How to Troubleshoot a Carpet Brush and Hose

Beater Bar Not Turning, Bad Motor?

The motor on the brush will spin even if the belt or the motor belt gear is broken, but it will make some weird noise. If no sound, then the motor could be broken, or the electric hose is not delivering electricity to the brush. If you can, plug the brush cord directly into the wall inlet and make sure that the brush neck is down. If it runs, then the hose is faulty (the hose switch or the electric connection on the wall end).

Beating Noise, Damaged Belt

When a belt is damaged, torn, or has missing teeth, it generates sounds like it is running rough or thumping. Regardless, you should replace the belt and go from there.

Brush Roller Stops Spinning When Set on Carpet

This is typically a broken belt gear on the motor shaft. The gear is there, but no longer appropriately fastened to the motor arm. Hopefully, your central vacuum system has a valid warranty. If not, it's best to replace the head, in which case we suggest acquiring a better head like the Stealth or Ace Electric Brush.

Can I Use An Electric Hose With a Utility Valve?

Yes, you can use a corded electric hose in a utility valve on the central power unit. You can also utilize an electrical extension cord if needed.

Carpet Brush Not Picking Up

Troubleshooting bad motors When your brush is turned on, check the main vacuum unit outside, and see if it is running. If it is, check the brush and the wand you're using for any clogs blocking air-flow. If the suction is not on, you have to figure out if the hose or head is the issue.

Carpet Brush Spitting Debris/ Dirt

The wand and/or brush is clogged, or maybe, your suction is not functioning even though it sounds like it is on. Check for clogs and physically see if the central power unit is functioning as it should. If it is not, then your Hose Switch Assembly has to be replaced.

Carpet Brush Stalls When Pulling Back On Plush and Non Plush Carpets

You can troubleshoot motor if carpet brush isn’t working Since it stalls when pulling the vacuum back on both style carpets, the issue is an electrical short. To find the short, turn the vacuum head-on and hold it as you tug on each connection (wand to head, wand to handle, cord connections). You will find the spot where it is losing the connection, and from there, you will either fix the issue or replace the parts.

Compatibility Between MD Carpet Brush and AirVac Hose

If you are referring to an air-driven brush, the answer is yes. If this is an electric brush to an electric hose, the brief answer is, not always. As there are a few factors/variations to consider in terms of compatibility, please contact one of our friendly customer representatives for further technical assistance. Your other alternative is to replace your existing cleaning tools/accessories with a new complete electric kit. They are compatible with AirVac systems and nearly all other brands of central vacuum systems.

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