Hide A Hose Central Vac System Operation

hide a hose central vac costThese instructions assume that you have already done the hide a hose installation.

1. Open the door and remove the right length of hose you need.  You will feel the hose halt once you get to the end.  If the hose comes entirely out of the wall, reinsert the hose a few inches back into the inlet.

2. Place the locking system into the locked position. Note: The locking system stops the hose from pulling back while you vacuum.  If you wish to remove more hose, shut down your vacuum before moving from the locked position.

3. Two methods to turn the hide a hose vacuum on: 
Method 1 - Utilize the low voltage switch at the inlet. 
Method 2 - Utilize the RF handle. Grasp the switch in the "on" position until you notice the vacuum airflow. Then release the switch.

hide a hose installationAttach the necessary tools and start vacuuming.

Retracting Hose

1. With the vacuum on and all attachments detached, bring all of the hose back to the inlet base.

2. Move the locking system to the unlocked place.

3. Control the retraction speed meticulously by putting your fingers or the palm of your hand over the edge of the hose. Regulate the speed until the hose has pulled back itself entirely into the inlet.

4. Turn the hide a hose system off after the hose is returned entirely into the inlet.  If you turn the hide a hose unit on with the RF handle, you must shut the unit off with the RF handle.  If you switch the unit on with the low voltage switch, you must switch the unit off with the low voltage switch.

5. Ensure the locking system is in the unlocked place (the door will not close as redesigned if it is locked).  Close the door.

Replace Battery in RF Handle

1. Open the battery casing. 
Identify the battery casing located below the metallic nozzle at the front of the RF handle (a white-bordered battery icon can recognize the battery casing lasing).  Add a tiny flathead screwdriver into the slot at the base of the battery casing enclosure and mildly pry upward. 

2. Remove the battery casing. 
When the battery lid has been pulled up, using your index and thumb finger, pull the casing straight up until batteries are visible. 

3. Replace the battery 
The unit needs two CR2032 3V lithium batteries.  Using your thumb, meticulously push the battery casing back into the handle until it snaps.  Once you replace the battery, you may have to reprogram the handle.

RF Handle is non-compulsory.  A conventional handle is also available. The unit needs 2 CR2032 3V lithium batteries.

 hide a hose central vacReprogram RF Handle

1. Press the recessed button right on top of the receiver with a ballpoint pen.  The green light will glow.

2. Once the green light is on, press the handle switch to the “TURNED ON position.  If the power unit does not switch on, turn the handle to “TURNED OFF," then ON.

WARNINGIf the button on the receiver box is pressed until the green light starts to blink, all programs have been formatted.   If the motor still does not switch on, the receiver may require replacement.

Hide a hose Troubleshooting

Vacuum Power Unit won’t switch on 
If your unit doesn't switch on, go through these stages to get it running:

1. Examine the main home breaker panel to ensure the Vacuum Power Unit breaker is turned on.  

2. Examine Power Unit Reset Button.  

3. Examine the Power Unit plug using different electrical components to ensure it is operating correctly.  

4. Examine that the Power Unit is connected to the power source.  

5. Examine all connections between the RF Power Supply, RF Receiver, and the Power Unit.  Push the handle switch to the TURNED ON position and check to confirm if the LED light on the handle switches on the steady green.  If the LED light does not switch on, the batteries need to be replaced.  If the LED light blinks green, then red, the handle needs to be reprogrammed.

Hide a hose Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I pulled the edge of the hose out of the inlet.
If the hose comes entirely out of the wall, reinsert the hose a few inches back into the inlet, switch the power unit, and pull back usually.

The hose won’t remain on the wall.In some cases, the hose has been seen to press the valve door open and fall out on its own.  If this happens, contact think vacuums for more help.

Who do I contact to hide a hose central vac system service and repair?

It is best to contact Think vacuums if you purchase done from us.  We have Hide-A-Hose authorized technicians who drop into your home, examine your system, and cure the problem. 

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