Hide a Hose Retractable Kit

Retractable hose systemSolving the problem of storing the hose

Installation of Hide-A-Hose in a home with a central vacuum system improves your system’s cleaning power. Hide-A-Hose relieves you the burden of carrying or storing bulky vacuum hoses. You only have to open the inlet valve in the room you want to clean and pull out the desired hose length. Connect the hose handle and begin your smooth cleaning session.

Once you are done vacuuming and have disconnected the hose wand, the vacuum unit’s suction pulls the hose back into the piping within the wall. One inlet can allow you to store up to 50 ft hose, with the special hose covering up to 2,300 square feet of cleaning area.

The central vacuum unit is ideal for persons suffering from respiratory illnesses. The dust mites or allergens do not recirculate in the living space because the unit is located outside. The unit also gives more cleaning power than a portable vacuum cleaner and is also quieter.

Hide A Hose Installation

When installing a Hide a Hose system, you should have the following:

The ductwork installation kit 

The kit contains a wall mounting box, specialist ductwork and fittings, and ten more meters of ducting. The extra 10 meters of ducting can be connected to another inlet or the central vacuum unit.

Hose Kit

Retractable hose kitThe hose kit contains a white valve for wall mounting, fittings, and a retractable hose. The hose that comes with this kit usually is 10-15 meters long.

Cleaning kit

This kit comes with the hose handle and cleaning accessories.

How to Use the Hide A Hose System

Open the wall-mounted valve and pull out the desired hose length depending on the area you are cleaning. 

Secure the hose in place by sliding the black button. 

Attach the hose handle and the cleaning tool you want to use for the task at hand. 

Press the valve switch to turn the system on.

After cleaning, detach the hose handle and slide the black button back in place to release the hose.

Use your hand to cover the end of the hose, and the hose will automatically retract back. 

The Retractable central vacuum hose stores itself inside the vacuum piping within the wall. The suction force of your central unit pulls the hose into the wall tube when you release the handle and cover the end of the hose with your hand.

In an area that would have required three standard outlets, you can have only one Hide-A-Hose valve. This considerably reduces the number of outlets on each floor. The hose in a Hide-A-Hose outlet can be up to 50”, covering up to 2,300 square ft. After using the hose and retracting it back to the wall, you only take the handle and move on to the next outlet. 

Although you can get a powerful filtered or bagged central vacuum unit, a true-cyclonic Central Vacuum is recommended for use with a Hide A Hose. This is because the filtered or bagged central vacuum will require the installation of extra tubing, which may result in reduced suction power. 

With a true cyclonic, the suction force remains strong even as the canister fills up. However, with a bagged or filtered unit, the power will reduce as the bag fills up or as the filter picks dirt. Reduced suction power means reduced cleaning efficiency. You can use an electrical powerhead, but this requires you to purchase a special extension from Think Vacuums.

Doc-it-22Canavac System

Hide A Hose retractable hose kitDoc-it-22Canavac System is installed between the studs behind the wall band. Unlike the Hide A Hose, it has its motor that retracts and releases the hose. Unlike the H-A-H, this system does not depend on the vacuum’s power unit for its operations. Doc-it-22Canvac permits you to directly connect an electrical powerhead. 

Vacuflo manufactures a cleaning product known as the SPOT. The SPOT can store up to ten feet of hose length in the wall. The SPOT’s power switch is positioned at the inlet. You can install many inlets in various parts of your house.

How can I Get The HAH Installed in my Home?

Having a Hide A Hose System installed in your home can give you the easiest cleaning time that you can only dream of. You should consider getting yours today from Think Vacuums and enjoy its cleaning power and flexibility. 

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