Sanitaire Carpet Extractor

Commercial carpet extractorThe Sanitaire carpet extractor is used to extract dirt and debris from the carpet. It works by spraying cleaning solutions into the carpet and then picking up everything from the carpet, including the solution, debris, dirt, and stains. The carpet extractor uses a wand to scrub in water and solution into the carpet. It helps in removing all germy substances, mildew, mold, and body waste, leaving the carpet clean and germ-free.

A carpet extractor is an electric-driven carpet cleaning device that uses hot water, detergent, a powered scrub brush, and intense suction to extract deeply rooted dirt from wall-to-wall carpeting.

Reasons for Using a Sanitaire Carpet Extractor

A carpet is an elegant, warm and attractive floor covering that contributes to the beauty of a room or lobby. Since we can’t keep people from stepping on it to preserve its beauty, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Vacuuming is a necessary aspect of cleaning a carpet, but some of the substances deposited on it will be sticky and ground-in. When the residue has accumulated over time, it becomes challenging to remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpets are usually made of knotted fibers attached to the backing material. Besides the conventional wool, rugs can be made from other carpeting materials such as nylon, polyester, sisal, jute, and many more. Whether you are carrying out a general carpet cleaning or just spot cleaning, the carpet extractor combined with a suitable cleaning solution can help remove ground-in stains that require intense cleaning.

How Do Sanitaire Carpet Extractors Work?

Carpet extractors are used with a moderate solution of hot or cold water, with a washing solvent spread on the carpet and absorbed deep into the mound. This cleaning solution is left to soak in and collect the dirt. The extractor vacuums up the resulting mixture into the unit’s body for subsequent disposal. As anyone would imagine, there is more to it than this, so users must consider the carpet’s structure and choose the correct chemical for the cleaning job.

Maintenance of a Carpet Extractor

You can prolong the life of your carpet extractor through routine servicing and regular preventative maintenance. Maintaining your device properly will also help you avoid costly repairs. While it can cost you more money initially, preventative maintenance would also mitigate unscheduled machine failure and reduced worker efficiency created by machine downtime.

Purchasing a Carpet Extractor

Sanitaire restore upright carpet extractorCarpet extractors can be vital when taking care of your carpet. If you need to replace your current one or are looking to purchase one for the first time, it can positively impact your cleaning performance, cleaning staff morale, and labor costs.

Various factors will influence the cost of your carpet extractor. You should bear in mind that picking the right size device for your cleaning needs and your budget will help you decide which is the suitable machine for you. Small carpet spotters are a sufficient and effective way to clean spills and minor carpet stains in certain places. 

However, if you intend to clean and maintain larger carpeted areas, investing in a larger box, self-contained, or battery-operated carpet extractor can increase worker efficiency, extraction performance and minimize labor costs. Depending on the work being done, you will require both a carpet spotter and a larger carpet extractor.

These devices are fitted with parts such as the power unit, cleaning path, and tank. The sizes of these components differ according to the machine type and will also affect the price of the device. To ensure that you get a carpet extractor that is right for your carpet cleaning needs, you should understand what each of these specifications or options does. Knowing the value of each aspect will help you decide whether the function is appropriate for your needs and how that will affect the cost of the machine.

After identifying the right carpet extractor for your commercial cleaning needs, you can contact the ThinkVacuums customer care team to get recommendations or place your order. We offer a wide range of commercial carpet extractors, commercial vacuum cleaners, and replacement parts.

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