Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts

Electrolux central vacuums powerheadElectrolux central vacuums are among the most popular vacuums in the market that Think Vacuums has in stock. Electrolux is a pioneer in the manufacturing of vacuum cleaners and vacuum parts. Since 1912, Electrolux has been designing vacuums, but their first central vacuum system premiered in 1957. Since then, the central vacuum system has gained popularity among households worldwide.

Installation of the Electrolux Central Vacuum Unit

It is possible to install Electrolux central vacuum systems during the construction of a home or in an already existing house. The Electrolux built-in central vacuum system is installed by fitting tubings in the walls and inserting inlets to each house floor. The PVC pipe is then fitted to the central unit, which is typically kept in the basement, garage, or utility space.

The dirt passes through the conduit in the wall, and the dirt trap by plugging the central vacuum hose into one of the inlets. The motor is bigger and more efficient in the Electrolux central vacuum than any other vacuums such as the upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Owning an Electrolux Central Vacuum

The Electrolux central vacuum is among the top central vacuums in the market. Using air watts to measure the central vacuum strength, you will find that the strength of the Electrolux central vacuum is one of the industry's top-ranked in terms of air watts. The highly efficient cleaning accessories are another aspect distinguishing these devices from the other vacuum brands. The most powerful method for extracting debris and pet fur from the carpet nap is the hydraulic powerhead. Other accessories include devices for dusting and cleaning upholstery, brushes for tiles and hardwood, as well as the crevice cleaning tool. Such attachments enable you to clean up all kinds of spaces.

The installation of these central vacuum cleaner systems in your house has many advantages. You will no longer have to maneuver a heavy Electrolux canister vacuum up and down the stairs when your home is fitted with one of these robust machines. Having one of these systems installed can also help raise your home's value by thousands and remove unhealthy substances from the air throughout your home, enhancing the quality of your indoor air. These systems may be used with different sets of attachments and power nozzles and are highly customizable. 

Electrolux Central Vacuum Accessory Kit

Electrolux central vacuums hoseWith your Electrolux central vacuum system, various types of accessory kits can be used. The Superlux hose can be used by most older systems like the 1590 and E130A and would thus use the Electrolux deluxe accessory kit. The Epic power, the nozzle Superlux hose, and an exclusive set of accessories are included in this package. For newer systems such as the PU3900 and PU3650, the CS3000 kit is generally preferred for its more pristine appeal and adjustable height setting of the power nozzle. Since central vacuum inlets are a standard size, any of these accessory packages can be used by any brand with any power unit.

Electrolux Vacuum Parts and Accessories

At Think Vacuums, we have the most incredible collection of central vacuum attachments and cleaning kits from Electrolux that you can find anywhere. We have accessory packages for cleaning carpets, hardwood, tile, and every other form of flooring. You may choose between standard and deluxe kits of accessories, genuine and generic kits of accessories, and hoses for pig-tail or direct attachment. You will find it here no matter what you are searching for. We still have all of the Electrolux central vacuum modules to get your central vacuum working as fresh if you want to replace your Electrolux central vacuum attachments.

We have all the parts you may need for your Electrolux central vacuum. We stock generators, control units, electrical components, wand adapters, brush rollers, and many other features. Any sections are unique to the vacuum cleaner's exact model, so pay careful attention to the model number, please. We have the biggest range of Central Vacuum Parts from Electrolux. Please call our customer service department if you need assistance with finding the correct component or have a concern about locating the model number on your Electrolux central vacuum.

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