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ThinkVacuums.com is an official Nutone central vacuum online retailer. We carry a wide range of NuTone parts and accessories, including filters, motors, NuTone bags, and Nutone attachment kits to fit NuTone central vacuums. If you require assistance finding the right information about the Nutone Central Vac, here are some FAQs with their corresponding answers.

Common Questions about Nutone Central Vacuums

What Size Power Unit should I use for my Nutone central vacuum?

The power units are designed for various types of applications and varying square footage requirements of residences.

How many Inlets may be Installed in a Nutone central Vacuum System?

It is recommendable that you install as many as you need, assuming all are in proper working condition with tight seals and gaskets. It is worth noting that it is recommended to keep this number to a minimum.

What Inlets should you Use?

The application and NuTone power unit model will dictate the inlets recommended for the installation. What you should consider include styling and color. The Advantage Series provides a status-indicating feature, and we also offer a direct connect electrified inlet.

When is a Power Brush or Powerhead Needed?

Broan-NuTone recommends that you obtain a power brush if you have carpet in the residence. The power brush loosens the dirt for better cleaning and separating and lifting the nap on the carpet to keep it in top condition and proper appearance.

Are the Turbine Airbrushes Operationally similar to the Power Brushes?

Cleaning with the central vacuum system

Nutone Central Vacuums offer the best
cleaning cleaning experience

Yes. The air-driven turbine is an exclusively designed, super performing non-electric brush for cleaning with the central vacuum system. The electric power brush maintains continuous brush action through the motor's use to run the unit.

How can I Clear a Blockage in my Vacuum System?

A blockage in your system can be quite a problem. You can rent a plumber's snake and then work it through your vacuum system piping. Sometimes a small diameter hose worked via your piping may clear a blockage.

Why does my System keep Running even when my Hose is Removed, and the Power Unit Switch is Turned off?

The most probable cause is incorrect wiring to your wall valve inlets. Disengage one of the system wires on the front of your power unit, and if the system shuts down, then you require to confirm the wiring to your wall valve inlets is correct.

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