Common Questions about Nutone Central Vacuums

Nutone Central Vacuums

Most Nutone vacuum users develop a series of questions as they use the vacuum system. Here are a few that will educate you and help in understanding how your Nutone Central Vacuum works.


What size Power Unit is mostly Recommendable?Obtaining a vacuum system

The power units are designed for various applications and varying square footage requirements of residences.


How many Inlets can be Installed in a System

You can install as many systems as you need, assuming all are in proper working condition with tight seals and gaskets. However, it is recommended to keep this number to a minimum.


What Inlets should One Use? 

The application and power unit model dictates the inlets are suggested for the installation. Some of the things to consider are styling and color. The Advantage Series provides a status indicating feature and a direct connect electrified inlet.


Where Should I put my Wall Inlet Valves? 

The wall valve inlets should be located within six feet of a household receptacle if you are using one of Broan-NuTone's current-carrying hoses. We recommend that you take a 25-foot length of cord or a measuring tape set to 25 feet, then walk through your home and locate your wall inlets. That way, they cover all the areas you wish to vacuum.


What are Air Watts? 

Air watts is a combination of airflow and vacuum water lift produced by the power unit. The greater the air watts, the better the cleaning ability of the vacuum system.


When is a Power Brush or Powerhead Needed? 

The best Nutone vacuum attachments

The power brush or powerhead are some of the Nutone vacuum attachments required for efficiency vacuuming. Broan-NuTone recommends that you have a power brush if you have carpet in your home. The power brush loosens the dirt for effective cleaning and separating and lifting the nap on the carpet to keep it in good condition and proper appearance.

Are the Turbine Airbrushes Equivalent to the Power Brushes? 

Yes. The air-driven turbine is an exclusively designed, super performing non-electric brush for cleaning with the vacuum system. The electric power brush sustains constant brush action by using the motor used to run the unit.


How does one Clear a Blockage in the Nutone Central Vacuum?

A blockage in a vacuum system can be a challenge. You can rent a plumber's snake and then work it through the system piping. In some instances, a small diameter hose worked through the piping may clear a blockage.


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