Dyson Ball Compact Animal

Built to impress, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright is a beautiful bagless vacuum with conspicuous colors. The vacuum does cleaning that is as good as its looks. The massive suctioning power and speed create a swirl inside the canister where all dirt is collected. With the canister, it is typically easy to dispose of the dirt.

Just like any vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal has its imperfections.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Design

 Dyson light ball animalThe Dyson Ball Compact Animal comes with a removable dust canister and a long power cable that allows the cleaner to clean large areas without unplugging from one point to another. The extension pipe helps you clean, and you can switch the brush roll on and off depending on the surface you are cleaning. 

With just a little over 5 kilograms, you can easily carry the Dyson Ball Compact Animal. The flopping handle saves on space. The unique roller-ball technology gives the Dyson Ball Compact Animal maneuverability.

The Dyson Ball Compact Animal is mostly made of plastic, which would make it unable to stand a few falls. The wheels and axle, which keep the machine in its upright position, are also made of plastic, making them look unstable and weak. Returning the handle in place requires one to exert a lot of force. If not properly locked into position, the handle may fall.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, durability is among the important things you have to consider. However, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal canister's pins, tabs, and hinges feel too fragile to last the vacuum's lifetime.

Features Dyson Ball Compact Animal

The Dyson Ball Compact Animal comes with attachments such as a stair tool and combination tool to assist you in different cleaning tasks. The tangle-free turbine tool collects fur without interweaving. The vacuum is designed to hold two of the attachments, keeping them on standby.

The Dyson Ball Compact Animal has an easy-to-empty plastic dust canister, which is relatively easy to disassemble while cleaning. The Ball Compact Animal maneuverability is not as good as that of the Shark or the Oreck, which are also stronger and firmer.

The Dyson Ball Compact Animal has an extendable vacuum hose, which is, unfortunately, shorter than those of other vacuum models. It can allow you to clean places that are not too high, but vacuuming stairs is not an easy task.

The Usability of the Dyson Ball Compact Animal

The Ball Compact Animal is remarkably easy to use, with easily accessible buttons. You can easily turn the vacuum and the roller brush on/off, collapse the handle and release the canister. Emptying the canister is easy, but detaching it for a deep clean is a bit complicated, and it feels as if some parts could break in the process because of the fragile plastic it is made of.

With the Dyson Ball Compact Animal, you do not have to worry about cleaning under the upholstery. This vacuum cleans effectively under furniture that is about 3 inches high; robot vacuums, however, clean better under low furniture.

Dyson Ball Compact Animal Performance

Dyson slim ball animalThe Dyson Ball Compact Animal does not perform so well on other surfaces as it does on carpets. It would be a suitable model for pet owners since it collects all hair and fur from the carpet. Unlike most vacuums, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal brush roll is not tangled by hairs, though a little hair remains on the brush.

Maintenance and service

According to its manufacturers, Dyson vacuums retain their suctioning power if properly maintained. For the vacuum to remain in high performance, you have to clean the filter and regularly empty the canister. The operation manual has a page that can help you service the vacuum on your own. Should the vacuum malfunction within the first 5 years of use, the warranty has you covered.

Acquiring a Dyson Ball Compact Animal

Whether you prefer purchasing the Dyson Ball Compact Animal, Shark, Oreck, Electrolux, or any other vacuum model, Think Vacuums never disappoints. Our warehouse has the best in the vacuum industry, as well as the original replacement parts and attachments. For servicing of your vacuum, new purchase, and expert advice, contact us today.

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