-duty plastic wands meet special cleaning needs

Wands are the way we control the floor brush and hose. Some people prefer the standard length wands while others want an extra length wand to save steps.

Bags, Filters & Maintenance

duovac bags

DuoVac vacuum bags do a great job of holding several month’s worths of dirt, pet dander, and other debris for later disposal. They are large enough to save frequent trips to dump their contents and easily hold their contents. Bags come in a variety of sizes. Be sure to change bags every 4 or 4 months for best performance.

You can purchase a disc filter or HEPA filter vacuum unit. They help keep your home’s air clean. Change them every few years to prevent the vacuum from overheating. In addition to maintaining the bag and filter, clean the inside of the housing and motor unit with a small vacuum or brush. Don’t damage any of the wiring or parts when cleaning. Proper maintenance includes cleaning the hose and attachments every time you use your vacuum.

Motors, Relays & Parts 

After many years of use your motor, relays or parts may wear out. It is advisable to buy a new unit instead of just the motor. This sounds more costly: however, in the long run, it will save $:

  • Advanced technology is much, much more efficient and operates at lower cost.
  • An entire new unit won’t cost much more than replacing the motor.
  • Other parts may break down after replacing the motor.
  • New vacuums are much quieter, more powerful, and made of stronger materials.
  • New filtration makes them cleaner.
  • Most new models don’t need to be vented outside.

You will find complete replacement parts in case you only want to order a motor, relay or other parts. Study these above recommendations before you make a decision. 

Installation Materials 

installation materials for duovacYou can purchase installation and pipe kits to install your own central vacuum or let a pro do the job. To start determine how many room wall inlets you need. The kits come ready for 1 to 15 wall inlets. They work for installing a new system or retrofitting an existing system.

Kits have the materials to do a complete job. Tools are not included with parts. They come with: 

  • PVC pipe
  • Fittings
  • Glue
  • Wiring
  • Wall inlets

The dealer will help you decide whether to use high-voltage or low-voltage inlets. Tip: Never use plumbing PVC pipe. Follow the instruction manual carefully for a professional job. 

You will get many years of optimal service with your DuoVac Central Vacuum System. There is no better vacuum on the market. Learn to use it properly and you will enjoy it more over the years. Remember to maintain your clean and accessories often. The warranty will provide peace of mind. Happy vacuuming!

Be Prepared for Any Cleaning Job with Your PurVac Vacuum System

PurVac VacuumBreathe easy with the perfect home central vacuum system for allergy sufferers. Cleaner air is just on of the many things a PurVac system can do for you and your home. PurVac is a global brand renowned for its strong performance and durability. The manufacturer has spent 25 years researching and developing the perfect home central vacuum. Since 1982 PurVac customers have praised it performance in the U.S. and around the world. You will appreciate your PurVac system after just one use.

Attachment & Combo Kits

A complete line of attachments and combo kits are available with your original purchase or as after-purchase accessories. You will find they are superbly engineered for many years of reliable use. PurVac offers these extras: hoses, wands, power heads, carpet attachments, and much more. You can also purchase a complete all-in-one combo kit that covers every cleaning need. Cleaning attachments are available for all floor, wall, stairs, and furniture cleaning.

Hoses & Hose Accessories

You may purchase a separate hose and hose accessories if that is all you need. Your hose must stand up to tough use and abuse. PurVac hoses can be pulled around a lot, stretched, stepped on and bent many times while cleaning and still hold up for years. They are made of a high quality material. Choose the type and length needed to reach the greatest distance anticipated. They come in lengths from 20’ to 50’. Protect your furniture with a hose sock for any of the hoses available. 

PowerHeads & Brushes

Air driven carpet nozzles or turbine powered carpet attachments clean deeply without using a motorized brush. They harness the suction power of your PurVAc central vacuum and pick up more dirt and lint than you can imagine. These powerful units are great for throw rugs, area rugs, and low to medium pile carpet.

You may need brush attachments for stairs, upholstery, blinds, and shutters. Your PurVac brushes are the best on the market for all cleaning needs other than flooring. They work with all PurVac central vacuum systems.

Tools & Accessories

If you need special tools and accessories for those hard to clean areas, you will find them in PurVacs complete line of equipment. They work with all models of this brand of central home vacuum systems. Take a look at what is offered for these special needs:

  • 24” flexible cleaning crevice tool
  • 36” flexible under-the-refrigerator crevice tool
  • Black or white standard crevice tool
  • Upholstery tools with dusting brushes
  • Pet brushes and auto detailing tool
  • Ceiling fan and micro cleaning tool

It’s all covered with these attachments for a perfect cleaning job any time and anywhere.


purvac WandSometimes a standard size and style wand doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. The purpose of a wand is to connect your PurVac to floor attachments. You may need a telescoping wand, extension wand, button lock, or friction fit wand. They come in lengths of 19” to 25.”Each one comes at a different price level. Choose the right one for your budget and cleaning needs.

