A Quick Comparison of the Three Main Types of Vacuums

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Use Fewer Methods-Use a Good Vacuum

From the beginning of time, people have needed to clean things. Whether it was washing out an Ice Age cave-dwelling, sweeping up a medieval stable, raking out a Native American longhouse, beating out the colonists’ rugs, or vacuuming a 21st Century home, there has always been something to clean.

Originally, brooms made from straw and dusters that were created from feathers were some of the earliest methods we know of. However, cleaning tools have quickly evolved over the years from brooms made of straw bristles to fiberglass and plastic brooms made with plastic bristles. In addition to sanitation, cleaning has also gotten much easier as the years have passed. We are all thankful that the invention of the central vacuum cleaner has revolutionized house cleaning.

Today, We Have Some of the Best Vacuum Cleaners!

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The four types of vacuum cleaners we want to highlight include upright, canister, hand-held and Stick, and central vacuums. Each has its pros and cons for you to examine in making a choice:

  • Upright  models are the most common found in homes and are really good for cleaning carpets. Tools and be attached onboard for handy use and you can choose a bagged or bagless upright. The most used vacuums have single motors, while those with dual motors have one for the brush roller and one for additional suction power.
    Uprights Tend to Cost Less than Canisters
    Have Wider Cleaning Paths
    Better at Cleaning Carpets
    Easier to Store
    Weighs More Than a Canister Vacuum
    Noisier Than Canisters
    Difficult to Drag Around & Up/Down Stairs
    Less Effective When Cleaning Around Corners
  • Canister  vacuums are lighter, more compact, and easier to handle. They can handle any cleaning job, but they don’t do as well on deep-pile carpets as uprights. They come in both bagged and bagless models. Bagged canisters are more hygienic for allergy and asthma suffers.
    More Powerful than Uprights
    Easy to Carry
    Better Maneuverability
    Easy to Operate
    Quieter Than Most Uprights
    More Attachments to Choose From
    Not Operational Ready
    Some Assembly Required
    Harder to Store in Some Areas
    Dragging the Canister Behind
    Bending Over More Often
    Not Practical For Quick Use
  • Hand-held and Stick  vacuums are smaller, lighter, and more convenient for spot cleaning and small messes. They typically come in corded and cordless models for quick cleaning of upholstery, stairs, cars, blinds, and vents. Handheld models usually come with a rechargeable battery pack.

    Stick models are great for frequent cleaning of high-traffic areas. They are much lighter than traditional upright and canister models and are ideal for the elderly. Some sticks can be pulled apart to convert to hand-held vacs, while some are cordless and others are corded.

    Lightweight and Convenient
    Ideal for Quick Clean Ups
    Easy to Carry Around
    Models Come Corded or Cordless
    Doesn’t Perform as Well on Carpets
    Smaller Dirt Canisters than Other Vacuums
    Most are Fairly Noisy
    Lack of Power and Capacity
  • Central vacuum cleaner systems  are the most powerful on the market and are more convenient to use than uprights and canisters. They are available for any size house and add to the value of your home. The motor/power unit is installed in the garage or basement where it’s out of sight.
    More powerful than all other vacuums
    Most quiet vacuum available
    Better selection of tools and attachments
    More affordable than ever before
    Better filtration with HEPA filters
    The system must be installed
    More costly initially, but not in the long-run

“Central Vacuum Systems are considered the most powerful home cleaning solution. When paired with the right Central Vacuum parts and accessories, you will be able to get the best results out of your home cleaning system.”

Central Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Top Central Vacuum Brands Using a Vacuum Cleaner
3 Leading Brands of Central Vacuums Using a Central Vacuum Is Fun

Central Vacuum Systems are considered the most powerful home cleaning solution. When paired with the right Central Vacuum parts and accessories, you will be able to get the best results out of your home cleaning system.

Just like anything else in life, you need to have the right tools for the job, the same goes for cleaning. With an array of central vacuum parts offered from inlet valves, bare floor attachments, crevice tools, and dusting brushes to specialty attachments for pet grooming and so much more, there is an accessory for any cleaning task at hand. The right central vacuum parts and cleaning accessories cut down on cleaning time and allow you to achieve a truly deep clean. Be sure to check out the power brushes, and our Portable Vacuum Cleaners (aka Backpack Vacuums)

So What Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

This depends on you and your personal and home cleaning needs. The upright vacuums seem to be the most popular type of vacuum, but it is ok to break the mold. Study the pros and cons of each type of vacuum and go with the one that has the most pros and fewest cons. Follow these tips when buying a vacuum cleaner.

If this is still a challenging decision, do a live chat or call one of our vacuum specialists to discuss your home or business cleaning needs. We listen carefully and will answer your questions in your vacuum-finding decision.

Think Vacuums Cleaner Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining your vacuum is so important. Hoses or beaters will become clogged with debris or hair, rendering them almost useless. Be sure to check the hoses or beaters for clogs so that your vacuum operates with complete efficiency.

Vacuum filters can also become clogged if too much dust is “inhaled” by the machine. Check the filters frequently to avoid burning out your vacuum’s motor.

Vacuums can be used on carpeted and hard floors. Use the right attachments and the right height settings and you will do a marvelous job without harming the floor’s surface.

We stock extensive lines of vacuums, tools, attachments, and accessories. We also provide repair services for all brands and models of vacuum cleaners. Call or come visit us for any of your vacuum needs and we will assist you in finding exactly what you need.

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