Hide A Hose Retrofit

Hide-a-Hose retrofitAfter usage, a Hide-A-Hose central vacuum helps the vacuum hose to insert back into the wall. Each outlet has a hose that can be separated from the wall to clean your house. In specific versions, the vacuum may be triggered by the outlet or even from the handle.

We sell complete Hide-A-Hose sets or different hose kits at Think Vacuums to retrofit your existing unit. The Hide-A-Hose will alter the way you clean your house whether you're in the midst of a new building or simply trying to upgrade the current central vacuum device. So reliable and straightforward, no matter what part of the globe you're in, it's the perfect answer!

The retractable central vacuum system for the Hide-A-Hose is now the solution to the uncomfortable dilemma of having to pack and cart the hose around. It's quick to vacuum:

  • Go to the specially built inlet of Hide-A-Hose.

  • Take out the hose that has been carefully hidden within your wall.

  • Attach your accessories.

The suction from your central vacuum control device retracts the hose back through the wall when you're done and deposits itself inside the PVC tubing.

The Vacuum Hose is stored within the wall, when not in operation, sealed inside the vacuum tubing of the device.

Pull out the length of the hose you like, attach the handle with the remote control, and start vacuuming. 1.800-2.200 square feet will be filled by one 50 foot hose.

The suction from your VACUFLO power machine forces the hose back through the wall and out of reach until you stop. Then carry your handle and repeat the procedure to the next inlet.

Doing a Hide-A-Hose installation in your home has been our expertise here at Think Vacuums. We are the Hide-A-Hose members and certified installers for all of Long Island, and from the very beginning, we have helped improve the installation methods. We endorse the retractable hose solution for your home wholeheartedly, considering such great reviews on the Hide-A-Hose central vacuum. We are here to assist you, whether you are trying to add a device in a new building or upgrade the old one in a pre-existing house.

Hide -a-Hose systemAre you looking to do an installation of your own? A perfect way to get underway is with our Hide-A-Hose Do-It-Yourself package! Installation is a quick and straightforward procedure that requires just a few hours to complete and can be achieved either in new buildings or in pre-existing homes. You may also add the Hide-A-Hose retractable system into your old central vacuum system. See our segment on Do-It-Yourself or call us for more information!

You are making things much more comfortable for your central vacuum system!

  • Stays entirely hidden in the wall

  • Is at hand whenever and wherever it is appropriate to vacuum

  • Comes pre-installed with a hose sock to secure woodwork and furnishings from scuff marks

  • Retracts immediately using the strength of VACUFLO

Homes with carpeting need better equipment for washing, such as an electric control head. Doc It Automated Hose Control by CanaVac built a retractable hose device optimized for electric hoses with this in mind. The Doc It is mounted right inside the doors close to the Hide-A-Hose. While implementing this device during the new building is simpler.

In our showroom, we mounted the Doc It and used plexiglass to illustrate the inner workings. The hose is correctly stored between two regular studs.

The Doc It Framework by CanaVac is accessible in:

• 45 FT hose with electric powerhead Wessel Werk EBK280

• 55 FT hose with electric powerhead Lindhaus PB14E.

55 FT hose with electronic powerhead Wessel Werk 340 QDC

The handle is stored within the wall as well and has automated features.

The most fun aspect of the Doc is the electric retractable hose stick. The Doc stores the handle within the wall, unlike the Hide-A-Hose (which allows you to hold a handle from a hose to hose). It also includes controls and automatic retraction at-hand.

That's all due to this system's electrical versatility. It not only offers you more strength to thoroughly clean your carpets, but it also gives you real ease of use.

Retractable Core Vacuum Hoses

Hide-a-Hose Central vacuumsBring importance and comfort by installing a central vacuum device in your house. For homeowners with dogs, infants, or health issues, a central vacuum device is often an ideal option. Vacuuming is less intrusive since the control machine is held away from the living quarters, and exhausted air is not recirculated back into the house. Besides, you can configure the device to meet your needs utilizing the available adapters and attachments.

The hose is stored inside the wall and retracted!

The installation of a retractable hose is one such alternative. Stored within the walls of your house is a retractable central vacuum hose. Remove the hose from the wall when it's time to clean, attach the powerhead and vacuum up.

 For quick handling, the hose is retracted back into the wall.

The inclusion of a retractable hose is something our customers enjoy entirely. These can quickly be implemented in modern buildings, but often in current networks. Consider Vacuums; we sell two variations of retractable hoses.

Both programs are developed for individual clients.

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