Hide-A-Hose FAQS - Where Does the Hose Go?

Hide-A-Hose FAQS - Where Does the Hose Go?

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable central Vacuum System harnesses the suction from the Power Unit (typically installed in the garage) to draw in the hose back into the PVC tubing hidden within the walls, attic, and floor joists of your household.

Can You Retrofit a Prevailing Central Vacuum System?

Hide A Hose Yes, though, most of the plumbing used by your existing system will have to be replaced. The reason is, standard central vacuum systems are plumbed with standard 90s and fittings that avert the hose from traveling through the tubing. Since the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System essentially stores the hose in the PVC tubing, special sweeps are needed to allow the hose to travel through the tubing.

Can a Hose Sock be Used?

The hose sock's major advantage is to prevent furniture and woodwork from getting scratched by the hose. Each Hide-a-Hose hose length is offered either with a sock or in the newer Rapid Flex version, without a sock.

Will the Hose Sock Get Dirty When Stored in the Tubing?

With the Hide-A-Hose system, the hose sock mainly stays cleaner than a hose sock with a standard central vac system. Hose socks pick up dirt and dust from floorings while vacuuming. Each time the power unit is turned on and the hose is in the wall, the power unit's suction is continually cleaning the hose. That doesn't take place when the hose is sitting in a closet.

Will the Air Driven Power Brush Clean in Addition to an Electric Powerhead?

If the Turbocat Air Driven Power Brush is matched with the correct Power Unit, tests show that its performance is comparable to an Electric Power Head, for no to low-pile carpet and area rugs. The Turbocat has a higher life expectancy, higher brush speed than many electric powerheads, it is lighter, has an automatic height adjustment feature, and has the capability to clean closer to edges. Besides, the Turbocat has a built-in Performance Indicator. If the airflow is limited within the tubing or power unit, the Turbocat will slow down, implying that the system is not operating at peak performance and should be checked.

Is This Only for a New Building, or Can My Household be Retrofitted?

As long as there is access to an attic or crawl space, the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System can be installed in most households. Your local installer would need to visit your household to confirm that it can be done.

How Long are the Hoses?

Hide A Hose Troubleshooting A typical central vacuum system uses a 30' hose. Anything larger than that is just too big to carry and store.

With the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System, a 30', 40', 50', or 60' hose can be used. The advantage is that with a longer hose, the number of inlets needed is generally reduced by half. Fewer inlets will save time and make vacuuming more suitable.

How Do You Turn the Power Unit On?

The power unit is turned on by a remote control (rf) switch on the switch. There is no requirement for electrical wires going to the inlets and through the hose. The other benefit is that the hose is lighter without all that wire running through it.

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