Commercial Vacuums That Have the Longevity of Classic Models

Have you ever felt that older appliances had much more longevity than ones that you can buy today? How does your grandma still have that 30-year-old vacuum that is still going just as strong as the day it was bought? Appliance lifetimes are declining, but thankfully this is not a universal thing. While many products today are designed with planned obsolescence in mind, there are still high-quality options that have the quality and durability of yesteryear.

While it might take a little longer to find these products, with some perseverance you can make a purchase that will potentially provide decades of lifetime.

In the case of commercial vacuum cleaners, this type of quality can be slightly easier to find when compared to consumer targeted models.

The Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners with Quality That Will Last

Commercial Vacuum CleanerCommercial vacuum cleaners for sale should be the starting point when you want the highest quality and long-life durability. Commercial models are made for the most demanding environments and there are very few compromises made when it comes to suction power, serviceability, and durability.

If you need to clean a large retail space, a showroom, or even a commercial office, then you will want to look for commercial vacuum cleaners that can get the job done.

Think Vacuums, you can find commercial bagless vacuums and bagged vacuums that are designed for high performance in any scenario. We offer brands like Bissell, Pro Team, and Sanitaire, allowing you to find the perfect one for your needs. Models are available in different designs, ranging from standard canister vacuums to standup vacuums, and even backpack style vacuums that can allow for efficient cleaning over a large floor area.

Whether you will be performing the cleaning yourself or supplying vacuums for your maintenance crews, you can find the best options at Think Vacuums.

Can Commercial Vacuums be Serviced?

One of the big differences between older vacuums was that many of the parts were easily replaceable. Modern consumer vacuums are designed to be replaced as a whole unit. For the manufacturer, it is simply more cost effective to produce an entire vacuum than it is to produce individual parts for user servicing.

Commercial operators have different expectations, with one reasonable expectation being that vacuums can be serviced over a long lifetime. Many of our most popular models have commercial vacuum cleaner parts available so that you (or your maintenance crew) will have service options should a part wear down and need replacement. When you consider the base investment cost of some commercial vacuums, the ability to replace individual parts will allow for the most affordable cost of ownership over a long period of time.

With commercial models, you don’t need to worry about substandard parts and planned obsolescence. You can consider the commercial vacuums from Think Vacuums to be investments rather than throwaway purchases. We’re available to help you find the most serviceable vacuum for your commercial needs.

Explore a Range of Different Options Today

Commercial cleaning sometimes requires more than simple dry vacuuming. High traffic areas can develop stains that are impossible to remove with suction alone. A model like the Sanitaire SC6075 provides a wet cleaning extraction system that results in spotless carpets that are free of dirt, dust, and allergens. When you need deep cleaning, a model like this would be ideal.

If you need a more traditional vacuum for everyday cleaning on a commercial property, then you could consider a Pro Team backpack vacuum like the FS6 ProVac. This is designed specifically for applications where you need to get in and out for quick yet effective cleaning. Food service and hospitality industries can benefit from a model like this.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you will find a complete range of vacuums, commercial vacuum cleaner parts, and a range of accessories at Think Vacuums. Your commercial property deserves the very best quality vacuums that can be serviced for many years, and that’s exactly what you will find with our current product lineup. Our vacuums can also be used for companies that focus on commercial cleaning, with the perfect option being just a click away.

Take a look at our full range of commercial vacuums today and invest in an appliance that won’t let you down.