Hide a hose frequently asked questions (FAQs)

50 hide a sockHide-A-Hose INC central Vac solves the issue of carrying and storing a heavy central vacuum hose, making vacuuming quicker and easy.  Pull out the right length of hose you require, connect your tools, and start vacuuming.  Once you're done, the suction from the central vacuum power unit pulls back the hose.

Hide-A-Hose makes Central Vacuums the most effective method to clean your home.  Each inlet has a focused hose kept in the SmartTube system concealed within the attic, wall, or crawl space.

hide a hose installation costHose lengths are designed according to the size of the floor.  One inlet can cover over 2300 sq. ft.. This means lesser inlets, saving time, and making vacuuming more efficient.

No more pulling a hose from one section to another, or inlet to inlet. No more coiling, carrying, and storing a more massive hose.  Vacuuming is quicker, and your home is cleaner!


You can get the hide a hose installation costs from the Think Vacuum product showcase. Eventually, Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of dragging and storing a central vacuum hose. 

For new construction and existing homes

Installation for new and existing homes is made simple with the decrease of inlet valves required on each floor. Lesser inlets will save time and make vacuuming more efficient. 

Requirements for hide a hose installation depend on each application. These systems need more room for PVC pipes. It is vital to install the PVC on a single plane and utilize special long radius fittings. 

The Hide a Hose uses standard 2 inches PVC central vacuum pipe and regular fittings to complete the network outside of where the hose is stored. Hide A Hose systems can be combined with standard central vacuum inlets and sweep inlets to meet the application's requirements.

Eliminate Bulky Hoses

No more pulling a hose from inlet to inlet. No more coiling, carrying, and storing a bulky hose again. Simple cleanups are straightforward. The Hide A Hose system is available in 4 lengths, 30ft, 40ft, 60ft, and most common 50 hide a hose. 

Each inlet point needs a mounting bracket, inlet valve, and hose. Installation is identical to standard vacuum inlets with a few special installation requirements. The Hide A Hose uses particular elbows for turning, which permit the hose to travel seamlessly in and out of its storage position. 

It may take numerous inlets with hoses to complete your system, but only one handle (standard or RF) and attachment kit are necessary. All the tubing is linked to a central power unit, usually placed in the garage, equipment room, or basement. Hide a hose Installation is simple and easy for fresh construction or for retrofitting an existing home. 

Answers to hide a hose frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where does the hose go?

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System connects the Power Unit (usually fixed in the garage) to pull back the hose into the PVC tubing hidden within the attic, walls, and floor joists your home.

hide a hose incCan you retrofit the existing central vacuum system?

Yes, but most of the plumbing utilized by your existing system will have to be changed. The reason is, conventional central vacuum systems are plumbed with regular 90s and fittings that stop the hose from traveling via the tubing. Because the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System stores the hose in the PVC tubes, special sweep 90s and 45s are needed, which allow the hose to travel thru’ the tubing.

Can a hide a Hose Sock be used?

The hose sock's main advantage is to stop furniture and woodwork from getting scratched by the hose. Each Hide-a-Hose hose length comes either with a sock or, in the more advanced Rapid Flex version, without a sock.

Will the hide the Hose Sock get dirty from being stored in the tubing?

With the Hide-A-Hose system, the hose sock remains cleaner than a hose sock with a regular central vac system. Hose socks collect dirt and dust from floors while vacuuming. 

Every time the power unit is switched on and the hose is in the wall, the power unit's suction is repeatedly cleaning the house. That doesn't occur when the hose is sitting in a closet.

Will the Air Driven Power Brush on your vac clean as well as an Electric Powerhead?

If the Turbocat Air Driven Power Brush is linked with the proper Power Unit, tests show that its performance is almost to an Electric Power Head, for no to low-pile carpet and area rugs. The Turbocat has more longevity, higher brush speed than most electric powerheads. 

It has an automatic height adjustment feature, and can clean closer to edges. Moreover, the Turbocat has a built-in Performance Indicator. If the airflow is limited within the tubing or power unit, the Turbocat will delay, indicating that the system is not performing at peak performance and should be examined

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