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Best central vacuum powerhead kitThe ownership of a central vacuum is a great thing, however, it may be a hassle getting the most out of your central vacuum system without having a reliable powerhead. It goes without saying that powerheads do the most work when it comes to getting rid of pet hair, debris and dust thanks to the handy power nozzle of the vacuum. 

This piece will give you insights on why Wessel Werk powerhead vacuum is one the best vacuum for a perfect cleaning experience that will leave your house sparkly clean.

Whether you are planning to buy a new powerhead for your vacuum or you want to upgrade your current vacuum one. The Wessel Werk Powerhead is the way to go! As it is a top-rated option for vacuuming purposes because of its robust and durable features.

The following is a review of the EBK 360  Power Nozzle with Integrated Wand for Wessel Werk Central Vacuum.

Wessel Werk EBK 360 Power Nozzle is perfect for vacuuming purposes as it has an integrated wand that seamlessly fits any type of central vacuum system. The compatibility of this vacuum powerhead makes it highly recommended for both personal and commercial use globally. Wessel Werk swiftly aligns to the different floor heights due to the manual adjustments with five positions.

Wessel Werk is much powerful as it can thoroughly clean carpet floors and rugs with deep dirt in the shortest time possible with its robust nozzles.

It is relatively cheaper as compared to other central vacuum powerheads. It gives value for money due to its splendid cleaning ability.

When working on different rugs and carpet heights, the 5-position manual adjustments come in handy as you can switch it to suit your cleaning preference. Depending on the height that you want to deal with, switching from one level to another is possible thanks to the stretchy foot pedal located at the front side of the nozzle.

 You can choose what works well for your floor carpet with a different level setting on Wessel Werk vacuum powerheads. The setting level ranges from 1 to 5, for plush and soft carpets level 5 is most appropriate. Level 1 is the lowest, while five is the highest and perfect for big pile carpets.

Best central vacuums powerheadDark spots are usually very hard to reach with ordinary powerheads. Wessel Werk has made consideration of this challenge by designing the integrated LED headlights on the nozzle. This makes it easy to reach the dark spots allowing you to collect all dust and particles in your room for a sparkle clean.

The air suction of the Wessel Werk is perfect for all the vacuuming purposes. Hence you don't necessarily have to use the power brush all the time. However, a power brush is an essential feature of the central vacuum powerheads.

What to Consider When Buying Wessel Werk Powerhead

Weight: This vacuum powerhead can easily maneuver in every corner of your living area despite being slightly heavy. You will hence use less time in cleaning.

The adjustability of the height: You can easily transition from the carpet to the floor, thanks to the adjustability ability of the vacuum powerhead. This feature increases efficiency for seamless cleaning.

Compatibility: The powerhead of Wessel Werk is much compatible hence can be used with other vacuum brands. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed through the use of this state of the art vacuum powerhead.

The state of your cleaning path: Depending on the nature and depth of dirt and particles in your living room, Wessel Werk provides a perfect cleaning even in dark and tight spaces. It is wide enough to cover a bigger surface area.

Pros of the Wessel Werk Vacuum Powerheads

Wessel Werk EBK360 soft clean version

  • It is ideal for pet hair

  • It is simple to use

  • Perfect for cleaning a wide variety of floors

  • LED headlights for access to dark spots

Cons of Wessel Werk

  • It may be challenging to assemble it

  • It's relatively heavy.

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Wessel Werk guarantees an outstanding cleaning experience due to its top standard robust powerhead. Even though it is slightly heavy, it is easy to use hence recommended for both commercial and household use. The integration of the LED light and the 5-position level adjustments greatly boosts its performance, making it an awesome buy. 

Why wait? Buy a Wessel Werk Vacuum cleaner today for an improved cleaning experience. Contact Think Vacuums today. 

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