Bags, Filters & Maintenance

PurVac central vacuum bags hold a lot of dirt, pet hair, and debris for later disposal. They are extremely well made to last many months. Advanced engineering keeps the debris in the bag without allowing it to seep through the material. With many styles and sizes available you will find just what you need.

Replacement filters come in both the Silver Clear Motor Filter and the Exhaust Filter. There are filters for every mode vacuum, including older models. Tip: Chang your PurVac filter every 2 to 3 years for best life and performance. 

Motors, Relays & Parts

Ametek-Lamb central vacuum motors are available for all models of PurVac central vacuum systems. Order the style and size to fit your old home vacuum system. Don’t settle for less and buy the best motors on the market. Relays and parts are also available when one of them goes out. Tip: It is always best to purchase a brand new central vacuum unit with all new parts and warranties to ensure peace of mind. You will spend more upfront but less over time because you will save reordering other parts as they wear out.

Installation Materials

PurVac has just the right installation kit for your home central vacuum system. Whether you are building a new home or retrofitting an existing installation you will get everything you need with their complete kit. Get the job done right with these materials:

  • Inlets
  • Plenty of pipe
  • Fittings
  • Glue
  • Low voltage wire.

You can choose between a high voltage and low voltage universal inlet to get started. Install a perfect system with a PurVac kit.


You will get many years of optimal service with your DuoVac Central Vacuum System . There is no better vacuum on the market. Learn to use it properly and you will enjoy it more over the years. Remember to maintain your clean and accessories often. The warranty will provide peace of mind. Happy vacuuming!


Beam Brand Central Vacuum Cleaners Are Top of the Line


beam central vacuums are top of the lineBeam Central Vacuum Cleaners have been manufactured since the 1950s. In 1957 the company changed its name to Beam Industries under the leadership of R.L. Sampson. In 2007 Beam Industries became Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems. They now market Beam, Electrolux, and Eureka central vacuum systems and central vacuum parts.


Benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum Unit


For more than 50 years customers have praised the benefits of Bean Central Vacuum Cleaners.

Refer to the following list of attributes and benefits and you will see why customers love them.


  • They are powerful, quiet, and self-cleaning
  • Available with Cyclonic Filtration and HEPA filters
  • Zero replacement of filters and screens
  • On-Guard™ dirt receptacle that is infused with an anti-microbial agent
  • Complete systems and parts
  • Come with a solid warranties



Beam vacuums are durable and come with a warranty that is sure to please you. This is why Beam is one of America’s leading brands.


Accessories for Any Beam Vacuum System


Accessories and parts are available for any Beam Vacuum System to make it more versatile and useful. Choose from any of the following with your original order or buy them separately:


  • Power units and attachment kits
  • Floor brushes, tools, accessories
  • Electric and Air-Driven Turbo powerheads
  • Hoses and wands
  • Bags and filters
  • Motors and wall inlets
  • Mufflers and exhaust
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Car and garage kits
  • Dustpans



Create your own customized central vacuum system with Beam accessories. Be reassured you are getting the best central vacuum systems and parts with Bean.


Award Winning NuTone Central Vacuum Cleaners


NuTone Company began business in 1936 and has added a wide range of items to its line of home and industrial products over the years . It is best known for its NuTone Central Vacuum Cleaner systems. The company is “committed to developing revolutionary products that improve the indoor environment.” This means clean floors and improved air quality for every room in your home.


Advantages of a NuTone Central Vacuum System


The advantages of a NuTone Vacuum System are legendary. Customers are drawn to the:

  • Quality and durability
  • Longevity and convenience
  • Health benefits
  • Amazing prices
  • Come with solid warranties

A central vacuum system cleans better because it is more powerful. Your floors and air will be cleaner than using an upright vacuum cleaner. You get so much for the price you pay. An upright vacuum will last from three to five years. Pay a little more and get a central vacuum system that will last from fifteen to twenty years. It is indeed a bargain when you divide the prices by the lifespan.


NuTone Vacuums are durable and well built for years of convenient use. The system removes the air that it vacuums up and sends it outdoors. It removes both large and small particles from the floors, stairs, and upholstery. How? It has five times the cleaning power of an upright vac.


