Frequently Asked Questions About a Whole House Vacuum

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Here are some commonly asked questions about a whole house vacuum. Read more to get knowledge about vacuum cleaners and some vac cleaning parts.

How Long is a Vacuum Cleaner Hose? 

The standard length of a central vacuum hose is about 30 Ft. However, a 35 Ft Universal hose is also available in the market. Longer hoses are available, and you can contact us for more details.

How many Central Vacuum System Inlets are Standard? 

Our standard kit is for a 2,000 sq ft house and is a 3 inlet install kit. Typically, you require 1 inlet for every 700 sq ft. Therefore, if your house is 3500 sq ft you would need a total of 5 inlets. We have 1 inlet install kit that costs about $59 and 3 inlet kits costing about $169 and you can mix and match them to your needs.

What does an Additional Central Vacuum System Inlets Cost?

whole house vacuum costs about $59.00 for either a 1 inlet pigtail kit or 1 inlet direct connect kit. It comprises an inlet, pipe, fittings, etc.

How does the Central Vacuum System Pan Vacuum work? 

Central vacuum systems Vac Pan or Pan Vac installs under kitchen or bathroom cabinets. it turns on and off with your toe. Sweep dirt and debris into the flow of the vacuum instead of using a dustpan. No bending over and no searching for the dustpan.

What is the Difference between your Brand Vacuum Central 200 and Hoover S5626? 

Both the whole house vacuum use Lamb Ametek’s model #116765 motor. Therefore, both can easily clean up to an 8,000 sq ft house. The Hoover S5626 adds Hoover’s quiet insulation and exhaust muffler. A muffler can be incorporated into our Vacu Central 200 for an extra $15.  Noise is not a concern for most vac users as the tank is usually in the garage away from the house. However, we do offer noise reduction as an option anyway.

Whole house vacuum is affordable and readily available in the market

Whole house vacuum noise reduction

How does the Central Vacuum System Turn On and Off? 

On the hose handle, you have a switch that turns on or off the electric floor brush or the central vacuum motor. Every inlet is wired back to the central vacuum unit with low voltage wire. 

How Efficient is the Filtering System? 

The microtex filtration system filters down to 0.1 micron at 95% efficiency. It is worth noting that our new disposable bag filter captures about 99.4% of dust allergens. Our Vacu Central 100, and Vacu Central 200 offers you the choice between the convenience of the self-cleaning filter or the added allergen filtration of the disposable bag at the same price.

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