Industries in Need of a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

What Industries Need In a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Some industries require constant and daily use of vacuum cleaners to keep their spaces clean and healthy. For heavy traffic, various production trimmings, or situations that create a lot of dust, using commercial vacuum cleaners only improve production and the environment for those employed. Vacuum cleaners are just one tool in an arsenal of machines and appliances that make a business successful. When choosing a vacuum it is important to consider the needs of your business and industry, what makes a commercial grade vacuum superior, and what industries overall would be best served by heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaners. Buy the Best Industrial Vacuum system Online

What Makes a Vacuum Commercial Grade

A commercial vacuum cleaner is the more powerful, more durable cousin of your home vacuum cleaner Commercial grade vacuums have these advantages over residential cleaning machines:

  • They are built for continuous, daily use and are more durable.
  • Commercial vacs are equipped with larger, heavy-duty motors that produce more suction.
  • They have superior filtration systems that clean larger volumes of dusty air.
  • Their cords are tough and better shielded than residential vacuums.
  • Commerical tools, attachments, and accessories are tougher for extended use.
  • These vacuums cover wider paths than home models and are very portable.

Commercial Grade vacuums are also available in backpack and carpet extractor models that clean with liquid cleansers for faster and more versatile cleaning. All brands and models we stock meet the highest industry standards for business vacuum cleaners. Commercial vacuums have benefits above and beyond home vacs.

What Needs Should a Commercial User Consider

Choosing a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Any industry that requires continual cleaning should consider the purchase of a commercial vacuum cleaner. Industries such as healthcare, hotels, motels, and restaurants which require frequent and thorough floor cleaning would wear out a standard home vacuum in a matter of weeks. The inefficiency and ergonomics of a residential vacuum would be detrimental to employees who may need to use a vacuum multiple times daily. These ideas will help you choose a commercial vacuum. Commercial users have some different vacuuming and cleaning needs than homeowners and must consider:

  • The sizes of rooms and all spaces
  • What types of residues will be vacuumed up
  • The frequency of use
  • How many vacuums are needed
  • The business budget
  • A vacuum’s ability to filter the air
  • Frequent vacuuming without straining the user
“Buying a commercial-grade vacuum ensures that you will not be frequently repairing or replacing worn-out vacuum cleaners meant for sporadic use in a home environment. Using commercial grade also ensures a more powerful motor and more suction for quick cleaning on any surface.”

Commercial vacuum cleaners come in ergonomic designs and with a variety of attachments that would make cleaning a hotel room faster and more efficient overall. The more portable and maneuverable a vacuum, the less time will be spent cleaning. A backpack model is ideal for getting in tight spaces and ascending and descending stairways. A clean and sparkling business is its own drawing card for more customers. Janitorial and cleaning services are the most logical industry to consider using commercial vacuum cleaners. For the same reasons that hospitality should utilize commercial vacuums, a janitorial service is better served by durably, high-quality commercial vacuum cleaners. Portability and compatibility with accessories are great boons to a janitorial service. Exceeding customer expectations is the key to retaining them. Restaurants must follow specific codes for food safety, employee safety, and for a healthful atmosphere. The use of commercial vacuum cleaners with their superior filtration systems can only raise the efficiency and overall health of a food service environment.

Commercial Grade Is Designed for Industry Use

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If your industry does not routinely employ the use of commercial-grade vacuum cleaners for your cleaning protocols, perhaps it is the time that you consider one or more. Take the time to perform an evaluation of the ways a commercial grade vacuum cleaner could be a boost to your business. Buying a commercial grade vacuum ensures that you will not be frequently repairing or replacing worn-out vacuum cleaners meant for sporadic use in a home environment. Using commercial grade also ensures a more powerful motor and more suction for quick cleaning on any surface. Your commercial vacuum cleaner can be one of several configurations that meet your cleaning needs. A commercial vacuum cleaner could be the tool you have been missing in your cleaning routines. The differences in cleanliness, efficiency, and long-term savings will be astounding!

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Think Vacuums recommends the following five brands of commercial vacuum cleaners:

  • Sanitaire vacuums are ranked #1 by the cleaning industry because they are effective, reliable, quiet, and comfortable. All models are CRI certified and meet all LEED requirements because they are durable and designed to take hard wear and tear over time. They have innovative features with minimal maintenance costs.
  • ProTeam specializes in backpack and upright commercial vacuums that improve productivity and worker efficiency with ergonomic comfort. The have powerful motors and Four-Level Filtration for improved suction and cleaner air. These backpacks save time, money and resources with vacuums that are built with durable materials and fewer working parts. They last for years and reduce repair and maintenance costs.
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  • Bissell commercial vacuums are among the very best floor cleaning machines available. This company is passionate about helping you keep your business cleaner. They provide a deeper clean for dust, dirt, debris, and even liquids. Clean them in a jiffy with sturdily-built appliances you can trust. Their motors and housing meet ally industry standards for durability and efficiency.
  • Clean Obsessed vacuums are made with the toughest motors and parts available. They may be the most powerful in the world and yet light-weight. They are very reliable, and combined with their light weight; make them perfect for all-day use. These vacs are ideal for use in any industry, anywhere.
  • Carpet Pro commercial vacuums are high-quality, durable cleaning machines. They are lightweight, quiet, durable, and powerful. They are versatile enough to meet every cleaning task at hand. These top-of-the-line vacuums deliver the quality you need for all cleaning jobs.

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