Accessories for NuTone Vacuum Systems


nutone accessoriesA wide assortment of accessories is available for your NuTone Vacuum System. Add to its usefulness and convenience by ordering anything you might need from this list:


  • Complete packages and Combo kits
  • Power units and attachment kits
  • Floor brushes, tools, accessories
  • Electric and Air-Driven powerheads
  • Hoses, wands, bags, filters
  • Motors, wall inlets, pipes, fittings
  • Installation kits
  • Car and garage kits
  • Dustpans



NuTone has the equipment, parts, and accessories to meet any of your needs. Feel confident you are getting the best in Central Vacuum Systems.


 ProTeam Commercial Vacuums – Healthy Cleaning the Way It Should Be


proteam commercial vacAll businesses and light industries need vacuum cleaning on a regular basis. Stores, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and warehouses that get a lot of foot traffic have dirty floors. A quality vacuum in upright or backpack models does a great job on all of these floors.


Central vacuums are powerful and so are commercial vacuums – more so than typical home upright vacuums. Customers and employees expect their managers to keep their work areas clean and healthy. Choosing a vacuum that not only cleans but cleans the air in a healthy way is the ideal solutions for any enterprise.


Many employees and customers have allergies, sinus issues, and other upper respiratory conditions. Keeping the air cleaner in your office, store, or warehouse is a benefit they will appreciate. The ProTeam family of backpack and upright commercial vacuums uses the slogan “Cleaning for Health” to help ensure the freshest, clean air for your facilities.


ProTeam is a Favorite Brand of Backpacks


PROTEAM BACKPACKProTeam vacuums are chosen by business and industry nationwide for their performance and durability. Since 1987 thousands of customers have found that ProTeam backpack vacuums do a fantastic job of picking up debris and keeping the air cleaner. Here’s why they are so good:

  • They are mobile and improve worker productivity.
  • Backpack models allow cleaning in tight spots and corners.
  • They are very effective and have ergonomic comfort.
  • Their powerful motors improve suction power.
  • Extracts and eliminates more dirt than other brands of uprights and canister vacs.
  • They are made from durable materials and have fewer moving parts.
  • Repair and maintenance costs are low.
  • Versatile for all types of floors including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, concrete
  • Ideal for stairs, furniture, and dusting.
  • Parts are warranted for 3 years, bodies and motors for life


If you want a backpack vacuum that saves time, money, and maintenance, a ProTeam backpack model will meet your business cleaning needs. They are designed to maximize productivity. Employees are very satisfied with them. They work for all types of environments and tasks. 

The old adage, “Time is money,” still hold true. A study was recently conducted on commercial vacuuming that shows the ProTeam’s efficiency:

  • 69% time savings compared to other brands of upright and canister models
  • Save 10 - 15 minutes on each cleaning task
  • Repair costs were 90% lower than other similar products
  • The efficiency ratio is 79% higher than other brands
  • The filtration system eradicates more than 99.9% of air particles larger than 0.3 microns
  •  This makes daily dusting unnecessary


The company’s “Cleaning for Health” becomes clear when you use one of their products. Six models are available and prices are as low as $345.95.


ProTeam Uprights Are Great Performers


Uprights are another ProTeam choice that are preferred by many smaller business enterprises. The ProForce models use advanced filtration and shutoff protection that are unrivaled in the upright vacuum industry. The features of a ProTeam ProForce 1200XP model include:


  • Advanced technology and electronics
  • On- board detail tools
  • Quiet operation
  • 50-foot power cord
  • 12” powerhead for small places
  • HEPA filtration and dual motors
  • 3-year warranty



proteam upright vacThis is THE standard commercial model for any business. It is powerful, lightweight, and easily stores in a small space and starts at just $399.00.

The ProForce 1500XP HEPA model covers all the basic cleaning needs you will encounter. Its everyday features will please even the fussiest users at work. They include:

  • Super stretch hose
  • Onboard tools
  • Quick-release want
  • HEPA level filtration
  • Airflow restriction indicator
  • A full filter or a jammed brush roller
  • 3-year warranty


This is a great performing vacuum that starts at just $426.75 . All ProTeam vacuums have superior filtration for cleaner air. Study all the models to find the perfect one for your commercial and industrial needs.


Think Vacuums Has All You Need


ThinkVacuums.com has all of the vacuum systems, parts, and accessories you will ever need. Whether your business is small or large, they make the models that clean the floors, furniture, stairs, and air. Explore their complete line soon and stay clean.