Does Central Vacuum Increase Home Value?

Does Central Vacuum Increase Home Value?

Does Central Vacuum Increase Home Value Adding new features to your home, like a central vacuum system, can add value to your home and make your daily life more comfortable. At Think Vacuums, we’ve put together a list of some of the top advantages to show you the value that you can add to your home with a central vacuum.

How a Central Vacuum System Adds Value to Your House

A Deeper, Quieter Clean

With a central vacuum, you get a clean that is five times more powerful than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The power unit can be placed in your basement, utility room, or garage, assisting to significantly reduce the vacuum system noise while it is in use.

More Convenient to Utilize

With a central cleaning system, you don’t have to drag around a canister or a heavy upright vacuum around the home and up and down the stairs. You also won’t require to fumble with the cord or have to plug and replug the vacuum throughout the house.

Cost Saving for Curtains and Furniture

Central Vacuum in House With the powerful motor of a central vacuum system, you get a deeper clean for your carpet, curtains, drapes, and furniture.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

A central vacuum system is more effective at getting rid of dust mites, dust, allergens, and dirt from your carpets and other surfaces, helping to improve your indoor air quality. Improved air quality is also because the central unit is not situated in the living area.

Increase Your House’s Resale Value

When you have a central vacuum system installed into your house, you not only create a quieter, more convenient vacuuming experience, but you can also raise your home’s resale value.

Can Even Clean Your Vehicle 

While indoor tubes are 30 ft, garage hoses are 50 ft meaning you can easily vacuum out your car from right inside your home. This will save you the time and money to pay to utilize a car vacuum or having someone else do it.

Central Vacuum Installation 

When you look for “central vacuums near me,” be sure to select Think Vacuums for expert installation performed by well-trained technicians using high-quality parts and products to ensure your requirements are met. Contact us now to learn more about our central vacuum system services

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