Do Central Vacuums Need Bags?

Do Central Vacuums Need Bags?

You may be familiar with the term "The cyclonic suction", especially if you have been searching for a central vacuum, without really knowing its real meaning. Here is a summary of this technology and the benefits of purchasing a cyclonic action central vacuum.

Cyclonic suction

The mechanism behind cyclonic central vacuums Cyclonic suction is a concept that was created by James Dyson in the 80s. Due to his dissatisfaction with his vacuum's suction power, Dyson was inspired by the cyclonic action he had noticed in the woodworks, oil-works, and baking industries to develop his own cyclonic action vacuum.

The cyclonic effect separates materials of different density. In the vacuum's case, the air's high speed is formed in a conical shape that creates a very fast whirlwind, going from the largest part of the cone to the narrowest. The air rises from the center while the small particles of dust fall. The use of a dust bag is then obsolete. As a result, this central vacuum is exceptionally versatile and consistently powerful.

Central vacuum with a bag

In terms of maintenance, using a dust bag has its perquisites. With a vacuum bag, it is easier to get rid of all the dirt; the only thing to do is to discard the bag once it is full, and that's all there is to it. What's more, given that all the dirt is in the bag, the central vacuum requires minimum cleaning. Think Vacuums offers several central vacuums that work well with a bag.

Central vacuum without a bag

A central vacuum that has no bag has other perks just as attractive. First, the cyclonic suction assures a constant suction power while preventing the motor from overworking. Also, saving on dust bags is significant and eco-friendly!

After knowing this information, all is left to decide whether you prefer using a bag or not. Be assured that, no matter your choice, you will be delighted with your central vacuum's performance.

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