40ft Vacuum Hose Sock Replacement Kit

Lightweight central vacuum hoseEvery central vacuum holder can relate to the tremendous benefits that come with a hose sock. The ribbed material used in the manufacturing of central vacuum hoses can cause dents, chips, scuff marks, and scratches on your furniture and walls. A vacuum hose sock covers and provides a barrier between your wall and the ribbed hose material; this feature makes it hard for the hose to cause any damage to the surfaces of your living room. The Hide-A-Hose system has a pre-installed hose sock; it is a replacement kit to the 40ft Hide-A-Sock hose sock; hence you must use their compatible hose sock for the Hide-A-Sock. 

The vacuum hose sock elongates the life of your machine by protecting it. You will be able to get value for your money as you get maximum utilization of the vacuum due to the increased durability. The hose sock can seamlessly slide over the hose of your vacuum.

Being removable and washable, the Hide-A-Sock sits on the surface of your floor and can get dirty as you continue with the cleaning process. And also, because it is stored together with the vacuum tubing system, it makes it messy. However, there is no need for panic; it is possible to wash and rewash the vacuum hose sock easily.

This kit includes a cardboard tube, installation guard ring, and a hose sock. The vacuum hose sock upon purchase does not come with the pre-installed on the tube. If the hose is all that you need, you can buy it separately. 

Features and Benefits of the 40ft Hide-A-Hose Sock Replacement Kit

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  • The machine is washable; this helps maintain the much desired high levels of cleanliness in your home.

  • Reduces tangling and coiling of the hose to prevent it from malfunction

  • It comes with an installation guide ring and cardboard tube for seamless usage without hassle. 

  • Protects wall, baseboards, and walls from scratches and dents caused by the hose

  • Manufactured by long-lasting yet very soft material with Lycra that is elastic, allowing it to fit snug around the hose  

  • It is easy to install as well as using

  • It comes in gray color 

The following are the lengths that come with Hide-A-Sock Vacuum Replacement Kits

  • Extended length: 60ft

  • Medium length: 50ft

  • Short length: 30ft

More Insights on the Central Vacuum Hose Sock and Other Accessories

The central vacuum hose socks are available in a wide range of styles and lengths. You can buy a slide for your hose at the best price. However, you may need the help of an expert to install it. You check on the buyer's manual on how to install it.


Hide a hose central vacuum accessoriesA perfect addition to any vacuum system that is ducted is a protective hose sock. Built to suit any ducted vacuum hoses, the vacuum hose sock replacement will prevent your hose from scuffing or scratching your floors and walls while vacuuming your living room.

Protecting your house interior is the utmost advantage of adding a sock to your hose, but there are many other benefits that you will reap from placing a hose sock on your ducted vacuum cleaner:

  • Your ducted vacuum cleaner will be quieter as the sock insulates the noise produced by the vacuum kit.

  • With the smooth sock covering, the hose will effortlessly glide over the surfaces of the floor.

  • Baseboards and skirting boards are protected when the hose is pulled from one room to another.

There are two designs of vacuum hose sock replacement kits: the knitted hose sock and the premium ducted vacuum hose sock. Knitted hose socks design a fitting style that provides perfect protection without adding weight to your ducted vacuum cleaner. The sock replacement kit is much easier to fit on your hose, thus reducing time and hassle. It leaves no scratches and scars behind.

Premium ducted vacuum hose sock is a complete padded quilted design, with a concealed zipper that is of high quality, making it easy to install and to remove. This washable sock is robust and durable.

The 40ft Vacuum hose sock replacement may look slightly bigger, but there is no noticeable upsurge in weight because the outer fabric and quilting are lightweight. This hose protection design provides high levels of protection for high-gloss paintwork and polished timber as the padding entirely negates the effect of the sharp ridges on the hose of your vacuum cleaner.

Contact Think Vacuums for your purchase of a Vacuum hose sock replacement kit. Our team will give you more details on it and a guide on how to use it as they answer any questions that you have. 

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