An Introduction to NuTone Central Vacuum Systems

A Complete NuTone Central Vacuum Package

NuTone is a well-known name of vacuum cleaners and appliances in many countries. The company manufactures central vacuum systems, parts, range hoods, intercoms, door chimes, bathroom fans, and home automation systems. With an impressive track record of making innovative home products, it is no wonder so many homeowners trust NuTone central vacuum systems to make their homes clean and pristine. Once you use one, you will appreciate its features, power, and value. NuTone central vacuums are exceptional values.

The History of NuTone Central Vacuum Systems

Founded in 1936, NuTone did not always make vacuums. In fact, the company began with door chimes as its first product to market. This was a time in the mid-1930s when most people had door buzzers instead of bells. The door chime was a popular way to make the arrival of a visitor more pleasant and evident and it took off immediately. The door chime was the invention of J. Ralph Corbett, who grew the company until it was eventually purchased by another company Broan, a company that was credited with the invention of the kitchen ventilation fan, purchased NuTone and the two companies together became leaders in providing modern home conveniences. Currently, it is estimated the vast majority of homes in the U. S. have a component made by Broan, NuTone or Best, another brand name sold by the company.

Why Choose A NuTone Vacuum System?

NuTone central vacuums are popular with homeowners thanks to their quality construction and quiet operation. With built-in HEPA filtration, NuTone central vacuums not only remove dirt and dust from floors and other surfaces, they also clean the air inside your home instead of allowing irritants to be recirculated back into the indoor air. NuTone complete packages include everything needed to operate this highly-efficient system, including:

  • Hoses and tools
  • Attachments
  • Powerheads
  • Accessories
  • Filters

For more benefits of using central vacuum systems, read this informative article. If you are not familiar with how a central vacuum works, the following section will make it clear.

How Does A NuTone Central Vacuum System Work?

Central vacuum cleaners work for all styles of homes including single-story ranch, split-level, and two-story houses. Unlike upright or canister vacuums, that require you to carry or drag a part of the vacuum along with you, central vacuum systems make it easy to clean your home. The hose and attached nozzle or powerhead are plugged into a wall outlet to use the vacuum system. Dust, dirt and other debris picked up and sucked through the hose into the central canister housed in the garage, basement, or utility room. This canister holds the dirt and debris until you empty it. The illustrations below show basic layouts for two of these styles of houses.

                                                          Vacuum System Layout in a Ranch Style House

The Ranch Style House

Here the power unit is mounted in the garage. The intake and exhaust tubing, the only exposed tubing in the installation runs up the garage wall and into the attic. The trunk line runs horizontally through the attic from the power unit to the furthest inlet location. Branch lines spread throughout the attic, connecting the trunk line to the inlet tubing. Each inlet tube is threaded vertically through and inside wall. Located in hallways, and in large rooms, the inlets are placed to provide maximum access to all cleaning areas.

The Two-Story House

Vacuum System Layout in a Tow-story House

A double-trunk line system is commonly used in two-story houses. The intake tubing runs up the basement wall and connects to the main trunk line, which runs along the unfinished basement ceiling. Two first-floor inlets are connected to the basement trunk line by vertical inlet lines run through interior walls. In the center of the house, a vertical branch line runs from basement trunk line, through stacked closets, up into the attic. A second trunk line runs across the attic and two branch lines connect to inlet lines which are dropped down through upstairs interior walls.

“NuTone Central Vacuums are popular with homeowners thanks to their quality construction and quiet operation.”

For homeowners who have back, neck, or shoulder problems or limited mobility, this system can be a game changer. Saving yourself from bending down, pushing, or pulling a heavy vacuum many times can decrease back pain and make it easier to keep a cleaner home.


Here Is a Model You Will Like

NuTone PP5501 Pure Power Central Vacuum System

If your home is 4,000 square feet or less, the NuTone PP5501 Pure Power Central Vacuum System is ideal. It has the features savvy homeowners are seeking, including:

  • 550 Air Watts, 120 Waterlift, 12 AMPS
  • For Homes up to 4,000 Sq Ft
  • Bagged System
  • Standard Filtration (Disposable Bag)
  • No Muffler Required
  • Large 6-Gallon Unit
  • Quiet Operation-66dB
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

The New NuTone PP5501 Pure Power Central Vacuum System features a single-stage motor that produces 550 air watts of suction power. Designed for homes up to 4,000 Sq Ft this compact bagged unit can easily be installed in an apartment, condo, or small home without utilizing too much space. The Pure Power Series features the ULTRASILENT Technology which combines sound-absorbing materials and assembly techniques to offer one of the lowest noise levels in the industry today. If you’re looking for a NuTone central vacuum system, has a wide selection of NuTone systems, tools, attachments, replacement parts, and accessories.

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