Central Vacuum System Installation and Repair Cost Guide

Central Vacuum System Installation and Repair Cost Guide

Many people hate vacuuming; it’s one of those chores that everyone has to do, but is also annoying. Enjoying vacuuming is inconceivable, especially if you don’t own a central vacuum. Central vacuums are systems that are built into the house so that when you want to vacuum a room, you only need to attach a hose to an outlet rather than drag a portable vacuum from one room to the next. These vacuums feature incredible cleaning power and a few portable units. They’re capable of lasting up to four times longer than regular portable vacuums, and enormously add the value of any home. Despite their undeniable appeal, central vacuum systems scare many homeowners for fear of the upfront cost. In this guide, we review the average cost of installation of central vac systems in new and existing homes.

The Installation Cost of a Central Vacuum System

Installation Cost of a Central Vacuum System The cost of installing a central vacuum varies based on the number of inlets a homeowner needs, the strength and size of the unit, optional accessories the homeowner wants – such as an automatic dustpan and a stretch hose -, and other installation challenges.

However, the installation of a central vacuum system in a new home costs about $1,200 to $3,000. Installations in existing homes may cost a few extra hundred dollars since the workers have to bypass the drywall.

Other factors that may affect the price include the size of the house and the design of the system.

Definition of a Central Vacuum

Central vacuum systems are driven by a motorized unit that runs the suction of the entire home with the help of PVC pipes that run in the walls and convey to inlets throughout the home. To vacuum, a user only needs to attach a hose to one of the inlets on the wall instead of carrying a heavy unit from room to room, as in portable vacuum systems. Central vacuum systems also justify their cost with much more powerful suction than the portable ones.

Why Opt for a Central Vacuum?

Besides coming with a luxurious touch, adding value to homes, other benefits of central vacuum systems include: Central Vacuum System Cost and Benefits

  • Easyaccess: Users don’t need to carry anything else around except a few accessories to use.
  • Convenience: Since the inlets can be available in every room, it becomes easier to clean up messes in any room in the house.
  • Power: Most central vac units have much more suction power than the portable ones. Therefore, they do a better cleaning job on all services.
  • Quiet: Since the central unit that drives the system is located in a utility room or garage, the rest of it operates quietly in the other rooms.

One must know the central vacuum systems that best suit their needs. There are two options available, including the traditional model and the hide-a-hose model.

The first one needs the user to attach a hose to individual inlets, while the latter has a retractable hose within or close to the inlets that serve the floor or room. Your taste, as well as the size of your home, should help you decide which one you want. Once you decide what kind of central vacuum you want, it will do you good to know the top players in the central vacuum market. The most popular brands include:

  • Allegro
  • Electrolux
  • Hoover
  • Imperium
  • Honeywell
  • PurVac

The Most Common Central Vacuum Repairs

Like any other household appliance, central vacuums could break down and need maintenance and repair procedures. While you should call a central vac professional to conduct most of the maintenance and repairs, you could handle some of the maintenance by yourself. You can change the filter or the bag in the main unit easily. However, a few major repairs would need you to call an expert. These include:

  • Fixing clogged hoses, pipes, and filters
  • Repairing leaking pipes
  • Repairing malfunctioning or damaged electrical components
  • Repairing or replacing the motor in the main unit

These repairs and maintenance practices require specialized skills and tools that only central vac professionals may be equipped with. Furthermore, having a professional handle your repairs ensures that you maintain your unit’s warranty and minimize damages to your walls.

Hiring a Professional

Getting your central vacuum unit to be installed and repaired by a professional is one way to minimize the costs that your central vac could have you incur. This way, you get to prevent future damages and give your system the best chances of having a long life and operating seamlessly.

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