Electrolux Central Vacuum Maintenance

How is your Electrolux central vacuum maintained? Overall, the only thing needed is emptying the debris and cleaning or changing the filtration. Past that, there are some upkeep and maintenance options highlighted below:

Basic Maintenance for Electrolux


Electrolux Central Vacuum Filter Cleaning

Electrolux Vacuum Filter

Much similar to a regular portable vacuum, the essential maintenance of an Electrolux Central Vacuum System is changing the bag, or, in many cases, emptying the dirt receptacle on the main unit.

To do this, eliminate the base of the unit with a twist or unlatching, dump the debris, put a plastic bag over the bottom, and shake the center-weighted cloth filter.

On top of emptying models, open the top and remove the container. On bottom models without a cloth filter, reach up and remove the mesh filter or clean the debris screen. Some models may have a foam filter that can be removed and washed and completely air-dried.


All Electrolux central vacuum units used permanently sealed motors in their critical collection units. They need no lubrication or oiling. Regular maintenance for typical residential usage should include checking the motor brushes about every five years. While checking the motor brushes, ensure the center motor shaft is solid and has no play or wobble. If it does, the bearings are going out, and the motor will require to be replaced. If the motor brushes are worn to 3/16-inch-long, change the motor brushes.

If the unit does not have any paper or cloth bag filtration, then a particular volume of debris may accumulate on the motor's internal fan blades. This is not easy to remove, and any effort to remove it has the high possibility of offsetting the balance of the fans—an imbalanced fan results in premature motor failure on the motor bearings.

Motor Replacement

Electrolux Central Vacuum Troubleshooting

Electrolux Central Vacuum kit

You have a couple of choices when it comes time to replace the motor on your Electrolux Central Vacuum. Contact a local dealer for service or opt to do it yourself. Motors on the Electrolux vacuums have a few fasteners and wires that require to be unattached, then reattached on the new motor. It should take less than one hour to replace your motor(s). Here is a quick "how-to" replace your motor:

  1. Use the Electrolux Motor Replacement Parts Chart to determine the correct replacement motor for your Electrolux model. When your new motor arrives, take some photos of your original motor, so you recall how it was wired and secured.
  2. Turn off the circuit roller or unplug the central vacuum unit.
  3. Access the motor by releasing the outer case (usually a few screws around the perimeter). Eliminate the motor and unclip the motor wires from the components.

Note: Your new motor may not have the right wire ends. If that is the case, we commend cutting the wires from the old motor and wire nutting the new motor wire to the old motor wire. Using the original wire with the correct end to attach to the components makes your work simpler and the connections safe and secure.

Note that a motor may have many numbers on it, but typically the whole motor number starts with "11" followed by 4 more numbers and maybe a dash with two more digits (e.g., 115334-00). Years ago, they didn't put the whole part number on the motor.

For more information, see our detailed Electroluxfilter Motor Replacement Guidelines.

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