Schedule 20 PVC Pipe Dimensions

Schedule 20 PVC Pipe Dimensions

There is a myriad of PVC pipe sizes ranging from ½" to 12". Typically, the pipe categorized as a 1" pipe in the industry is not 1" in diameter. To help you understand Schedule 20 PVC Pipe Dimensions better, we answer the frequently asked question on the actual Outside Diameter of any PVC pipe.

Outside Diameter (OD) of PVC Pipe Explained

schedule 20 pvc pipe dimensionsNaturally, the OD of PVC pipes is moderately larger than what’s indicated on the label. The reason behind the schedule 20 PVC pipe dimensions is that the PVCs and fitting utilize a simple system.

Moreover, the compatible parts are all categorized in the same name. For example, all 1" PVC pipes will go into a 1'' fitting. Further, it's good to note that the naming on the schedule 20 PVC pipe dimensions is representative of the nominal pipe sizes.

This size is not indicative of how they measure across. This isn't very clear to most of our customers, but when you are shopping around, it will make sense to get the right schedule 20 PVC pipe dimensions. Note that the nominal systems help you pick the proper PVC parts.

The Correct Way to Measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of PVC pipes

  1. Search for the end of the PVC pipe
  2. Look for the broadest point across the opening.
  3. The measurement is made across outside edges from one end to another.
  4. Now that is the OD of the pipe.

The Outside Diameter (OD) Difference Between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC Pipes

If you come across the 1" specification on the schedule 40 PVC pipe, this means that the inner diameter is 1-inch. However, the pipe walls have a thickness. Therefore, the outside diameter of a 1" PVC pipe is 1.315. On the other hand, the schedule 80 PVC pipe walls are thicker than the schedule 40. Nonetheless, the two types of pipes have the same OD. So, you'll notice that the inner diameter of the 1" Schedule 80 PVC pipe is moderately smaller than 1". Usually, the inner diameter is different for each schedule, but the inner diameter of the fittings is similar to the outside diameter of the compatible pipe. The main focus should be on the Inside Diameter (ID) of the fittings meaning a 1" PVC pipe will fit into a 1" fitting despite the difference in the schedule. The outside diameter is not as crucial in this regard.

Wall Thickness

 schedule 20 pvc pipe When a PVC pipe diameter increases, the walls become thicker as well. In any case, if the walls remained too thin, the pipe would withstand too much pressure.

To understand this further, you need to remember what we have discussed above. The outside diameter for ½ "PVC pipe is 0,840 while for a 3" is 3.500. The thickness will increase as the pipes become larger.

If you are searching for schedule 20 PVC pipe dimensions, then it becomes more accessible with the above knowledge. We hope that our guide will help you make an informed decision when buying or installing PVC pipes.

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