How Your Central Vacuum Can Keep Bugs Away

A central vacuum system is one of the most effective ways to keep your home clean and sanitized. Dust, debris, and even bugs can multiply in your home if you don’t have one. With the help of a powerful and high-quality central vacuum, you can say goodbye to insects, allergens, pet dander, and provide an overall healthier home for your family                                                                                       Central Vacuums Help Control Bugs

Bed Bugs Still a Problem In 2019

There was once a time when bed bugs were seen as a major public health hazard. With the evolution of mattress design and the invention of central vacuum systems, bed bugs are now a thing of the past in most homes. However, if you’re not using your central vacuum properly, then you could still have these nasty critters lurking in your beds and furniture at home. Getting rid of bed bugs is easy, and you can follow some simple steps with your home central vacuum system.

  • Remove all the bedding from your mattress and soak in water that is at least 120°F for one hour. Follow this soak with a normal wash cycle. Heat kills all bed bugs, including eggs.
  • To treat your mattress, connect to your central vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean every surface of the mattress with the largest head that you have available. This will remove most of the bed bugs
  • Bugs can still live around stitching and other crevices in a mattress. Be sure to vacuum around all the harder to reach areas with the smallest head/nozzle that you have available for your vacuum. If you have purchased a central home vacuum system with a full accessories kit, then you will have everything that you need to complete this job.
  • Bed bugs can survive in vacuum bags or dust collection cylinders, so make sure you empty out all bags or containers before using your vacuum again. The dust should be placed in a trash bag that is tied and disposed of, to prevent any other contamination in your home.
  • Learn the difference between bed bugs and dust mites in this article.

                                                                                        Other Types of Bugs May Be Present

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Some Other Ways to Vacuum Household Bugs

Groups or clusters of bugs can present real problems unless they are effectively removed. If you suspect additional bugs, follow these additional ways to make sure you capture as many bugs as possible and that you don’t spread them.

  • Make sure you concentrate on cracks, holes, crevices, and similar places in all rooms.
  • Set your vacuum at the most powerful suction setting because bed bugs and mites can cling tightly to fabrics.
  • As you vacuum bed bugs, do not press down overly hard because you may pop bugs and eggs of the bed or furniture into the room.
  • When finished, empty the vacuum bag or collection canister right away and wash out the hose, wand, tools, and bag or canister so bugs don’t escape back into the room. Be sure to clean or replace the filter.
  • If you take a break between vacuuming rooms, cover the nozzle with tape to prevent any bugs from getting out until you return.

Preventing Bugs in the Rest of Your Home

You can follow a similar process to clean your upholstered furniture. Modern central vacuum systems have powerful suction that can remove bugs from thick upholstery and be cushioning, just be sure to use a small vacuum head to work around seams and any stitching or designs that are hard to clean with a larger upholstery head. It is recommended that you vacuum your furniture regularly to prevent bed bugs and similar insects from multiplying in your home furniture. Regular cleaning of your carpets is also essential, particularly if you have pets in your home. Pet hair can contain insects and eggs that can multiply in your home. By cleaning regularly, you’ll prevent infestation, which could save you thousands of dollars in chemical insect treatments and extermination costs. Once bugs are detected, repeated vacuuming will be essential to control them. Eggs, more so than bugs, are harder to remove because they stick to surfaces. Stay away from chemical cleaners as much as possible and stick to vacuuming, laundering, heating, or freezing to reduce or eliminate your problem. Tip: Keep you home as simple as possible and reduce clutter because the more ‘stuff’ in your home, the more bugs you may accumulate.

With A Powerful Central Vacuum, Your Home Will Be Healthier and Safer for the Whole Family

Bugs Can Hide in Your Furniture

Regular vacuuming of your home does more than just improve the look of every room. You will remove insects, mites, dust particles, pet dander, and other debris, and a powerful central vacuum system can even prevent odors from developing. If you haven’t invested in the best home central vacuum system, then you are missing out on one of the most convenient ways to keep your house clean. Traditional upright and canister vacuum cleaners don’t have the power necessary to do the best job for your home, and they’re simply not as convenient. A central system provides access to powerful suction from any room in the house. A centralized dust collection system is the most sterile way to collect insects, bugs, and other debris in one place so that all the collected matter can be disposed of safely. If it’s time to upgrade your home’s vacuum or need central vacuum repairs and parts, then it’s time to explore the range of products at Think Vacuums.Com. With powerful systems, parts, and accessories for any home or commercial use, we’re the best place to get the most efficient vacuums to keep your home clean and healthy

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