Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Electric Power Head

Wessel Werk EBK360-electric-powerheadYou can be sure of getting a high-quality deep cleaning experience from a German-made Wessel Werk EBK 320 central powerhead. With a quick neck release, wand release, and the perfect five position carpet height adjustments, you are assured of versatility and convenience.

The long-lasting frontal bright LED headlights of the EBK360 will not only help you illuminate the darker areas of your living room but will also save on energy. Unlike the traditional headlights that require occasional replacement of the bulbs.

The Wessel Werk EBK360 comes with soft rubber wheels and a rubber strip making it suitable for use, not only on bare floors but also on bare carpeting. Agitation is minimized with a chevron designed roller brush that guarantees effective and seamless cleaning of your living room with less hassle. 

Wessel Werk EBK360 central vacuum power nozzle and carpet beater with fiberglass, transmission gears that are of high quality, robust and durable toothed belt, molded V-shaped Chevron roll guarantees a high level of output and tremendous cleaning experience at all times

The vast German knowledge in engineering has been used in the manufacture of these reputable carpet beaters. Wessel Werk EBK 360 is recognized as one of the best on the residential market due to its outstanding cleaning performance as well as durability. 

Thanks to the foot pedal, the brush roll's height can be adjusted for adequate cleaning of the different thicknesses and styles of carpets, guaranteeing a sparkly clean room with less hassle. 

Due to the ultra-large orifice intake, the Wessel Werk EBK 360 will do away with the jeopardy of clogging and issue even more suction to eliminate dust, dirt, and debris. Specks of Dirt are instantly redirected inside the orifice, reducing stress on the vacuum cleaner's components.

Specifications of the Wessel Werk EBK360 Powerhead 

  • Brand name, EBK 360 model

  • 14 inches wide cleaning path

  • 120 volts consumption

  • Standard wire and two prongs connector

Professional floor nozzle

  • Long-lasting toothed belt 

  • Up to 5 height adjustment settings foot pedal

  • Frontal LED light with high output

  • Four wheels that are of high quality

  • Chevron V molded roll

  • Large orifice

  • Manufactured in Germany

  • Manual user

  • Limited warranty of 5 years


  • A long-lasting reinforced cogged belt guarantees you a perfect cleaning experience and eliminates the belt's regular replacement, which could be costly.

  • Brighter and durable LED headlight with less energy consumption, you can easily clean the darker areas of your room with much ease due to the illuminated lights from the Wessel Werk vacuum cleaner's frontal side.

  • Big edge cleaning channels makes it possible to clean surfaces closer to baseboards and edges. Full access to every corner of your living room is achieved by the use of the Wessel Werk EBK 360.

  • The intake orifice is extra-large to minimize clogging and to improve efficiency. Adequate air circulation in the machine ensures it performs well without failing. The perfect functioning of the Wessel Werk EBK 360 will guarantee you an easy and efficient cleaning experience. 

  • The side-mounted belts ensure that the belt does not pick up debris; this helps to guarantee the belt's proper functioning for outstanding cleaning performance.

  • Squeegee that controls airflow, perfect for use on a hard surface. It is ideal for both wet and dry vacuum purposes. Excess sand, mud, water, and hair trimmings can be hooved away with the aid of the squeegee. 

Powerful central vacuum power nozzle

  • Well-cushioned handle grasps to ensure easy and efficient handling. Comfortability helps you do much cleaning with less effort. 

  • The Chevron bristle maximizes brush roller effectiveness. They are robust and durable, thus giving you value for your money. They are ideal for cleaning all types of dirt. 

  • Convenient on/off function is made easier by the locking neck assembly. You can seamlessly switch the vacuum cleaner from on to off when not in easy; this also ensures you minimize power wastage.

  • Cord management telescopic wand helps to save on time by attaching the wands to the hose. Also, you do not have to bend when you want to switch it off.

  • The reliable circuit breaker protects the motor; hence, it does not minimize electrocution, ensuring your safety as you clean. Cases of accidents in the house are greatly minimized.

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Wessel Werk EBK 360 Central Electric Power Head is indisputably one of the vacuum cleaners globally; its robust and effective features will improve your cleaning experience that will leave your living room sparkly clean. Why wait? Get one today and enjoy value for your money. Contact Think Vacuums today. 

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