Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems: How does Hide-A-Hose work?

hide a hose troubleshootingThe self-storing Hide-a-Hose System is an excellent option we provide for your Beam Central Vacuum System.  It eliminates the issue of having to find a place to put away the Systems Hose.  Not all homes will have the desired spaces for this installation.

how does a hide a hose workThe Hide-A-Hose central vac retractable hose system deciphers the problem of moving and storing a central vacuum hose. You merely pull out the amount of hose you need and start vacuuming.  When done, the suction pulls back the hose into the wall for you.

Hide a hose is easy to store.

When done, separate the cleaning wand from the hidden hose, and the suction from the central vacuum power unit pulls back the hose into the wall.

Hide a hose is Easy to use

Remove the amount of hose you require from the Hide-A-Hose inlet valve, link your cleaning attachment or wand and start vacuuming.  Hose lengths come in nine, twelve, fifteen, and eighteen-meter lengths.  Each inlet can cover up to 213m².

Hide a hose installation for new construction and existing homes. Installation for new and current homes is made simpler with the need for fewer inlet valves on every floor.  Lesser inlets will save time and makes vacuuming more efficient.

Note:  Because of some construction projects' intricate nature, it's good to assess each home separately to see whether installing the Hide-A-Hose central vac System is possible.

The ducting that keeps the retractable hose requires to be on 'one plane' within the home.  Some properties will not have the needed spaces to permit the installation of this System.

Hide A Hose Retrofit In New Or Current Homes

All in all, the installation for new and existing homes is made with the decrease of inlet valves needed on each floor. Lesser inlets will save time and make vacuuming more efficient. You have the capability and flexibility to make your home healthier for you and your family.

How Does Hide A Hose Work?

The tubing system is hidden within the attic, walls, or crawl spaces, stores the RETRACTABLE HOSE. Specialized tubing sweeps permit the RETRACTABLE HOSE to travel easily within the tubing. Inlets can be connected within any 2" x 4" wall opening. 

Hose lengths are modified concerning the size of the floor. All the inlet can cover up to 2300 sq. ft. All the tubing is linked to a central power unit generally placed in the basement, garage, or equipment room. Installation hides a hose troubleshooting is quicker and more comfortable for a new building or retrofitting a current home. 

Hide-A-Hose Solves The Problem Of Carrying And Keeping A Central Vacuum Hose.

The beauty of it is that You’ll never have to bring or store a heavy central vacuum hose again. Just pull out the length of hose you require from the inlet valve, link your cleaning wand (with attachment) and start vacuuming. It’s that simple!

When you’re done, disconnect the cleaning wand from the hose, and the suction from the central vacuum power unit pulls back the hose into the SmartTube system hidden within the wall. 

Greener, Healthier Homes With Hiding A Central Hose Vac 

A treasured addition to an improved home is a built-in central vacuum system. The power unit is 500% more potent than a traditional vacuum. So it gets more dust, dirt, and allergens and entirely removes them from the living area. 

Conventional vacuums can spread allergens and particles within your home and recirculate them into the air you take. A recent scientific study found that using a central vacuum can alleviate allergy symptoms 40 to 60 percent. Numerous green construction programs recommend or even need central vacuums.

Get The Ultimate Clean House With Hide-A-Hose Parts And Accessories. 

hide a hose installationUse the powerheads we offer to deliver efficient, deep-cleaning vacuum performance for carpets and rugs. We also provide an extensive variety of cleaning kits and accessories precisely developed for modern home furnishings and hard surface flooring.

Three-Year Limited Warranty

Hide-A-Hose, company. Warrants that the fittings, hose, and valves, when utilized for household purposes, will be free from faults in materials and quality for about three (3) years from the date of the first consumer purchase.

To hide a hose troubleshooting, there's more to learn from consuming the hide a hose manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer. For more questions, you can always call the Think Vacuums team for quick assistance and the right direction on installation or anything related to the hide a hose brand.

The hide a hose vacuum system comes with a few advantages for a new or retrofit. Make your cleaning better by acquiring the hide a hose vacuum system in your home.

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