Five Things You Didn't Know About Central Vacuums

Five Things You Didn't Know About Central Vacuums

Enjoy Cleaning More with a Central Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning their homes, most people will say immediately they don’t enjoy doing it regularly and they are not familiar with a central vacuum cleaner’s benefits. When the warmer months start to roll around, it’s a time when people start thinking about spring cleaning. The place to start is usually clearing out clutter, vacuuming out hard to reach areas, and getting a fresh start with another year passing by once again.
It’s also a time to vacuum those areas we don’t attend to regularly, such as:

  • Moving couches, sofas, and easy chairs out into the room and clean under them.
  • Vacuuming under beds and thoroughly cleaning mattresses
  • Cleaning behind the refrigerator, bookcases, and other hard-to-reach places.
  • The interior of your cars or trucks including under the seats and the trunk.
  • Vacuuming out the garage and workshop

The question is, are you prepared with the right equipment to do a thorough and effective job? The most powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner on the market today is a central vacuum system. If you don’t have one in your home, you should consider their benefits. They can be retrofitted in any home and most people don’t know about the following four things a CV will do for them. Find out how the system operates in this informative video.

Central Vacuums Are Built-In-Systems

Most people are not familiar with central vacuums because they are not advertised as much as upright and canister models. Most assume they are much the same, but that’s not true. The two couldn’t be far more different from each other since one is a system (central vacuum) while another is just a separate unit brought into the home.

Power Units Easily Mount on Walls
DrainVac Is a Leading Brand
Plug the Hose Into an Outlet and Go

The way they work is they are ducted systems that are installed in a home or building with a base power unit, a collection container, and inlets that are connected to a tube system located throughout the home or building. This system carries dust, dirt, and debris back to a collection canister that is located outside the living area such as the garage, basement, or utility room. They can be outfitted with other tools, attachments, and accessories to efficiently fit the cleaning needs of the home or building. Get a good overview of these vacuums to understand what a marvel they are.

They Clean Better

Power and efficiency are key components when looking at central vacuum system costs and comparing them to a portable unit. This type of cleaner gives a deep clean that will clear out all the dirt and debris that collects over time. Portable units such as upright and canister vacuums do not clean as well because they have smaller motors and do not last as long – 20 plus years compared to a few years.
Central vacuums also keep the air cleaner because they don’t leak dust back into the rooms. With the right attachments, they clean any type of floor or surface thoroughly.

“The most powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner on the market today is central vacuum system. If you don’t have one in your home, you should consider their benefits. They can be retro-fitted in any home and most people don’t know about   the following four things a CV will do for them.”


The other benefit of a central vacuum system is it’s incredibly convenient for the home. Imagine having to haul a portable unit from room to room and up and down stairs but never getting the truly deep clean you desire. Cleaning should be quick, effortless, and be effective enough to clear up the dust and debris in minimal time.
These systems are huge conveniences since you don’t have to worry about changing out canisters or bags after you’ve finished cleaning. Central vacuums need less maintenance and repairs over the years compared to portable units. There’s no frequent changing bags or cleaning or replacing filters, as well as stocking up on bags.
There are many ways to customize a unit to fit the cleaning needs of any home or office. It’s easier to grab the hose, attach a tool, and start cleaning. When the central cleaning system is close at hand and easy to access, people are usually more inclined towards cleaning more often and more thoroughly.

They Are Quieter Than Portable Vacuums

You Will Love How Quiet CVs Are

Portable vacuums, especially upright models, are very noisy and bothersome. You can’t talk on the phone or carry on a conversation when they’re in use. Since central vacuums have much lower decibel levels, you can do both of these things while cleaning. You won’t scare small children or pets when using one.
Many brands and models also use noise suppression housing, insulation, and technology to quieten the cleaning process. If you have elderly people in your home, you can still hear them asking for something or calling out for help. Anyway you look at it, this feature is a win-win situation for everyone in the home or office building.

They Can Be Retro-fitted Into an Existing House

Many people think you must install a central vacuum system when building a new home. They don’t realize these vacuums can be retro-fitted into an existing house. Our complete packages come with the following to make installation fast and easy:

  • Power unit and mount
  • Piping, elbows, fittings, and hangers
  • Wall inlets and hardware
  • Exhaust vents and dustpan inlets
  • Complete instructions for installation
  • List of tools required

If you, friends, or family members have the woodworking skills to install the system, you can save the professional fees. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the job, you can find installers who will assemble your system at an affordable cost.

In Summary – About Central Vacuum Systems

Investing in a central vacuum system to keep your home clean is a huge convenience and adds value to your home. Now is the time to make home improvement changes and what better way than to start with a cleaner house. Improve the air quality for anyone who is an allergy or asthma sufferers. Consider installing a central vacuum cleaner today and begin enjoying its many benefits.

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